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Rosy Gold

Sex toys for women are essentials for self-pleasure and personal care. Sex toys are compact, they’re mobile, and our favorite part—they stimulate you in the right places. Whether you’re in the mood to take charge of your own sexual needs or have your partner give you a helping hand, you can count on a sex toy to provide you with an intense orgasm after orgasm. If you’re into luxurious sex toys, you may have already encountered Rosy Gold. Rosy Gold is a luxurious brand of pleasure toys, designed in an art deco style, with images of women from the 1920s. Rosy Gold embraces the sexual revolution of the ‘roaring twenties’ and takes self-love to this era.

Benefits of Using Rosy Gold

Using sex toys from Rosy Gold can be highly beneficial for your sex life, whether you’re single or not.

Rosy Gold toys are scientifically-designed to aid your sexcapades. Since they’re made to please a specific erogenous zone, you’ll be able to reach the big Os without too much “workload.” And once you’ve hit those sweet orgasms, you’ll also get tons of health benefits from it. One of those benefits is that orgasms make us sleep better. Not only that, but orgasms can also block pain. When you reach your climax, the event releases a hormone that helps raise your pain threshold. As a result, pain magically seems to go away.

Design and Material

Enjoy seamless sensual plays when you use toys and items from Rosy Gold.

RosyGold is a luxurious brand that places a great amount of dedication and intricacy with their designs and materials. Their products are produced with body safe materials, meet the highest level of conformity and toys are tested to be 100% waterproof and are fully submersible. Each product comes with a unique colorful design but maintaining a discreet look. Rosy Gold toys can be for indulgent pleasure seekers, such as ladies who want to enjoy a luscious toy during their days off.

Care and Maintenance

The cleaning process of sex toys depends on the material of the toy.

If your toy is made with silicone, glass, stainless steel, or rubber, it’s best to wash them with either warm water and soap or a sex toy cleaner. Just check on the manual first if the toy is waterproof or splashproof. If the toy’s waterproof, you can safely lightly submerge it in water or wash it over a running faucet. If it’s splashproof, you can only wipe it with a damp towel or wash specific spots in a running tap (avoid putting water on battery compartments, buttons, and charging port). Store it in a cool, dry place and away from children.

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