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Sweet Solutions Body Sugaring Set


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Get a complete body sugaring experience in the comfort of your own home! The Sweet Solutions Body Sugaring Set is a natural hair-removal kit that consists of a clarifying toner, cold sugar wax, and healing cream.

  • Complete DIY sugaring set; consists of clarifying toner, cold sugar wax, and healing cream
  • All-natural; no artificial colorings, fragrances, or wax resins
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Can be used at room temperature
  • Locally-made

Stock is available

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    Sweet Solutions Body Sugaring Set Features

    Sugaring made simple— this is what the Sweet Solutions Body Sugaring Set embodies! This easy DIY sugaring treatment set features 1 Sweet Solutions Cold Sugar Wax, which offers the best value for home use; a golf-ball-size wax can sugar the entire leg area; no need for cloth strips and sticks. It also comes with 1 Sweet Solutions Clarifying Toner, which clears your skin of oil and dirt and prepares skin for sugaring treatment, and the Sweet Solutions Healing Cream, which soothes and heals your skin after the waxing session.

    How to Use this Product?

    Ready for some pampering? Start by cleansing the area to be sugared. After that, use cotton to apply Clarifying Toner on the area; this prepares your skin for sugaring. Once the skin is cleansed, apply powder on the skin, then get enough Cold Sugar Wax for the desired area (ex. underarm – golf ball size, for bigger areas – double the amount).

    After that, soften the sugar wax. You will then pull-stretch-fold the sugar wax repeatedly with your fingers until the sugar wax gets lighter in color and is soft enough to spread on the skin. With your fingers spread the sugar wax AGAINST the direction of hair growth, it is important to repeat the motion 3-4 times. Repeatedly running your fingers through the sugar wax allows the hair follicles to properly adhere to the sugar wax, making hair removal quicker. SWIFTLY flick off the sugar wax TOWARDS the direction of hair growth with your fingers. Continue the sugaring process by using the same ball of sugar wax. For more information on the sugaring process, click this to see the video tutorial.

    Once you’re done, discard used wax with wet wipes, wipe off any traces left on your skin, or rinse hands w/ water. Apply Healing Cream on the treated area to protect skin after sugaring. Do not wet, sweat, apply heavy creams/lotions, and scratch the newly waxed area 4-8 hours after waxing. Do not sunbathe, go to a steam bath, or take hot showers 24 hours after waxing. Please wear loose clothing to let the skin breathe. Gently exfoliate the waxed area after two days. Diligently exfoliate to prevent the formation of ingrown hair.

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    Sweet Solutions Body Sugaring SetSweet Solutions Body Sugaring Set
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