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About us

Sexual wellness is an integral part of our overall health. It allows us to take charge of our sexual and reproductive health, and our emotional well-being surrounding our relationships. And this is why Lauvette puts the importance of sexual wellness in the forefront.

With Lauvette, Filipinos now have access to safe and high quality sexual wellness products through discreet and judgment-free transactions.

Lauvette continues to bust taboos surrounding female sexuality and does this by offering free educational content on its website and social media platforms, free webinars with renowned clinical sexologists and publishing free Masturbation Guide, Couple Workbook, Pleasure Calendar and Anal Play Guide.

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How everything began...

Lauvette, a FemTech company, was founded by a lawyer and entrepreneur, Renz Paula Rollorata. In 2018, she left her corporate job to start a company that would help liberate and empower modern women, just like herself. She then focused in the establishment of a safe, fun, and inclusive sex toy shop in the Philippines with the mission of starting discussions about essential sex education. During this period, she turned her apartment into a mini office and had two shelves of products.

She worked with two writers who helped build Lauvette's biggest impact - sex education. Despite the challenges of starting a business, particularly a company that promotes sex-positivity, she continued her pursuit in breaking taboos.

Where we are today....

Lauvette grew throughout the years as the leading FemTech and Sex Toy Company in the Philippines. Thanks to your support, not only are we able to continue our mission, but you've also helped us provide more job opportunities — from two members, we now have twenty talented and empowered employees, majority of which are Filipinas. More importantly, Lauvette remains to be an active advocacy partner of LoveYourself Philippines and WeBleedRed Movement — with our annual donation drives and outreach programs.

Aside from becoming the leading sex toy retailer with over 1,000 products, Lauvette also became a digital hub for sex education. Lauvette has bravely opened discussions on sexual health related-topics that are considered taboo in the Philippines and is continuing to do so through webinars, interviews, and social media.

Over 1000 Products
With our diverse selection of 1000+ sexual wellness
products, there's one for everyone!

Our advocacy

As part of our advocacy for sex positivity, women empowerment, safe sex, and HIV/AIDS awareness, we've partnered up with several organizations in the Philippines that are working for the said causes.

Since day one, Lauvette has been the exclusive adult toy shop partner of Love Yourself Inc., the leading non-governmental organization for HIV/AIDS awareness, testing, prevention, and counseling.

Lauvette donates proceeds of their sales, as well as products and services to LoveYourself Philippines, an organization for HIV education and testing, and WeBleedRed Movement, a community of volunteers that advocate for menstrual health education and ending period poverty.

Join our Team

Join our dynamic and inclusive team in breaking the sexual stigma! Lauvette is looking for talented and dedicated individuals who want to be part of the social change and is highly interested in working in a sexual wellness company. Want to work with us? Click the button below to find out about our open positions.

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