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Moontime Cup Menstrual Cup (Large)


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Let’s help mother earth by generating less waste! The Moontime Cup Menstrual Cup (Large) is a cheaper and eco-friendly alternative to tampons and pads; one cup can last up to ten years! It’s also great for women on the go as it doesn’t leak as much as other period products.

  • Size: length 3” / width 1.8”
  • Capacity: holds up to 30ml
  • Firmness level: 3/5
  • Material: hypoallergenic and medical-grade silicone
  • Best for women over 35, have given birth, or have a heavy flow
  • Set includes 1 menstrual cup, 1 sterilizer collapsible cup, organic cotton bag, and instruction manual
  • Does not contain BPA, latex, and other unsafe materials
  • US FDA-registered

Stock is available

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    Moontime Cup Menstrual Cup (Large) Features

    Looking for a more affordable and environment-friendly alternative to your pads or tampons? We gotchu! The Moontime Cup Menstrual Cup (Large) is designed to generate less waste and give better protection against period leaks. It’s made with medical-grade silicone and doesn’t contain BPA, latex, and other unsafe materials.

    Aside from being eco-friendly, this intimate hygiene device is also great for your budget; it can be used for up to 10 years. You can just buy 3 pieces of these goodies, and you’re good to go for a couple of years– which is definitely more cost-effective than buying pads every month. This menstrual cup comes with 1 collapsible sterilizer cup, organic cotton bag, and instruction manual. It’s also specially designed for women over 35, have given birth or have a heavy flow.

    How to Use this Product?

    Before using the Moontime Cup Menstrual Cup (Large), make sure to sterilize it. If you’re using a pot, soak your cup in boiling water for 3-5 minutes before your first use. If you’re using the included sterilizer cup, put the menstrual cup inside the sterilizer cup, fill it with water, close the lid, put it in the microwave and boil it for 3 minutes. Once you’re done sterilizing the item, you can now insert the period cup in your vagina. Keep in mind that you only need to sterilize the cup before and after each menstrual cycle; you can use water (with or w/o mild soap) to rinse and clean your cup during your period.

    To insert the cup into your vagina, apply water-based lube to the rim of the cup. After that, fold it and push the cup into the vagina until it reaches the cervix. Rotate the cup to ensure that it’s fully open and a seal has been created to the vaginal wall. As for the type of fold, we recommend checking the included manual or watching video guides; the common types of folds are C-fold, Punch down fold, and 7-fold. Try these folds and see which one works best for you.

    When inserted correctly, you’ll most likely feel that it “popped” inside. If you did, congrats! Feel free to move and leave it inside for up to 12 hours. Unlike tampons or regular pads, you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable while using the cup.

    When removing the cup, start by holding the bottom of the cup with your fingers and press/pinch the menstrual cup body slightly while sitting or hovering over the toilet. You can then gently drag the cup down and into the air until released. Throw the collected blood into the toilet and wash the period cup with water (with or w/o mild soap). Once your cycle is done, use the sterilizing cup as your storage at the end of each cycle; just use the organic cotton bag when you’re on the go.

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    Moontime Cup Menstrual Cup (Large)Moontime Cup Menstrual Cup (Large)
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