Thanks to the continuous efforts of sexual wellness advocates, the Philippines is starting to have open discussions about sex, sexual health, and pleasure. In fact, sexual wellness brands are now launching in the country, one of which is Jellytime. This local brand was founded by Isabelle Daza and Ava Daza, daughters of Gloria Diaz, a Filipino actress, and Miss Universe 1969 titleholder. Learn more about this brand and what makes their products a must-have in your sex toy collection.


What is Jellytime?

Pleasure is often associated with being wild, wicked, and dirty. The idea of someone, particularly a woman, having sensual desires is "sinful." That said, women often are ashamed of fulfilling their needs, whether expressing what they want to their partner or ordering pleasure products for their solo plays. Fortunately, Filipinas across the globe don't have to deal with this, as more and more brands are breaking the stigma surrounding sex, orgasms, and pleasure toys.

Introducing Jellytime, a female-led sexual wellness company that aims "to change the landscape of conversation surrounding sex and pleasure." They believe that sexual wellness is more than orgasms and overall sexual satisfaction; it's about embracing your desires, exploring your boundaries, and celebrating your body. That's why they've carefully curated exceptional pleasure products, from a water-based lubricant to delightfully charming vibrators. They currently offer Jellytime water-based lube, Bobble personal vibrator, Deuce personal vibrator, and Chinchilla personal vibrator. As the company continues to grow, expect more products from them soon!

Aside from providing self-pleasure toys that can awaken your senses and expand your sensual horizons, Jellytime founders Isabelle Daza and Ava Daza have a podcast where they have insightful conversations about sexual wellness topics, unlearning common taboos and misconceptions about sex.

What is jellytime

Why You Should Try Jellytime

Jellytime offers pleasure products that align with modern women's tastes and preferences. For starters, you can see how breathtakingly sleek their vibrators are. Every curve has a function, plus it's packed with top-notch motors that'll leave your body shaking with every use! Their toys are something you can confidently leave right on your nightstand.

The company launched here in the Philippines, making it one of the OG sex toy companies that paved the way for the sexual wellness revolution in our country. Not only does this mean they know our vibe inside out, but it also means that when you choose Jellytime, you're supporting our local businesses and contributing to the growth of our country. The brand also aims to uplift, educate, and empower Filipinas by giving educational resources about sex, sexuality, and pleasure. The founders are hosting "The Sexytime Podcast," where they have insightful conversations with sexual wellness educators and advocates.

And here's the cherry on top— accessibility! Jellytime knows that pleasure should never come with a hefty price tag. So whether you're just starting your journey of self-exploration or already a pleasure pro, this brand is here to elevate your experience and celebrate your womanhood. Prices start at just Php 300+ for their luxurious lubricants, and guess what? You can get their personal vibrators for as low as P1199! Learn more about this brand below.

led by women for women

Led by Women, for Women

Jellytime is proudly led by a duo of inspiring women who've experienced firsthand the challenges of sexual stigma. They believe self-sexploration is a beautiful and empowering journey every woman deserves to embark on. That's why all of their products are catered to female needs, from a lubricant that emulates vaginal lubrication to sex toys that hit certain female pleasure zones. They've got your back, sis.

sex toys in the Philippines

Launched in the Philippines

Jellytime takes immense pride in the fact that their company started in the Philippines, making it one of the first sex toy companies that pioneered the sexual wellness boom in the country. Their products are also locally made with love and care from our community.

By choosing their pleasure products, you're also supporting local businesses and contributing to the growth of our economy. Definitely a win-win here!

toys are tailored to your needs

Toys are Tailored to Your Needs

No two women are the same, and neither are their desires. That said, Jellytime offers pleasure toys that cater to individual needs. Whether you crave gentle caresses or intense stimulation, this brand has got you covered. Their specially formulated lubricant is also designed to cater to different sensual activities. Every woman is on her own unique journey of self-discovery, and they're here to accompany you every step of the way.

empowers women through sex ed

Empowers Women Through Sex-ed

This brand is passionate about empowering women through comprehensive sex education that goes beyond the bedroom. They publish multiple resources to foster a safe and inclusive space where women can explore, learn, and grow. One of their well-known initiatives is "The Sexytime Podcast." It's a Spotify-exclusive show where the Jellytime founders, Isabelle Daza and Ava Daza, interview sexual wellness experts and advocates.

accessible price points

Accessible Price Points

Another awesome thing about this brand is its price range. Though their pleasure toys are made with premium silicone and superstrong motors, they are committed to making their toys accessible to every woman possible. They want every woman to indulge in pleasure without worrying about the cost. Prices start at Php 320 for their lubricants, while you can get their personal vibrators for as low as P1199!


As Jellytime currently has four items in its product line, most of its products are trending. But if you're a first-timer in sex toy shopping and want 1-2 items from the brand, we're here to share two of their bestsellers. The first one is, of course, their signature lubricant! The Jellytime Natural Water-Based Lubricant contains nourishing plant-derived ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid. Not only it emulates and improves your natural lubrication, but it also nourishes your skin down there. Apply a few drops of the product to your vagina, vulva, penis, or sex toy, then enjoy a night of titillating yet comfy bedroom fun!

The next bestseller is the Bobble Personal Vibrator, the perfect companion for those who want great pleasure in a small package! This mini powerhouse comes with a charming design and color. Whether at home, on the go, or exploring new adventures, this mini wand massager has got you covered. The smooth and velvety silicone material feels incredible against your skin, plus it's whisper-quiet, so you can indulge in pleasure without worrying about unwanted attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are Jellytime vibrators made of?
Each product is made with body-safe and hypoallergenic materials such as silicone. They're non-porous, which means bacteria can't stick to the toy's surface once you clean it.

Is the Jellytime lubricant compatible with the Jellytime vibrators?
Absolutely! Jellytime vibrators are compatible with various types of lubricants. Whether you prefer water-based, silicone-based, or hybrid lubricants, you can use them with our vibrators for enhanced pleasure and comfort. Get the freedom to explore and experiment with different lubricants that suit your preferences.

What are the price points for Jellytime products?
Jellytime offers a range of vibrators that cater to different needs and budgets. For instance, the Bobble Personal Vibrator and Chinchilla Personal Vibrator are priced at P1199 and P1499, respectively. Meanwhile, the Deuce Personal Vibrator is priced at P2299, and their signature lube is priced at P320.

Everybody and Every Body Deserves Pleasure!

Picture this: a modern woman in charge of her body, confidently embracing her desires. Who could that be? Well, it's you, sis! Express your fun and fearless self by fulfilling your desires without shame. Each of us deserves to experience pleasure.

Jellytime is ready to unlock a world of orgasmic sensations and elevate your intimate experiences. From sleek clitoral vibrators to curved g-spot stimulators and everything in between, there's a Jellytime product that suits your unique desires. Scroll above to see what's in store for this brand. Happy shopping!

"Sex-Care is Self-Care."
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