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Better Period Bundle – Hormony Heavy Pad 8s


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Embrace your flow with confidence and grace! The Better Period Bundle – Hormony Heavy Pad 8s is great for your body and good for the environment. It comes with eco-friendly heavy pads and a supplement that helps you with PMS.

  • 1 Hormony Heavy Pad 8s – holds up to 150mL / ultra-thin / made with airlaid paper to lock in the dryness / free from harmful substances / less plastic than conventional pads
  • 1 Puritan’s Pride Evening Primrose Oil 500mg – relieves PMS symptoms / manages blood pressure / formulated with Gamma-Linoleic Acid
  • Curated for menstruators
  • Made for heavy menstrual flow
  • No approved therapeutic claims

Stock is available

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    Better Period Bundle – Hormony Heavy Pad 8s Features

    Level up your menstrual routine with this special bundle! The Better Period Bundle – Hormony Heavy Pad 8s specially designed with your needs in mind. The set includes Hormony Organic Heavy Pad 8s. It has an ultra-thin yet highly absorbent core, providing all-day protection without feeling bulky. It’s also made with organic materials such as organic cotton, offering you unparalleled comfort, superior protection, and an eco-friendly approach to period care.

    Meanwhile, Puritan’s Pride Evening Primrose Oil 500mg is ready to relieve your PMS symptoms! With its rich source of Gamma-Linoleic Acid, this oil helps alleviate mood swings, bloating, and breast tenderness, empowering you to easily conquer your cycle.

    How to Use This Set?

    Got this bundle? Great! Using our menstrual pad is as effortless as using commercial pads. Start with getting a single pad from the package and carefully removing its packaging.

    You’ll notice a sticker cover that needs to be removed. Peel off the cover to reveal the adhesive side. Next, place the pad at the crotch area of your underwear. Ensure it is properly aligned and centered for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Take note of the wings on either side of the pad. Gently attach the wings to the backside of the same spot on your underwear.

    Once the pad is securely in place, you’re good to go! Wear it confidently for a few hours or until you feel full, depending on your flow. Our pads are ideal for heavy flow days, offering ultimate protection and peace of mind.

    As for removal, carefully peel the pad off your underwear, ensuring you don’t rush or tug too hard. Fold the pad in half with the soiled side inward. You can wrap it with a tissue or use its own wrapper if available for hygienic disposal. Dispose of it responsibly in the bin.

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    Better Period Bundle – Hormony Heavy Pad 8sBetter Period Bundle – Hormony Heavy Pad 8s
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