Clitoral Vibrators


Clitoral Vibrators

Did you know that the female pleasure center is the glans clitoris? People were often raving about the g-spot, but the glans clitoris is the erogenous zone rich with nerve endings— it has about 8000! Aside from getting a dildo, classic vibrator, or other vaginal sex toys, you should also invest in a clitoral vibrator!

As the name implies, a clitoral vibrator is designed to stimulate your glans clitoris, a tiny nub located at the upper part of your vulva. It usually comes in small sizes, making it a great love toy to bring in your travels. Not only that, but most clit vibrators also come with a discreet design. So if you’re looking for a sex toy that’ll “lit” your clit, check out our selection above.

  • What is a clitoral vibrator?
    A clitoral vibrator is a sex toy for women designed to pleasure the glans clitoris, a tiny nub located at the upper part of your vulva.
  • What are the benefits of using a clitoral vibrator?
    Clitoral vibrators are perfectly designed for the clitoris, the most pleasurable region of the female body. It’s also travel-friendly and often has discreet designs.
  • Can you use a clitoral vibrator in your vagina?
    You can stimulate your vaginal opening with a clitoral vibrator, but you can’t insert it. It’s designed for external use only.

History of Clitoral Vibrators

Vibrators have a “semi-messy” history. It’s filled with rumors, such as Cleopatra being the first person to ever use a vibrator, and she made a vibrator out of bees and gourds. Well, there’s no documentation to prove that it happened.

The first-ever documented vibrator happened between the late 1870s and early 1880s. Joseph Mortimer Granville, a British physician, developed the first electro-mechanical vibrator called a “percuteur.” He created this device to stimulate the nerves of his patients as part of a procedure to treat several conditions related to the human nervous system.

It was then used to treat women with “hysterical” symptoms, as doctors use clitoral stimulation to treat women with hysteria. They’re suffering from hand and wrist pain because of the regular massages. Eventually, smaller vibrators entered the market and were even marketed as a “beauty tool.”

Benefits of Clitoral Vibrators

As we’ve mentioned earlier, the female pleasure center is the clitoris. It has about 8000 nerve endings, which is double the number of nerve endings in the penile head or glans penis. This area is extremely sensitive, and a few touches can send your body into an orgasmic delight.

This is why investing in clitoral vibrators is a must, as it’s specially designed for the clit. Clitoral vibrators are also usually small, ranging from 3 to 5 inches in length. You can easily put it in your makeup pouch or bag if you go on a trip.

Not only that, but clitoral vibrators often have a discreet design. Unlike other sex toys for women, clit vibrators don’t have a phallic or “sexual” design. So if someone ends up seeing your vibrator, you can just say that it’s a USB or beauty tool— your sexy secret is safe!

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning and storing clitoral vibrators is the same as maintaining other motorized sex toys. You’ll need to check if the device is IPX7 waterproof or not; if it says waterproof but has a rating of IPX6 and below, then you can only rinse it by putting it in running water. Use a mild soap and water or a sex toy cleaner to wash off the residue in your sex toy. After that, wipe the excess water with a dry towel. Let it air dry for a few minutes.

As for storage, keep your clitoral vibrator in a satin or velvet pouch. Don’t put all your sex toys in the same pouch or bag to avoid cross-contamination. Once you’ve stored your device in the pouch, put it in a dry, cool, and secure spot, like your closet or bedside drawer. If you’re planning to bring this on trips, you can put it in your makeup or toiletries kit, but make sure that it’s still inside a separate pouch.

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