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Finger Vibrator

If you're new to the world of vibrators, you may be tempted to get the biggest and strongest vibrator out of the bunch. However, if you haven't had any experience with vibrators, getting these intense types can bring overwhelming sensations. We highly recommend starting small, such as a finger vibrator. This little wonder is packed with vibrations strong enough to please your pleasure zones, plus it's a versatile addition to your solo and partnered plays. Learn more about this vibrator in this guide.

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What is a Finger Vibrator?

A finger vibrator is a small sex toy you can comfortably wear like a ring. It usually has a vibrating pad, a single button, and an adjustable ring attachment. The surface of finger vibrators often features curves or textures, adding unique sensations for the user. You can use a finger vibrator on your external erogenous zones, including the clitoris, u-spot, vaginal opening, perineum, nipples, inner thighs, etc.

It's not advisable to use this sex toy inside the vagina or anus unless the instructions have stated otherwise. So for those who want to use this for vaginal or anal play, go with insertable vibrators instead, such as g-spot vibrators and love eggs.

Who would enjoy this toy? First, it's perfect for vibrator newbies. The vibrations for this one are enough for them to feel pleasure and orgasm. At the same time, bigger and stronger vibrators may overstimulate them. Second, it's good for couples just starting to incorporate sex toys in their bedroom plays. You can use this during foreplay or to lessen your workload during penetration; you can press the finger vibrator in your partner's clitoris while penetrating their vagina or anus. However, if you're going solo and have been using vibrators for quite some time, you may find this vibe underwhelming since the vibrations wouldn't be as strong as the other types. Overall, this love toy is a reliable addition to the bedroom, offering a delightful experience.

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Why You Should Use a Finger Vibrator

Tiny size. Tremendous pleasure. A finger vibrator is an exceptional choice for newbies who haven't tried vibrating sex toys yet. There's nothing wrong with going for bigger ones like wand massagers or classic vibrators; it can be overwhelming for newbies. Since the vibrations are gentle and it has a smaller vibrating pad, it helps the newbies explore pleasure without overstimulation. Aside from that, finger vibrators are made for accurately targeted stimulation. It'll help you focus on the most pleasurable spots of your body, sending it the orgasmic bliss you deserve.

As for couples, a finger vibrator can be a titillating addition to their sexcapades. It can be used during foreplay or penetrative sex without the couple getting distracted since it smoothly fits in your finger. They can intensify pleasure and create new sensations for both partners. And for our certified wanderlusts, finger vibes help you unleash your adventurer side, even in the bedroom! You can easily bring this sex toy on your trips since it's small, whisper-quiet, and often comes with discreet designs.

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Perfect for Newbies

A finger vibrator is one of the best options for someone who hasn't tried vibrators yet. It comes with a small size, non-phallic shape, and gentle vibrations, helping the user to feel more relaxed during their self-pleasure sessions. Also, since the vibrating pad is small and vibrations are gentle, beginners can explore at their own pace. This gradual approach encourages them to fully explore their body and see what works for them.

finger vibrators are good for partnered plays

Good for Partnered Plays

Finger vibrators can help couples experience new orgasmic sensations together. They can be an exciting addition to foreplay or used during penetrative sex for extra sensations. Also, men and women can benefit from using a finger vibe, which means couples can take turns spoiling each other with those o-tastic vibrations.

And since this type of vibrator is compact and doesn't mimic any genitals, it wouldn't distract the couple from enjoying the deed.

adaptable to your desires

Adaptable to Your Desires

What makes a finger vibrator stand out from the other types is its impressive versatility. Yes, it may not be something you can insert in your vagina or anus, but it does deliver to your external pleasure zones, such as the clitoris and nipples. You can enjoy them during solo play, incorporate them into partnered play, or even use them for body massage. Its small size also makes it a potential toy for public play.

master in targeted stimulation

Master in Targeted Stimulation

A finger vibrator is a master in targeted stimulation, delivering vibrations to your chosen area with unmatched precision. You can easily focus on the erogenous zones that bring you the most pleasure— one touch can send you off in an orgasmic frenzy! Also, most finger vibrators come with multiple textures customized to specific pleasure zones, providing a unique experience that caters to your desires.

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A finger vibrator can be as small as a keychain, so they're delightfully easy to bring on your trips. Please put them in a satin or velvet storage pouch, and you're ready. It's also safe from prying eyes since they mostly come with discreet designs. When somebody asks about that, you can easily say it is a beauty tool or keychain. But hey, if you're confident in letting them know it's a vibrator, go for it!


Planning to get a finger vibrator for your sexcapades? Great! Lauvette offers various finger vibrators to meet your sultry desires and preferences. As for the bestselling finger vibes, the Ducky Vibrator is topping that list. As the name suggests, this compact love toy is shaped like an adorable little duck— it even has a small pointy beak. It can deliver you an insurmountable amount of joy and happiness with its 11 modes of vibrations.

Another bestseller is the Satisfyer Bold Lover. Manufactured by one of the top sex toy companies in the world, you can count on this vibe to bring exciting sensations! Its ergonomic design allows your fingers to reach those hard-to-get places and send tingling vibrations toward your sensitive parts. Just slip it in your finger and experience an earth-shattering orgasm. Last but definitely not least is the Satisfyer Teaser. It features a broad, vibrating pad ready to tease and please your erogenous zones. This handy, lightweight vibe comes in 12 vibration modes and is designed for convenience and pleasure.

Types & Variations

A finger vibrator has numerous variations, including ring, sleeve, bullet, and double-finger styles. The most common among the mentioned variations is the ring style. As the name implies, it's worn like a ring and often comes with a vibrating pad that delivers those pulsating sensations. It's great for foreplay and clitoral stimulation. Next is the sleeve style, which is similar to a thimble. It's not as common as the other ones mentioned. Still, they're pretty much the same in terms of impressive versatility and orgasmic vibrations.

Meanwhile, the bullet finger vibrators are bullet vibrators but come with a removable attachment, transforming a simple mini vibe into a finger vibe. It's great for those who want a two-in-one sex toy, but this variation is also much heavier than the others mentioned. Then there's a double-finger variation, another uncommon type on the list. It's designed to be worn with two fingers and often has a bigger vibrating pad. Whichever you prefer, you can expect incredible pleasure with finger vibrators.

Experience Pleasure at Your Fingertips!

Whether you're a vibrator newbie, a couple who wants to dip in sex toy waters or need a toy that can accompany you on the go, a finger vibrator will meet your sultry needs. They're also perfect for those who prioritize privacy and discretion, as they offer a discreet look that allows you to enjoy pleasure without drawing unwanted attention. Please see our collection above for those interested in getting this pleasure toy. Lauvette, the leading online sex toy shop in the Philippines, offers a wide range of finger vibrators. Happy shopping!

"Finger vibrators are only one of the few gender-neutral toys available in the market."
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