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Experience pleasure the way it should be with Tenga. This global sex toy brand specializes in masturbators, cock rings, lubricants, and other sexual wellness products. They are well-known for their bestselling masturbator cups due to their unique airflow structure.

Unlike other masturbators that only massage the penis with pleasure nubs and nodules, Tenga masturbators have an airhole that delivers suction-like sensations. They also have neutral openings, ensuring discreteness and inclusivity. Scroll down to learn more about this brand and its products.

  • What is the best Tenga Toy?
    The best Tenga masturbators of all time are Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze, Tenga Original Vacuum Cup, and Tenga Gyro Roller Cup.
  • Are Tenga toys reusable?
    You can reuse the unit if you’ve bought a reusable Tenga toy. If you got the disposable ones, such as the Original Vacuum Cup, don’t reuse them.
  • Where can I buy Tenga Toys in the Philippines?
    Lauvette is an authentic retailer of Tenga masturbators in the Philippines. They offer same-day shipping, 24/7 customer support, discreet packaging, and even gift-wrapping options.

History of Tenga

Tenga originated in Japan and was invented by Koichi Matsumoto. At 34 years old, Koichi had this immense passion for creating something new. Despite the decent pay, he left his job as an automotive salesman and started developing a male sex toy that’ll revolutionize the adult toy industry.

After 3 years of trial and error, while his savings were close to running out, he managed to create TENGA Inc. in March 2005. By July 7th of that same year, he launched Tenga’s first product line of disposable masturbator cups. His launch was successful, selling over 1 million units in its first year alone. He then continuously worked on new products featuring reusable masturbator cups, cock rings, etc.

Bestselling Tenga Toys

New to Tenga sex toys? We’re here to help you decide on your first toy from the brand. Here are some of the bestselling masturbators from their product line. First is the original Tenga Premium Original Vacuum Cup – Gentle. This is the perfect masturbator for beginners as it offers mild suction and tightness.

Another bestseller in our selection is the Tenga Air-Tech Squeeze Reusable Vacuum Cup – Regular. What’s amazing about this one is it’s squeezable— you can increase the toy’s tightness with your grip. Not only that, but this pleasure toy is reusable, so there is no need to buy a whole box of Tenga toys for your weekly sessions. All you need to do is clean the toy, and it’s ready again!

Care & Maintenance

Tenga toys are easy to clean and maintain. When it comes to their disposable masturbators, all you need to do once you’re finished using them is to put the cap back on and throw it in the bin.

As for their reusable masturbators, clean the cup by removing the soft inner sleeve, inverting it, and washing off the secretions with running water. Use a sex toy cleaner or mild soap to clean the sleeve. Once you’re done, wipe the excess water off with a lint-free towel, then let it air dry for a few minutes. Revert the inner sleeve, then put it back inside its outer case. For storage, keep your disposable and reusable Tenga toys in a cool and secure spot, such as your closet or bedside drawer.

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