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Masturbation is one of the most common sexual activities. Not surprisingly, men are reported to masturbate more likely than women. And that’s okay. Satisfying your body’s desires and needs is one way of showing love for yourself. But aside from self-love, there are plenty more reasons why you should indulge in getting sexy with yourself. Masturbation is reported to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and it may even lower your chance of getting prostate cancer.

Now, if you’re tired of using your hands to masturbate, maybe it’s time to say hello to masturbators. Even if there’s no woman or man around, you can still satisfy the wants of your raging erection. A masturbator is designed to mimic the inside and outside appearance of a vagina, an anus, or a mouth, giving you a superb pleasure that is as close to the real thing. They are usually lined with pleasure ribs and teasers. Stroke as hard and as fast as you want with these sex toys.

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  • What exactly is a male masturbator?
    A masturbator is a sex toy designed to mimic the inside and outside appearance of a vagina, an anus, or a mouth, giving you a superb pleasure that is as close to the real thing.
  • What are the benefits of using masturbators?
    A masturbator is a great self-pleasure toy as it mimics vaginal, oral, and/or anal sex. It also comes with a discreet casing, making it travel-friendly.
  • How to use a male masturbator?
    Apply water-based lubricant in the opening of the masturbator and gently insert your erect penis. Stroke the toy to stimulate your shaft until you reach climax. Clean the pleasure toy before and after use.

History of Masturbators

Unfortunately, there are no documentations of male masturbators in ancient times. Masturbators were only invented in 1904 when alchemist Rene Schwaeble and a mysterious “Dr. P.” worked on inflatable dolls for Randy Gentlemen’s Pleasure, a traditional gentlemen club in Paris.

This has led to the mass manufacturing of inflatable dolls and manufacturers. It has become a secret hit— secret as it was still taboo for men to possess masturbators or blow-up dolls at the time. And even though sex shops have become legal in the United States by the 1960s, most men still opt to have DIY masturbators or use their hands due to the toy’s stigma.

However, by the 1990s, there’s been a gradual change in how men think about masturbators. The fake vagina began to boom, and when fleshlights (a type of masturbator) entered the scene, masturbators have only become more popular than ever. As of today, masturbators are now considered a pleasure staple by men worldwide. Advanced features are also added on these sultry toys, such as vibration or thrusting function and app control.

Bestselling Masturbators

Masturbators usually have cylindrical canisters that have vaginal, anal, or mouth opening. However, some variants take the form of vaginas, breasts, mouths, faces, legs, and even feet. As for the bestsellers, here are some of the favorite masturbators in the shop.

The first bestseller on the list is the Helicopter Masturbator. It has a rotating motor that takes the form of a flesh-like pussy. The inside sleeve of this device is also lined with nubs that create a textured surface. Not only that, there’s a suction stand that can stick on any flat surface— great for those who want hands-free fun!

Next is the Tenoa Hourglass Cup Masturbator. It’s a vacuum cup masturbator with a neutral opening, bringing a unique twist to the usual masturbators and fleshlights. Then there’s the Omega Masturbator, featuring automatic rotating motions that you can turn on with a switch so you can sit back and enjoy different intensities of pleasure. It also has an audio feature that mimics the moan of a real woman, enhancing your experience every time.

Care & Maintenance

When using masturbators, it’s vital to learn the toy’s material, specifically the inner sleeve material. Why? Because certain materials only work with specific kinds of lube. For example, if your masturbator is made with silicone, you can’t just use a silicone-based lubricant with it; the lube can deteriorate the toy’s surface, making bacteria easy to hide and thrive in there.

You generally clean masturbators with warm water and mild soap or with sex toy cleaner for the cleaning process. There are a few exceptions to this general rule, though, such as masturbators with Cyberskin-made inner sleeves. If your toy’s inner sleeve is made from the said material, you can only wash the toy with water.

If your masturbator has a hard casing and cap in terms of storage, you don’t need to use a satin or velvet pouch. As for masturbators that don’t have hard casings nor covers, it’s best to put them in a pouch. Make sure to place somewhere that’s cool, dry, and secure.

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