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Dildos For Women

What Is A Dildo?

Undoubtedly, dildos for women are the rock stars in the world of adult sex toys. It may be one of the more traditional sex toys in the market but its popularity is unwavering. Unlike vibrators which are battery powered, a dildo is a do it yourself toy. The beauty of this penis-shaped product is that you get to decide how fast and how hard you’re going. Having that full control is surely enticing that it’s not surprising to know that it is one of the most owned sex toys. It comes in many varieties too. There’s the double dildo for you and your partner to enjoy, the realistic dildo for a closer resemblance to the real thing, and the glass dildo if you want it hard and stiff.

Brief History Of Dildos

Way before you’ve been playing with your leather, steel, and glass dildo, the Greeks have long been enjoying their dildo in the central part of their homes—in the kitchen. The ingenious men and women of Greece found another use for their bread. With a little slather of olive oil here and there, their breadsticks were used to pleasure not their stomachs but their more sensitive parts. Yum! Many centuries later, beloved poet Shakespeare, mentioned a dilldo reference in one of his plays. Now, dildos are made out of different shapes, looks and lengths and remain to be a favorite for the adventurous souls.

How To Use A Dildo?

Choosing the right dildo should be your first step. Do you want it small, big or inhumanly big? Dildos for women do not necessarily have to resemble human form. They have such a wide collection that one of its allure is that you can get it in all sorts of shapes and sizes. If you want it to look close to reality, there’s always the realistic dildo for women. But if you’re feeling fancy, there are also designer dildos. Using a dildo can be intimidating if you are new to it, make sure you set the mood first so you can have a wonderful experience with your toy. Play a romantic music or dim the room and light the candle lights. Play with yourself or ask your partner to turn you on. It’s important that you’re already aroused before getting the dildo inside you. Always think how you are going to get the most pleasure. Use lube if necessary.
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