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Toy Pouches

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Toy Pouches

People often think it’s okay to store their sex toys in their respective boxes or original packaging. However, that’s not the case. If you’re not going to use proper storage items, such as sex toy pouches, your adult toys may get exposed more to dust and dirt. You see, cardboard boxes aren’t designed to keep your toys away from bacteria. That’s why investing in dust bags or toy pouches are a must.

Toy pouches typically come in a zipped or drawstring structure. It usually comes in varying sizes and materials such as satin, silk, and velvet.

If you’re interested in getting one, scroll above to see our wide selection of storage pouches. Lauvette features a wide array of toy pouches; all are made with high-quality satin, velvet, and silk material. This material ensures durability and, at the same time, bringing some *aesthetic* in the way you store your sex toys.

Take note, though; make sure to avail one pouch for each toy. If you have a clit sucker, g-spot vibrator, and nipple clamps, don’t put them all inside one large pouch; the toys might get cross-contaminated.

Why You Should Use Toy Pouches

If you want to ensure longevity with your sex toys, you need to store them properly. This only doesn’t mean keeping the toys away from sunlight and the like; it also includes investing in storage products that can fully protect your love toys from dust, dirt, and other irritants; this includes toy pouches.

Toy pouches are designed to minimize your pleasure toys’ exposure to dust, dirt, and other irritants. It also keeps your sex toys discreet and protected from snooping eyes. You can also bring your love toys with ease during your trips— just keep them inside the pouch, put them in your travel bag, and you’re good to go.

And for those that are thinking that an old pouch or packaging box can do the trick, keep in mind that random pouches and card boxes aren’t made to fully protect your sex toys from dust and dirt. By storing them without a toy pouch, you’re not just shortening your toy’s life span; you’re also risking yourself from getting skin irritations.

How to Store Your Sex Toys Properly

Just bought some love toys from the shop but unsure of how to store them? No worries, as we’re here to help you out. First things first, make sure that the toys are fully dry before storing them. For rechargeable sex toys, we suggest fully charging it; this will ensure uninterrupted fun on your next solo play session. After that, get your toy pouches and store them separately. Never put all of your sex toys in one storage pouch; it can cause cross-contamination, bringing more harm than good in the long run.

Once all of your sex toys are inside the toy pouches, you can put them in your closet or other storage tools. Make sure to keep them away from direct sunlight and children. You can also put them on their original box for extra protection; this step only works for premium toys since most of their boxes are high-quality. Following these steps will ensure that your toy is protected and discreet at all times.

Types of Sex Toy Storage Tools

Aside from toy pouches, there are also other storage tools designed for sex toys. It caters to different preferences and functions. Here are some of the common storage tools that sex toy enthusiasts use to keep their sex toy collection.

First on the list are storage sex toy boxes— most of them are made with leather, have a satin lining, and are padlocked. There are also storage trunks with padlocks; they’re bigger than sex storage boxes and are perfect for BDSM toys and other kinky accessories.

You can also opt for a UV-disinfectant box. Some of our sex toys, such as the La Luna Clit Sucker Vibrator, have been included in the package. It’s a high-tech storage box that not only keeps your love toys safe but sanitized too.

There are also sex toy storage cases that are meant for traveling. They’re usually structured like a duffel bag and can store various sex toys in one go. So if you’re a wanderlust, a professional dom/domme, and the like, we highly suggest checking those travel-friendly cases.

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