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Lubie Multi-Purpose Lubricant is the first FDA-Approved multipurpose lubricant in the Philippines! It’s formulated to ease friction during vaginal or anal sex, preventing painful intercourse, genital microtears, and other penetrative sex-related mishaps. But aside from being a reliable personal lube, this locally-made product can also work as a shaving gel, anti-frizz solution for the hair, anti-chafe gel, anti-blister for the feet, menstrual cup assistant, and massage gel. Learn more about lubes and why you should get this sexual wellness product below.

  • What is Lubie?
    Lubie is the first lubricant in the Philippines that has been FDA-Approved. It features a water-based, glycerin-free, and paraben-free formulation, minimizing friction during penetrative sex and ensuring both parties enjoy the deed.
  • Where Can You Buy Lubie?
    Lubie is available at Lauvette, the Philippines’ premier destination for sexual wellness products. You can get this lubricant via same-day delivery or standard delivery.
  • How Much is Lubie Lubricant?
    Lubie’s price starts at Php 80.00 at Lauvette, the premier sex toy shop in the Philippines. It comes in three variants: a 10ml sachet, 35ml bottle, and 100ml bottle.

What is a Lubricant?

Lubricant is a sexual wellness product that minimizes friction during vaginal or anal sex. When there’s less friction, the penis will smoothly move in and out of the vagina or anus, preventing microtears, painful sex, and other sexual mishaps. It comes in four common types. The first is water-based, on which Lubie falls. This is considered the most reliable type as you can use it with condoms and sex toys. Next is the silicone-based lubricant, which has a thicker consistency but is unsuitable for silicone-made love toys. Another type is oil-based, which is mostly used for sensual massages. Last on the list is the hybrid-based mixture of any mentioned types.

How to Use a Lubricant

Ordered your Lubie but unsure what to do with it? We’re here to help. It’s pretty simple to use a lubricant. First, you’ll open the cap, then squeeze out the contents in your hand or fingers. Then, massage your lubed-up hand or fingers to your erogenous zones, such as your clitoris, vagina, nipples, anus, etc. There’s no special step when washing the lubricant out of your body; just take a shower. Aside from using Lubie as a personal lube for your sexual plays, you can also use this product for your hair (anti-frizz), feet (anti-blisters), menstrual cup, and overall body (massage gel).

Benefits of Using Lubie

Aside from being the first local lubricant brand that has been FDA-approved, this product is also known for its versatility and reliability. It’s not just formulated for your naughty sessions but can also work as a massage oil, anti-blister gel for your feet, anti-frizz solution for your hair, menstrual cup assistant, and anti-chafe solution. It also comes in a secure and easy-pump bottle, so don’t worry if you want to bring this in your travels, as it will not spill out. But if you’re still worried about spillage, you can just order a bunch of Lubie sachets. Just open up, use the product, then throw the wrapper off.

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