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Midnight Glow Massage Candle

5.00 out of 5 based on 13 customer ratings
(13 customer reviews )

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Melt ’em and drip ’em! Midnight Glow Massage Candles are made of body-safe oils and have a low melting point designed for luxurious relaxation and foreplay sex. The candles instantly gives an erotic feel because of its glow and delicious fruity aroma. The massage candle when melted turns into oils (not wax!) which you can lather onto your dry skin or to your partner’s erogenous zone to arouse him or her.

  • 120 grams
  • Fruity aroma
  • Enclosed in a stylish and aztec-designed tin
  • Evenly melts in at least 30 minutes
  • Can be used sparingly, a tiny drop goes a long way
  • Great alternative to traditional massage oils

Stock is available

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    Midnight Glow Massage Candle Features

    You know what’s sweeter than a candle-lit dinner? Candle-lit sexy time with your bae! Our massage candles engage so many senses at once. Set the mood by adding some flickering light and delicious fruity aroma to the picture. Midnight Glow Massage Candles are not your ordinary candles as they have a low melting point and are specially formulated with body-safe oils. The melted candle turns into oils that are warm enough to not scald or burn your skin giving you an extraordinary relaxing and sensual experience. Enclosed in a  stylish and aztec designed tin, these massage candles do not scream sexual at all and can easily blend in with your desk or room accessories because everybody loves mystery and discreetness, right?

    Who Can Use the Massage Candle?

    Midnight Glow Massage Candle can be used solo or with a partner. If you want to treat yourself to a cozy-lit and fruity-scented room, then you can just light up one massage candle and it will instantly turn an ordinary night heavenly. You can lather the oils onto your any body parts with dry skin like elbows and cuticles. The massage candles, of course, is an excellent way to bring some kink into foreplay sex. They got an erotic and BDSM-sensual vibes that’s sexy and intense. The massage candles are perfect for couples who like adventure and fun in the bedroom.

    How to Use the Massage Candle?

    Light up the massage candle and wait for the wax to melt and turn into oils  (not wax!). The candle will melt evenly for more or less 30 minutes. Make sure to put out the fire first before pouring the oils onto your skin. Use sparingly as a little bit goes a long way. Lather onto your legs or your arms to moisturise your skin with the candle’s body-safe oils. On the other hand, the ideal spots to try the massage candle are on the neck and around the shoulders of your partner to cause mild arousal. The oils are also perfect to use to massage the feet which offers a transition to massaging erogenous zones like the back of the knees and inner thighs. Midnight Glow Massage Candles are not lube so NEVER drip them inside the body like the vagina and anus.

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    5.00 out of 5
    (13) Reviews
    1. Rachel Z
      Very pretty! And it smells amazing!

    2. Cher
      Love the smell! The container itself is so pretty too, definitely suits my aesthetic! It's a product suitable to give as gifts—to friends, family, basically anyone!

    3. AJ
      Perfect gift idea for friends!

    4. Patricia Ilano
      Smells good and very relaxing.

    5. MK
      I got this item as a freebie on my purchase and I'm in love with the scent!

    6. PauPau
      The candle smells so nice! The container is cute too!

    7. Justine
      Such a relaxing aura and a heartwarming scent whenever it's lit in the room! It's also nice to lather on for intimate massages. Everytime I massage a touch of it on my wrists, I love that it puts me on a pleasant mood as well 🥰 Thank you Lauvette!

    8. emma
      LOVE IT!!!

    9. Ivy
      it's really cute and it smells really good!!

    10. Nudista
      I use this for myself or whenever I have sessions with my lovers. It's a nice way to surprise them! Would hoard some of these soon!

    11. Jessa L.
      SUPER BANGO! I tried to apply it on my body and true to its claim, it didnt burn me and just gave me a relaxing warm feel. the oil is also not sticky so i can say that this is really a steal!!! very affordable too!

    12. Mel95
      this product is unique thats why i tried getting one! it really turned into massage oil amazing! smells so good pa. will hoard this and give to friends :)

    13. Anne
      Smells soooo good! Perfect way to make a massage Xtra special!!

    Midnight Glow Massage Candle
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