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Wicked Bunny Costume


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Hop away little bunny, because the girls and boys are out to chase you. With your cute rabbit ears and seductive black mesh halter teddy, you make it hard for anyone to resist your charm.

  • Set includes: mesh halter teddy with button details in front, tie & bunny ears
  • Fits small to large

Out of stock

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    Wicked Bunny Costume Features

    Everyone just wants to capture you and make you their little pet. The Wicked Bunny Costume is in the shade of black that gives off a mischievous yet mysterious vibe to the wearer. Made from polyester and elastane material, it has a mesh halter teddy with button details in front that directs the attention of anyone who sees you straight to your cleavage down to your sexy waist. There’s also a tie and bunny ears that serve as the perfect accessory to complete your sinister rabbit costume.

    How to Have Fun With the Costume?

    You can use the Bunny Costume for any of your kinky bedtime plays. If you’re a Dom, you’re going to love this outfit because it shows just how sexy you are. Your sub is going to be enamored with your beauty. A sub can also wear this. Your Master is going to be very pleased to see his little pet in a bunny costume. He may even give you a good spanking.

    How to Clean the Toy?

    To clean the Wicked Bunny Costume, just use mild detergent soap and warm water. Make sure there’s no sharp object when you’re doing your laundry to avoid tearing the cloth. Dry the costume and store it for safekeeping.

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    Wicked Bunny Costume
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