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What are condoms?

A condom is a device shaped like a sheath that you use during sexual intercourse as a method of contraception to reduce your risk of getting pregnant or getting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Contrary to popular belief, there are male and female condoms but male ones are more popular.
Male condoms are rolled onto a fully-erect penis prior to intercourse. Once the guy comes, the condom acts as a barrier that blocks the semen from entering the body of the partner. Male condoms are typically made from latex and can only be used once. On the other hand, female condoms are usually made from polyurethane and may be used multiple times.

History of condoms

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Why should you use condoms?

Six to nine billion condoms are sold around the globe annually. Condoms are used to prevent pregnancy. Aside from birth control, researchers and scientists also agree that using condoms can reduce the risk of HIV transmission and other STIs. However, it is important to note that no method of contraception can provide 100% protection against pregnancy and STIs. It is for this reason that consistent use of condom for sexual intercourse is highly-recommended.
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