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About Video

About us

Founded by a fun-loving and sex-positive couple who believe that pleasure should be celebrated and not condemned, Lauvette is here to break the stigma surrounding love toy shops in the Philippines. Lauvette is a safe space to explore the colorful world of sex toys.

We provide the best love toys for everyone – regardless of age, gender or body type, who seeks to love themselves in different ways. We also offer a wide range of BDSM tools being the biggest BDSM shop in the country. To be able to educate more people, Lauvette has a blog called the LauvBlog where informative articles about sex, health and relationships, and tutorials about different love toys are published.

Discover Your Pleasure Without Shame Nor Judgments

The team behind Lauvette is composed of open-minded and empowered individuals who break taboos and discuss sex-positivity and the importance of sexual health through educational blogs, creative content and a light and welcoming online shop.

Lauvette advocates sex-positivity, safe sex and HIV/AIDS awareness. Sex is a natural part of being a human and so everyone is totally free to explore their sexuality and discover pleasure without feeling guilty about it.

Lauvette is also proud to be the exclusive adult toy shop partner of Love Yourself Inc., the leading non-governmental organization for HIV/AIDS awareness, testing, prevention and counseling in the Philippines. Every purchase that you make in Lauvette contributes to the efforts of Love Yourself Inc. in fighting against HIV/AIDS. With that, Lauvette also takes an active part in related campaigns such as the annual National HIV Prevention Month and Philippine International AIDS Candlelight Memorial.

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