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Anal Toys For Women

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Anal Toys For Women

What Are Anal Toys?

Your anal region is packed with some sensitive nerve endings. You can tap into that area to give you immense pleasure. There is a thin tissue between the rectum and the vagina. And when anal pressure stimulates the front wall of your vagina, you get to hit that hard to find G-spot of yours. One way to get you into some backdoor fun is by using anal toys. Some of the most popular anal toys are butplug, analvibrator, and anal chain. They are specifically designed for you to experiment with anal stimulation and a sure way for you to have wild and kinky sex.

A Brief History Of Anal Sex

The Ancient Greeks were not only famous for their architecture and mythology, they were also known for being purveyors of anal sex. The Moche culture of Northern Peru, during the 100AD and 800AD, made so much sex pots depicting anal sex that when archaeologists unearthed them, they were quite baffled with what they found. Reasons for the anal mania of the Moche culture ranged from birth control to explaining new political structure. Whatever reason the archaeologists came up with, there’s no denying that anal sex can be lots of fun.

Which Anal Toy Should You Choose?

There are so many types of anal toys that it is natural to be confused which one you should get. If you are new to anal stimulation, you can start by using analbead. They are available in small sizes so you can train yourself to let go of your built up tension. If you are in the mood for some furry fun, a tail plug can get your kink satisfied. Get a dog tail plug or a rabbit tail plug. The fluffiness level is totally up to your choice. Or if you are feeling like a royalty, then get the princess plug that is designed with so much detail and sophistication.
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