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Better Period Bundle – Hormony Regular Pad 16s


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Less mess, less PMS! The Better Period Bundle – Hormony Regular Pad 16s is the ultimate duo for your cycle. It has a special supplement formulated for menstruators and a box of organic pads to easily manage your flow.

  • 1 Hormony Regular Pad 16s – holds up to 100mL / ultra-thin / made with air-laid paper to lock in the dryness / free from harmful substances / less plastic than conventional pads
  • 1 Puritan’s Pride Evening Primrose Oil 500mg – relieves PMS symptoms / manages blood pressure / formulated with Gamma-Linoleic Acid
  • Curated for menstruators
  • Made for regular menstrual flow
  • No approved therapeutic claims

Stock is available

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    Better Period Bundle – Hormony Regular Pad 16s Features

    Elevate your monthly cycle. The Better Period Bundle – Hormony Regular Pad 16s is the perfect set for menstruators who regularly experience PMS.

    First, it comes with 16 pieces of Hormony Regular Pads. Crafted with care and sustainability in mind, these pads are made from organic materials such as organic cotton. You can also count on its exceptional flow channels, seven-layer protection, 100mL capacity, and ultra-soft top sheet.

    Meanwhile, we’ve included a bottle of Puritan’s Pride Evening Primrose Oil 500mg to complement your period routine. Thanks to its rich source of essential fatty acids, it’s known for its potential benefits during menstruation. It alleviates common menstrual discomforts such as bloating, mood swings, and breast tenderness. Plus, it manages blood pressure and supports your bones. Those two products are definitely a match made in heaven!

    How to Use This Set?

    Got your hands on this period bundle? That’s awesome! Using the organic pad is quite similar to using a traditional pad, but if you’re a newbie in pads, let’s walk through the process together.

    Start by taking one pad from the box and gently unwrapping it. As you unfold the pad, you’ll notice two flaps on the sides, which we call wings. In the center of the pad, you’ll find an adhesive strip. Peel off the backing paper to reveal the sticky side.

    With the pad facing up, position the adhesive part at the crotch area of your undies. Please take a moment to make sure it’s properly aligned. Gently pull the wings towards the underside of your underwear, wrapping them around the sides. Wear the undies as usual.

    To remove the pad, carefully peel off the wings from your underwear and be mindful not to tear the pad. Once the wings are detached, gently fold the pad in half with the soiled side inward. The adhesive will help seal it shut. Use the original wrapper or tissue to cover the used pad, and throw it in the trash bin.

    As for the supplement, consume one soft gel with a proper meal. Keep it at room temperature, avoiding temperatures exceeding 30°C.

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    Better Period Bundle – Hormony Regular Pad 16sBetter Period Bundle – Hormony Regular Pad 16s
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