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A condom is a sheath-shaped device that a male or female person wears during sexual intercourse to reduce their risk of getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted infection (STI). It acts as a barrier that blocks the semen from entering the body of the partner.

Using a condom is one of the most commonly used forms of birth control. This is because they’re easy to use and are relatively cheap. However, their effectiveness isn’t one of its strengths. According to planned parenthood, male condoms are only 85% effective. As for female condoms, it’s effective for only 72-82%.

Keep in mind, though, this effectivity rate applies to normal use. If you’ve perfected the art of slipping on a condom, you can actually protect yourself for about 95 – 98%. That’s why it’s essential to learn about the proper way of using a condom.

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History of Condoms

There’s a fascinating history behind condoms. It all started in 3000 BC, when King Minos of Crete made a condom, goat’s bladder sheath, to protect his wife from his “deadly” semen. He believed that his semen is full of “serpents and scorpions” and has resulted in several deaths from his other sexual partners. However, this story is still unproven, and historians are still debating its legitimacy.

As for the documented origins of condoms, using a condom is apparently already a thing in the 15th century. There is documentation of limited use of glans condoms in China and Japan. These early types of condoms have been made with lamb intestine, oiled silk paper, tortoiseshell, or animal horn.

By 1839, Charles Goodyear invented rubber vulcanization, resulting in rubber condoms being produced in 1855. However, condoms made from other materials are still more popular since they were cheaper. By 1920, latex was introduced to the game. They became waaaay cheaper than rubber condoms and were easier to produce. This has become the standard material for condoms worldwide.

Types of Condoms

One of the misconceptions about the love glove is that all variations are made of latex rubber. That’s necessarily not the case, as some people are actually allergic to latex. Here are the common types of condoms and their main specifications.

Latex condoms are the standard type of condoms. It’s made from a flexible and sturdy material, latex. However, some people tend to be allergic to latex. If you’ve tried a latex condom and it has caused redness, rash, and itchiness to your skin, it’s better to seek other types.

The next type is synthetic condoms. This type is usually made from polyisoprene, polyurethane, or polyethylene. What’s great about this type is it still gets the job done even though it’s not made from latex.

Then there are the animal product condoms. This type is made from animals such as lambskin. One of the benefits of this type is that it actually provides a more “natural feeling” than latex condoms. However, this type can’t protect you from STIs as it has small pores that allow the passage of viruses.

How to Use Condoms Correctly

Planning to get some condoms from our sex toy shop? Great! For starters, make sure that the condoms have an optimal fit for your penis. If a condom doesn’t fit in properly, the condom might either break or slip out during the deed. Check the diameter and see if it fits with your girth.

Once you’ve got the right-sized condoms, you can now start using them during the deed. Open the wrapper gently and pinch the tip before unrolling the condom. Check the condom if it’s going the right way—the reservoir tip should be pointing upwards. After that, place over the tip on your erect penis and roll down the base. Put water-based lube on the outer part of the condom to prevent tears.

If you’re still going on with the deed after 30 minutes, it’s better to remove the condom and use a new one; this will prevent breakage. After the deed, gently remove the used condom and throw it in the bin. Never reuse your condoms. Also, use a new condom when switching from vaginal to anal penetration.

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