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Dildos for Women

Undoubtedly, dildos are the rock stars in the world of adult sex toys. It may be one of the more traditional sex toys on the market, but its popularity is unwavering. Unlike battery-powered vibrators, a dildo is a do-it-yourself toy.

The beauty of this penis-shaped product is that you get to decide how fast and how hard you’re going. Having that full control is surely enticing that it’s not surprising to know that it is one of the most owned sex toys. You can also incorporate this adult toy with other sex toys such as clit suckers, nipple clamps, butt plugs, and so much more.

Now, using a dildo can be intimidating if you are new to it, so make sure you set the mood first so you can have a wonderful experience with your toy. Play with yourself or ask your partner to turn you on. You must be already aroused before getting the dildo inside you. Use a water-based lubricant for a more pleasurable experience.

If you’re ready to spice up your sexual plays with this alluring toy, check out the curated dildos above! We provide nationwide shipping– all in discreet packaging.

  • What is a Dildo?
    The Dildo is a do-it-yourself sex toy, unlike battery-powered or rechargeable toys. The beauty of this penis-shaped product is that you get to decide how fast and how hard you’re going.
  • How to use a Dildo?
    As most Dildos are made of silicone, start with applying a generous amount of water-based lube to your vagina. Then insert the dildo gently and then you can gauge what type of pace you want to have with it. You may also refer to the manual included with the toy to learn further instructions.
  • How to clean a dildo?
    Most dildos can be cleaned with mild soap and water or with a sex toy cleaner, but for good measure, please check your toy’s manual for full instructions.

History of Dildos

Way before you’ve been playing with your leather, steel, and glass dildo, the Greeks have long been enjoying their dildo in the central part of their homes—the kitchen. The ingenious men and women of Greece found another use for their bread. With a little slather of olive oil here and there, their breadsticks were used to pleasure not their stomachs but their more sensitive parts. Yum!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the Western Han Dynasty has included sex toys in their tombs. This is due to their belief that spirits are living inside their tombs. That’s why they include the most important possessions in the tombs, including their bronze dildos. Apparently, dildos were a common sexual aid for them and even were made with intricate designs.

During this period, dildos and other sexual “tools” are only made for the elite. Thankfully, as time went on, dildos are slowly becoming accessible to everyone. Today, dildos are made out of different shapes, looks, and lengths and remain a favorite for adventurous souls.

Types of Dildo

Looking for a specific dildo for your sexual plays? You’re in luck as the market is riddled with various types of dildo. Now, if you’re looking for a versatile type of dildo, go for the classic dildo, specifically one with a suction cup base. On the other hand, go for a glass dildo if you want sturdy dildos that can be heated/chilled. You can also get a vibrating dildo if you want your phallic love toy to have vibrating features.

As for couples who wanted to incorporate dildos in their steamy sessions, don’t fret, as there are types of dildos for you. You can get a double-ended dildo for simultaneous penetration. You can also go for double dildos, which literally means that there are two dildos in one. Lastly, you could go for a strap-on, which is great for pegging and vaginal play.

Now, to find the right dildo, we suggest listing your preferences. After that, you may visit our online shop and choose a dildo that matches up your preferred features.

Care & Maintenance

When using a dildo, it’s important to know its material. Certain materials can’t be used with specific types of lubricant. For example, you can’t use a silicone-based lubricant on silicone dildos as the lube can deteriorate the surface of the sex toy, making the dildo more prone to bacteria; using a water-based lube is better.

Certain materials also require a different way of cleaning. For example, if your dildo is made from Cyberskin, you can’t use soap when cleaning; just use warm water to wash it off. As for dildos made with glass, silicone, or metal, it’s okay to clean them with warm water and mild soap. You can also use a sex toy cleaner.

Once you’re done washing and drying out your love toy, store your dildo in a satin or velvet pouch. This will minimize exposure to dust and dirt, as well as prevent contamination with other sex toys. You can then put this in your closet or anywhere that’s cool, dry, and secure.

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