Durex is a brand of condoms and personal lubricants owned by Reckitt Benckiser. It was initially developed in London under the purview of the London Rubber Company and British Latex Products Ltd, where it was manufactured between 1932 and 1994. The Lauvette shop has different varieties of Durex condoms for your protection during sex.

  • Why should I use a condom?
    Using condoms can prevent unwanted pregnancies and protect you from infections and diseases you may contract from sexual activity.
  • How to properly use a condom?
    Gently open the wrapper and pull out the condom. Make sure the tip is pointing upwards before pinching it, place it at the head of the penis, and unroll it carefully. Make sure it is secure from the tip to the base of the penis.
  • How do I dispose of a used condom?
    Once you’ve nutted in the condom, gently peel it off and knot the end before tossing it in the trash bin. Never reuse a condom! Also, change your condom when you switch from vaginal to anal penetration to avoid infections.

History of Durex

The London Rubber Company was formed in 1915, and the Durex brand name, which stood for “Durability, reliability, and excellence”. It was launched in 1929 although London Rubber did not begin manufacturing own-brand condoms until 1932, in collaboration with a rubber technology student from Poland named Lucian Landau. The first book on The London Rubber Company and the history of Durex condoms was written by Jessica Borge, it was published in September 2020 by McGill-Queen’s University Press.

The modern range of Durex products includes a wide variety of latex condoms, including the Sheik and Ramses brands in North America, and the Avanti condom. Durex also provides a range of lubricants and sex toys.

Types of Durex Products

There are two types of Durex products on the Lauvette shop which are cleaning gels for women and condoms.

A condom is a sheath-shaped device that a male or female person wears during sexual intercourse to reduce their risk of getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). It acts as a barrier that blocks the semen from entering the body of the partner. While the Intimate Cleaning Gel helps you, our lady readers, keep your intimate area clean and fresh. This feminine hygiene gel comes with a mild and non-greasy formula, ensuring combat irritation and itching on your vulva.

How to Use Condoms Correctly

For starters, make sure that the condom has an optimal fit for your penis. If a condom doesn’t fit in properly, the condom might either break or slip out during the deed.

Check the diameter and see if it fits with your girth. Once you’ve got the right-sized condoms, you can now start using them during the deed. Open the wrapper gently and pinch the tip before unrolling the condom. Check the condom if it’s going the right way—the reservoir tip should be pointing upwards. After that, place over the tip on your erect penis and roll down the base. Put water-based lube on the outer part of the condom to prevent tears. If you’re still going on with the deed after 30 minutes, it’s better to remove the condom and use a new one; this will prevent breakage. After the deed, gently remove the used condom and throw it in the bin. Never reuse your condom. Also, use a new condom when switching from vaginal to anal penetration.

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