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Intome is a brand that offers premium lubricants, lubricating creams, stimulating gels, stimulant sprays, and other personal care products for your sensual plays. Made with body-safe and top-notch ingredients, their product line will surely help you and your lover navigate common sexual issues, such as lack of lubrication or difficulty in anal penetration.

  • What is Intome?
    Intome is a sexual wellness brand that offers premium lubes, gels, sprays, and other personal care products. Their items are formulated for sexual plays and body care and are made with body-safe materials.
  • What are the benefits of Lubricants?
    Lubricants are formulated to minimize friction during vaginal or anal penetration. There’s less friction, less risk of vaginal bleeding, pain during sex, and other issues.
  • How to use Lubricants?
    Open the bottle and squeeze the contents into your hand. After that, massage it lightly on your genitals or other erogenous zones. You can apply as much as you want unless there are special instructions.

History of Lubricants

Wondering how people discovered the wonders of lube? Here’s how it goes. The first documented existence of lubricant came from Greece. It was believed that they’ve used oil as an aid for intercourse.

Other countries have also used oil as lube in ancient times, such as China, where they used vegetable oil to lube up their animal intestine-made condoms. Then some countries became more creative with their formulation, such as Japan, which produced slick lubricant out of yams. Then some people mainly use saliva as their primary lube.

By the 1800s, silicone-based lubricants have entered the sexual wellness space. And by the 2000s, there were thousands of lube products available on the market, ranging from various flavors, consistency, and stimulating effects.

Benefits of Using Intome Products

Intome gels, creams, lubricants, and sprays are not entirely made for novelty. They’re actually formulated to ease up the common challenges during sex. For example, if a woman has some issues lubricating, they can still have sex with minimal friction if she uses a water-based lube from the brand.

Another example is an anal play beginner who gets too tense, which stops the other person from being able to finger their anus. If they use a stimulating spray, the person may relax for a bit, allowing the partner to try pleasing them in that area.

Intome also has personal care products that aren’t used for sex, such as hair removal powder or body lotions.

Bestselling Intome Products

All of the selections from this brand are fantastic, but if you’re just new to the brand and want to check their formulation and quality, then we recommend getting the following products below.

First on the list is the Intome Butt Lifting Gel. This product is designed to give your bum an extra layer of plumpness to it. Formulated with body-safe materials, this item also has nourishing properties, hydrating your butt cheeks. You’ll see visible effects in weeks as long as you apply this gel regularly.

Another bestseller is their Intome Anal Relaxing Gel. It’s formulated to relax the anal opening, making penetration easier for the receiver. Same with the lifting gel, this product has hydrating properties that nourish the skin.

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