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Twiddle Tickler


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Stimulate the senses with the Twiddle tickler. It’s a little velvety tickler made with real turkey feathers, making it wonderfully gentle to the skin.

  • Material: PVC
  • Length: 17 cm
  • Suitable for BDSM beginners
  • Designed to be skin-friendly

Stock is available

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Twiddle Tickler Features

Receive delicious strokes and arousing caresses with this small but incredible love toy. The Twiddle Tickler is made with real turkey feathers, making it wonderfully gentle to your skin. It's smaller compared to other ticklers, making it handy to carry around. It also let you to reach certain spots for maximum pleasure. Whether you're a BDSM enthusiast, or someone who wants to spice up your foreplay game, you can surely rely on this elegant toy.

How to use this toy?

Before engaging to any BDSM activities, make sure to get your partner's consent, discuss the boundaries, and establish a safe word. Once the terms are agreed upon, you can now use the Twiddle Tickler. You can start by letting the soft strands run over your partner's body. Play it around his/her most sensitive areas. As your playmate shivers with arousal, you can start giving light caresses up to all-out tickles. You can also use this along with other BDSM love toys such as eye masks and handcuffs.

How to clean and store this toy?

The best way to clean it is with warm water and mild soap. Lightly submerge it into a bucket of water and gently scrub the dirt. Let it air dry. Store it separately from your other love toys to avoid contamination, preferably inside a clean satin or velvet pouch.
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Twiddle Tickler
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