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Oh Yes! Kegel Balls

5.00 out of 5 based on 3 customer ratings
(3 customer reviews )



Scream in delight with the Oh Yes! Kegel Balls. This love toy has two small connected spheres that are made from silicone. It quietly shakes around in your vagina to rub your muscles in the most delicious ways while building your pelvic strength.

  • Size: length 3.9″ / diameter 1.45″
  • Silicone smooth and soft
  • Can be used in public

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Oh Yes! Kegel Balls Features

The sound of your orgasm turned into a love toy. The Oh Yes! Kegel Balls are exactly what you need for those vaginal exercises you’ve been hearing about. If you want to keep your pelvic strength up and never saggy, then use the love toy for at least 15 minutes everyday. With total dimensions of 3.9″ * 1.45″, it comes in different attractive colors that looks inviting and feels great on your skin.

How Is The Toy Used?

The Oh Yes! Kegel Balls is a pretty straight forward love toy. You can check this article for kegel exercises that you can perform using these kegel balls. Just insert the love toy inside your vagina once you’re ready. You can use our lube for smoother insertion. It’s discreet enough to use in public places. You can wear them while you’re in the office, doing your shopping or taking a walk in the park. To remove the toy once you’re done using, simply pull the string.

How To Clean The Toy?

For silicone-based love toys like the Oh Yes! Kegel Balls, the best way to clean them is to wash with mild soap and water. Remember to always wash before and after use. Store it in a separate place from your other love toys. Store in a clean satin or velvet pouch so that it will not be exposed to air, dust and dirt.

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3 Reviews
5.00 out of 5
  1. Justine
    First time to use Kegel Balls and pleased by its appealing pink color that I've chosen so already got turned on by that 😂. Surprised that it always gives me a great burst of energy for doing my exercises during the day. Also helped me tremendously to get ready before foreplay and sex. Thank you, I Lauvette!💕

  2. Olivia
    perfect for a beginner in kegel balls like me! i love that there are lots of colors to choose from. i also got one for my sis din pala cos ang mura lang nya haha!

  3. Shaina
    pinaka affordable na kegel balls of lauvette. just wanna try this cos first time ko so ito muna. and ganda nya, nicely packaged. ginagamit ko almost everyday :)

Oh Yes! Kegel Balls
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