INTT is an innovative Brazilian brand that is known in the erotic and sensual market for its great quality products and beautiful packaging. They seek to always develop excellent quality products that safely and effectively provide pleasure and well-being for all their consumers.

  • Why should I purchase deep throat spray?
    Deep throat sprays help loosen those throat muscles for optimal enjoyment of those oral sex adventures. Intt deep throat sprays do exactly that with the added advantage that it comes in an array of different flavors for both you and your partner to enjoy.
  • Why are pheromone products essntial?
    Pheromone products can heighten the sexual responsiveness in men and women. While they aren’t essential, they certainly can’t hurt in your sexual endeavors. Intt pheromone cream has the added benefit of moisturizing the body, and your hair. It helps repair slit ends, soothes skin, and gives a stunning glow. It can also work as massage lotions for those into sensual massages.
  • Why are Intt products the ones for me?
    If excellence and effectiveness are your priority when making purchases for your bedroom romps, then Intt products definitely fit those requirements. They’re fun, beautifully packaged, and top quality for those that want to do the most banging with their hard-earned bucks.

What is Intt?

Intt is a Brazilian innovative brand that features a range of kissable products recommended for use with oral sex. After launching in 2008, the products became a huge hit in the Brazilian public, and turned Intt Cosmetics into one of the most popular sensual cosmetics brand in the country. There are currently more than 400 different products from the brand, and these products are desired by consumers around the world.

Intt’s Commendations

Intt has received glowing reviews from their adoring public. They have been able to find consumers all over the globe because of the greatness of all of their products. Explore Lauvette’s selection of Intt products so you can be among the many who have experiences its wonders.

Quality and Material

Intt brings top-quality ingredients and packaging to the table. The drive to provide products that are not only safe, but effective as well truly makes Intt one of the brands you can rely on.

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