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Finger Vibrators


Finger Vibrators

Make your every touch count. With a finger vibrator, every caress is a sure way to send an exciting jolt to your partner or any part of your body. A finger mini vibe is a powerful device that once you experience the joys of using it in your sexual plays, you won’t want your partner’s hands off of you. They are typically worn as a ring around the finger and are powered by a small battery. Some have separate controls that can be wrapped around the wrist. In a nutshell, you are supposed to wear your finger vibrator on your finger. And from there on out, you can easily navigate your way through there with some experimentation.

As they say, good things come in small packages. This obviously applies to finger vibrators. Not only are they small, making them discreet sex toys you can carry around in your purse, they are also very versatile.

If you want to get your own finger vibrator, look no further. Check out our stunning selections above. We’re the leading online sex toy shop in the Philippines, delivering your love toys quickly and discreetly.

  • What is Finger vibrator?
    A Finger vibrator is typically worn as a ring around the finger and is powered by a small battery. It features a finger-like design and is great for pinpointed or targeted stimulation.
  • How to use a Finger vibrator?
    Begin by applying a few drops of water-based lubricant on the tip of the Finger vibrator. After that, turn on the toy and rub it against your nipples, clitoris, vagina, and other erogenous zones.
  • Can couples use a Finger vibrator?
    Yes! The Finger vibrator is perfect for targeted stimulation during foreplay and even during sex. Using a Finger vibrator can help reach your partner’s sweet spots, spicing up your sensual time.

History of Finger Vibrators

Ever since the launching of the first-ever vibrator in 1869, manufacturers and inventors started making their own versions of the vibrator. Slowly, the once clunky toys became handheld devices. They were often marketed to treat minor illnesses, such as colds and digestive complaints. However, these “treatment claims” were debunked by the American Medical Association, stating that there’s no way a vibrator would treat physical illnesses.

This has then started the image shift for vibrators. All of the medical claims were pushed aside. They then marketed it as a body massager and, as to quote from a vibrator poster ad during that time– “soothes you to pleasant relaxation.”

As for the finger vibrators, this type of vibe emerged in the market between the 1980s and 1990s. As women started to have their own sex toy companies during this time, they designed vibrators that aren’t heavy or clunky. This has led to the invention of love eggs, classic vibes, finger vibrators. One of the first finger vibrators in the market is made by the Fukuoku brand.

Bestselling Finger Vibrators

Lauvette offers a wide array of finger vibrators, ensuring to meet your sultry desires and preferences. As for the bestselling finger vibes, the Ducky Vibe is topping on that list. As the name suggests, this compact love toy is in the shape of an adorable little duck– it even has a small pointy beak. It can deliver you an insurmountable amount of joy and happiness with its 11 modes of vibrations.

Next is the Baby Kiss Finger Vibrator. It features an ergonomic design, allowing your fingers to reach those hard to get places and send tingling vibrations towards your sensitive parts. Just slip it in your finger and experience an earth-shattering orgasm.

Another bestseller in our shop is the Baba Finger Vibrator. This handy and lightweight vibe comes in multiple vibration modes and is specifically built for your convenience and pleasure. Last on the list, but definitely not on the list, is the VeDO Yumi Finger Vibe. It features 10 pulsating vibration modes, a teardrop-shaped body, and a sleek finger holder.

Care & Maintenance

When using a finger vibrator, we suggest still using sexual lubricants for a smoother groove. For the type of lube that you should use, check the vibe’s material first. If it’s made with silicone, go for water-based lubes. Steer away from silicone-based lubes as they can deteriorate the material of the vibe.

As for the cleaning process, finger vibrators are the easiest sex toy to clean, considering their size. If your finger vibrator is waterproof, you can lightly submerge this toy in water or just clean it in running water– don’t forget to wash it with mild soap! As for splashproof or not waterproof vibes, we suggest wiping the toy with a damp towel or use a sex toy cleaner.

When storing your finger vibrators, put them inside a velvet or satin pouch before putting them in your makeup bag or closet. This minimizes exposure to dirt or decreases the risk of contamination with other sex toys. Keep it away from children.

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