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Sexy Costumes

Sexy Costumes

Who says costumes are only for the Halloween season? Why not spice up your sexual plays with it? Wearing sexy costumes can bring in additional playfulness in the bedroom. Not only that, you’ll be able to be whoever you want to be and let yourself be carried away with some erotic roleplaying. Sexy costumes can call forth your sensual alter ego.

Be that superhero you always fantasized about. Or that mythical character you adored in your childhood. If your partner has been naughty, why not be a cop with a huge baton for the night? Or you can play master and the obedient maid as a couple. Wear a maid costume with a short lace skirt. Why not be a seductive witch or a beautiful vampire? You can also try asking your partner about their sultry fantasies and create sexy scenarios around them — make your foreplay extra special!

With our wide collection of sexy costumes, your nights are going to be passionate and out of this world. Get your sultry garments at Lauvette, the trusted sex toy shop in the Philippines. We’re offering discreet shipping nationwide— your sexy secret is safe with us.

What is Roleplaying?

Incorporating sexy costumes in the bedroom is part of roleplaying, a sexual activity wherein you and your partner live out your wildest fantasies. Depending on your own and your lover’s kink, you’ll create and plan out a sexual scenario. Besides sexy costumes, most couples also use sex toys, bondage toys, and other props related to the scene.

This activity has been considered taboo before, but as more people become more open to sex, people are now embracing the unusual foreplay activities surrounding it, such as roleplaying. It’s now known to be a fun sexual activity for those that want to experiment and experience a new kind of pleasure.

If you want to try this sensual activity, start by communicating your desires to your partner. Ask them if they’re into this too. You can also discuss each other’s sexual fantasies and plan out scenarios out of them. After that, prepare for the play; shop for sexy costumes, sex toys, and props for the play, and decorate your room/go to themed motels to fit the scenario.

Bestselling Sexy Costumes

Interested in purchasing sexy costumes? Great! There are tons of costumes in the store; just pick a costume that fits your roleplaying scenario, and you’re good to go. But if you’re still unsure about what to get, we’re here to help you out. Here are some of the bestselling sexy costumes in the shop.

First on the list is the She-Devil Costume. It’s a red two-piece that’s made from nylon + elastane. It includes a headpiece and underwired bra teddy with a long tail.

Then there’s the Sassy Class President Costume. Your confidence is getting a boost, and your authority in the room is undeniable once you put on this outfit. It includes a checkered backless halter top that has a sexy collar on the front to give off that classy look and a mini skirt that’s designed to flaunt your sexy thighs and ass.

Third on the list is the Brave Navy Girl Costume. It’s a 2-piece navy costume that features a mesh and lace teddy with a blue and white striped design and a cute hat with NAVY embroidery.

Care & Maintenance

It’s easy to clean and maintain your sexy costumes. However, you may need to consider the following tips to ensure that your sultry garments will last longer.

The first tip is to be delicate with your sexy costumes. These aren’t your regular clothes and should be taken care of as you would do with your delicates (bra, underwear, and lingerie). If possible, hand-wash your costumes. You can also use a washing machine, but use a mesh lingerie bag and don’t wash it with heavy fabrics; it can tangle the delicate fibers on your garment.

The next tip is to ensure that you’re using a detergent for delicate garments. Heavy-duty detergents would only damage your sexy costumes. Another tip is to separate light and dark costumes during the washing process— the colors may mix up.

Lastly, don’t forget to air-dry your sexy costumes. You can use a dryer for this, but keep it in a cool setting only. Once you’re done, put your costumes in a satin or velvet bag (optional) and put them inside a dry, cool, and secure spot.

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