Anal Toys For Women

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Anal Toys for Women

Your anal region is packed with some sensitive nerve endings. You can tap into that area to give you immense pleasure. There is a thin tissue between the rectum and the vagina. And when anal pressure stimulates the front wall of your vagina, you get to hit that hard-to-find G-spot of yours.

One way to get you into some backdoor fun is by using anal toys. Some of the most popular anal toys are butt plug, anal vibrator, and anal chain. They are specifically designed for you to experiment with anal stimulation and a sure way for you to have wild and kinky sex.

There are so many anal toys that it is natural to be confused about which one you should get. If you’re new to the play, we suggest getting anal beads or a butt plug set. Once you’re used to the sensations, you can opt for bigger types, such as advanced butt plugs or flared base dildos. Whatever your preferred anal toy, you can surely get that here at Lauvette, the trusted sex toy shop in the Philippines. We provide discreet delivery nationwide.

  • What are Anal toys?
    Anal toys are specifically designed for you to experiment with anal stimulation and they are a sure way for you to have wild and kinky sex. Some of the most popular anal toys are butt plug, anal vibrator, and anal chain.
  • What are the best Anal toys for women?
    If you’re looking for the best female anal toys, we suggest the following brands: Lovense, Satisfyer, SVAKOM, Vibease, Womanizer, We-Vibe, PMV20, ROMP, and VeDO. They are well-crafted with premium materials and come with high-tech features.
  • What are the benefits of using Anal toys?
    Using anal toys is a surefire way to prep the anus for anal penetration and stimulation. An Anal toy can help your anal muscles adjust to penetration, assisting in a more comfortable and safer anal play.

History of Anal Toys

The Ancient Greeks were not only famous for their architecture and mythology; they were also known for being purveyors of anal sex. The Moche culture of Northern Peru, during the 100AD and 800AD, made so many sex pots depicting anal sex that when archaeologists unearthed them, they were quite baffled with what they found.

However, the birth anal toys didn’t happen until 1893, as Dr. Young’s Rectal Dilators came on the scene. During this time, butt plugs weren’t marketed for pleasure but as a cure to constipation, acne, insomnia, and even mania symptoms. Eventually, the Food & Drug Administration sensed the BS in these rectal dilators and destroyed them for deceptive advertising.

But despite the FDA clarifying that rectal dilators aren’t effective in treating any illness, some of Dr. Young’s continued using them recreationally. As the sex toy market grew, rectal dilators eventually launched as a pleasure aid. By the 1990s, the commercial plug industry took off, introducing silicone as a manufacturing material for these anal plugs.

Bestselling Anal Toys for Women

Lauvette offers various anal toys for women, ensuring to match up with y preferences, skill-level, style, and budget. As for the bestsellers, the Lotus Anal Plug Set takes up the top spot. The Lotus Anal Plug Set is the best training kit for anal play. One set has 4 pieces that are of varying width and length. It may be soft, yet it’s firm enough for easy anal insertion.

Next on our bestsellers list is the Heartylicious Anal Bead. It has a twirled heart-shaped handle made for easy gripping and a body made of more hearts! Made from medical silicone, its body of hearts is going to be super gentle on your skin as it stretches you out and gives you a sensual massage on your anal nerve endings.

Third on the list is the Queen Crystal Anal Plug Set. This silicone plug features a jeweled and heart-shaped base, making it a lovely staple for your kinky plays. Not only that, it’s 100% waterproof, and jewels are detachable, so cleaning it is easy-peasy.

Care & Maintenance

When using anal toys, it’s essential to check the toy’s material first, as you need to use a lubricant that’s suitable for the toy’s material. So even though silicone-based lube is highly recommended when using anal plugs, if your anal toy is made with silicone, you can’t use it; just go water-based or hybrid-based ones. As for butt toys made with glass or metal, you can freely use silicone-based lube.

As for the cleaning process, it’s pretty straightforward– just wash off the plugs with warm water and soap, or use a sex toy cleaner.

As for vibrating anal toys, it’s best to check if they’re waterproof or splashproof. If the toy is waterproof, you can lightly submerge it in water or wash it through running water. As splashproof, you need to extra cautious when cleaning it– just use a sex toy cleaner and wipe the dirt with a towel for safe measure. Once you’re done washing and drying out your anal toys, store them individually through a velvet or satin pouch.

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