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If there’s anything we love about this current time, it’s that everything is getting advanced. It makes life easier, including sex. Lucky for us, sex toys had an upgrade too! Thank god for remote vibrators. As the name suggests, it’s a vibrator controlled by a remote control for internal or external stimulation. Get to know more about this type of vibrator here, alongside our top sellers.

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What is a Remote Vibrator?

As much as the name has given a vivid clue to what it is, you’ll be surprised with how far it’s gone in the past years. A remote vibrator is popular to both vulva and penis owners because of strong vibrations and accessibility to all sorts of settings. It can come in the shape of bullet, dildo, love egg, anal plug, and couple vibrator. They can come in either small or big sizes. As long as there’s a remote or something to connect it with like an app, any of the mentioned toys can be a remote vibrator.

They’re typically made of body-safe silicone or ABS plastic, equipped with targeted stimulation of certain erogenous zones.

The early roots of the remote control dates back to Serbian-American engineer Nikola Tesla in 1898 when he used a remote control to maneuver a small boat in an exhibition in Madison Square Garden in New York. Then in 1903, Spanish engineer Leonardo Torres created Telekino, a robot he controlled with a remote through electromagnetic waves. By the 50s, remote controls are an essential with television sets.

In terms of sex toys, a variant of them including remote controls emerged along with other variations of dildos, vibrators, and more. Over time, meshing sex toys and technology grew popular. Thus, these are called smart toys and they can be connected through a virtual app.

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Why You Should Try Remote Vibrators

Remote vibrators are the future of sex toys, and it’s only right we get our own ones or experience its buzzing magic. It’s very versatile as you can either play with it alone or with a partner, wherein one decides to take control while the other submits to such control. Whether it be in the bedroom or when you’re out and about doing errands, it’s a hidden bonding moment with each other. You can even wear the vibrator! Just make sure not to get caught with obvious squirming and straying whimpers that’ll have people give you questioning looks.

Did you know that you can switch the vibration settings of a remote vibrator? From customizing your own patterns to downloading new vibration levels, you’ll be filled with numerous options to choose from. Alongside this, you’ll also have your hands to yourself. Since you have a remote or app, you won’t fumble much with your toy. Just lie back and enjoy such pleasure.

And the best part? LDR couples get a chance to please each other since remote vibrators have long-distance control. Looks like phone and vidcall sex got an upgrade for you guys.

upgraded levels of pleasure

Upgraded Levels of Pleasure

If there’s one thing that makes a remote vibrator stand out from the crowd, it’s the advanced features that come alongside its remote or the application connected to. If you like having music playing in the background while getting off, some remote vibrators can sync with the song and vibrate along to the beat. Alongside this, you can also customize vibration patterns and get new vibration settings.

hands off fun with remote vibrators

Hands-Off Fun!

With classic vibrators, there are buttons to either intensify or slow down the pace of the vibrations. However, that’s not the case with a remote vibrator. Your hands get a break when you have your remote or phone to take easy control when you want to switch things up.

Not only that, you can incorporate other sex toys for more pleasure and satisfaction if you’re having a solo sexcapade.

gotta love range

Gotta Love Range

A remote vibrator can be used for almost any scenario, especially with its smaller size. Eager to have public, erotic fun? You can bring it out in the public by tucking it your underwear by your vulva or anus. Or maybe wear a vibrating panty set to spice things up. Aside from this, this toy can be connected through a specified remote, bluetooth, wi-fi, or a virtual app. You dictate how kinky or chill the sex will be.

be in control or vice versa

Be in Control (Or Vice Versa)

The remote vibrator is ideal for both solo or partnered play. Since there’s a remote involved, it depends on who wants to take control and be controlled. For the latter option, doesn’t it rile you with arousal? Imagine if you’re out in public, and you’re squirming in your seat because of your partner’s discreet actions. It’s like this dirty little secret wherein you do your best not to be obvious.

distance is not a problem

Distance Is Not a Problem

We just love how love toy companies these days put long-distance couples in their demographic. Everyone deserves pleasure no matter how far we are! With remote vibrators, the app-controlled variations always have long-distance control so that LDR couples can stay linked sexually in a single virtual app. Some even have the option to video call to watch each other feel good and get all heated with dirty talk.


By this time, you’re pretty hyped up to cop your own remote vibrator. Who wouldn’t be? Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have a wide range of remote vibrators to choose from.

Topping our list of remote vibrators is the Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet 8. Having both manual and app-controlled features, this love toy has a pointed tip that targets one’s g-spot or even externally stimulate the clitoris. It had over 5 vibration speeds + 7 vibration patterns, giving also custom vibration settings when you use the app. This has long-distance control if your lover is miles away from you.

Another suggestion that’s skyrocketing our list is the Luv Egg! Take an egg-citing challenge with its 10 rumbling vibration modes as it slides inside you (with water-based lube from us). It’s also connected through a wire with a remote control on the other end.

Lastly, we have the Winyi Richard Anal Vibrator. For backdoor plays, this ergonomic love toy is packed with 10 vibration modes with a wireless remote control for your or your partner’s control. Make all the noise you want while this toy stays silent!

Types & Variations

Remote vibrators can come in different shapes and sizes. They’re usually an upgraded version of the popular sex toys we know, wherein you can control them from afar and access to novel modes of vibrations. Regardless, they’re just as in demand. They come at higher prices due to the advanced technology, but it’s an investment to memorable sexcapades.

One type of remote vibrator is the wired ones. Now, don’t worry too much about the wire. It’s usually a single, thin one connecting the remote to the toy. If you know your angles well, the wire will cooperate in your favor. There are also the wireless ones, wherein the remote control is separate from the toy and works best at a distance. What sparks so much thrill is how the person in control can surprise the one wearing the vibrator.

App-controlled vibrators have garnered a lot of attention these past few years. It’s popular with long-distance couples and couples separated during the pandemic thanks to its long-distance control. For all these types, they are all rechargeable and waterproof.

Bye-Bye, Long Distance Blues

The remote vibrator is one versatile toy. From those who are in or getting into a long-distance relationship, it works just as well for those willing to experience more adrenaline-rushing adventures. All of this while being discreet and craving control over your or someone’s pleasure that unlock a new side of your sexual persona. So if you want to get started on this fresh journey to self-discovery, check out our shop for high quality remote vibrators to build or add to your love toy collection. All you gotta do is scroll up. Happy shopping and stay safe!

“LDR couples get a chance to please each other since remote vibrators have long-distance control.”
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