Vibrating Dildos


Vibrating Dildos

The harder, the better. Sometimes, we crave a cock that maintains erect for a long period of time. That’s what dildos are for when we have solo sexcapades. But if you’re looking for a game changer, add a motor inside. When you do, they can vibrate and give you extra shakes while you bounce on it. In other words, go one or a ton of levels higher into your sex life with a vibrating dildo. This type of dildo combines the impact of vibrations with the erect length of a penis. Learn more about it here.

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What is a Vibrating Dildo?

As the name implies, it shall deliver exactly that without hesitation. It’s even more thrilling to experience all sorts of sensations in one go, so you gotta hold on to your headboard on whatever your hands can get stability from.

A vibrating dildo is a model toy for anyone, whether you’re a vulva or penis owner that loves getting those extra buzzing up and down their spine.

It’s a long, girthy shaft that comes in different lengths (and even colors) that can safely and smoothly enter your hole. From there, it can further piston to your sensitive spots, whether it be the g-spot or p-spot, for those hands-free experiences and o’s. In terms of appearance, its phallic-like design comes along with specific details (e.g., veins, plump tip, etc.) that’ll feel like the real deal! So if you’re into such, this toy is for you. Material-wise, this dildo is crafted with body-safe and phthalate-free materials such as silicone and ABS plastic.

But what makes it stand out are its powerful motors that are responsible for the electrifying vibrations rushing through your body. It’s already one thing to feel “full” when there’s a semi-realistic penis inside you, but it’s another when they vibrate as slow or fast as you please. They come in assorted intensities, patterns, and levels. It’s about finding which one suits your style and sticking with it to bring you maximum satisfaction.

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Why You Should Try Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating dildos will definitely change your view on achieving maximum pleasure in a single use. It can feel difficult, whether or not your body can take it. But anything related to sex is about stepping outside of your comfort and taking on new, bold challenges when you’re ready.

For one, it’s two toys meshed into one. While you’re enjoying the full sensation in your lower stomach or backdoor area, your legs can be shaking from its amplified vibrations. Not to mention, those vibrations are no joke. Not with its diverse settings, from its patterns, speeds, and styles that you decide to try. Plus, both vulva and penis owners have access to them!

Vibrating dildos are also convenient. Since they’re mostly waterproof, you can tag them along to your soaking adventures in any wet zone (e.g., hot tub, shower, pool, etc). Additionally, they’re rechargeable so plugging them before and after usage is key for uninterrupted fun! And speaking of fun, inviting your partner over to test and play around with the toy can definitely bring you both closer than ever. Adding sex toys like this one strengthens your intimacy and bond with each other.

hitting two birds with one stone

Hitting Two Birds With One Stone

A vibrating dildo is two toys in one: a dildo and a vibrator. In terms of the dildo, it usually has a bendable shaft and tapered tip that can effortlessly hit your deep, erogenous zones for mind-blowing internal penetration. As for the vibrator part, its settings (patterns, intensities, etc) are unique. Wave-like, pulsating, rumbling, those are some examples. You call the shots on its pace too.

inclusive to vulva and penis owners

Inclusive to Vulva and Penis Owners

Most sex toys would cater to certain anatomies, but the vibrating dildo can be for the pleasure of anyone! In this time where inclusivity is more than important, this toy is one of the frontrunners to make sexual pleasure more accessible to anyone.

Whether it be for vaginal or anal penetration, this toy can reverb addicting vibrations to your pleasure spots in no time!

convenient for any sorts of scenarios

Convenient for Any Sorts of Scenarios

One cool feature of a vibrating dildo is that it’s rechargeable. So no worries about battery replacement or such while using it; just connect and plug it into a socket with its given cord. It’ll be back in running soon enough for more endless fun. Another extra feature we love about the vibrating dildo is that it’s waterproof. Take it in the shower or bathtub to feel extra heated and relaxed!

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Get Experimental!

A vibrating dildo is perfect for those who are enthusiastic for more sexy adventures and gain more experience. As the vibrating dildo has double purpose, they can choose a length that their body can take and fiddle with its vibration settings to their style. Whether they mix and match with kinky activities like edging or anal play, it’s intensified with the crazy vibrations rushing through their veins!

vibrating dildos are suitable for partnered play

Suitable for Partnered Play

As much as a vibrating dildo makes a great private activity (or self-care), there’s no denial of adding an extra hand to the mix. Your partner can be the one inserting the toy in and out of your hole while you’re either on all fours or in bed, relishing in the sensations. They can also control how you move around the dildo while they watch you close up or at a distance. You and your partner can get creative here.


If you’re craving for more novelty in your sex life, the vibrating dildo is one bold way to start! We have a wide range of vibrating dildos to choose from that can tick off your interests.

First, we have the Lovense Gravity App-Controlled Thrusting and Vibrating Dildo. This thick baddie is app-controlled; heavily packed with unlimited patterns (up to 3 stable levels and 10 patterns with the app) and an ability to sync with music. It also has long-distance control and a strong suction base you can place on any surface.

Next on our list is the Satisfyer Master. With its rather big shaft crafted with silicone flex technology for maximum flexibility, it’s loaded with 12 deep, silent vibration modes. It also has a ring-shaped handle on the bottom for fluid insertion and usage.

Lastly, we have the Terry Vibrating Dildo. This multipurpose love toy is structured with a veiny exterior and defined tip, prepping you with 10 pulsating vibration modes to explore. On the bottom, you can also find an easy push button control if you’re still starting out with sex toys.

Types & Variations

The vibrating dildos have quite a range. Appearance-wise, they can be as thick and long as you desire. Some include veins in the design for more texture when inserted. The colors of the vibrating dildo also vary, from black, pink, red, purple, and flesh if you’re aiming for extra realism.

Some of them have buttons that you manually control, wherein those buttons are near the handle so it doesn’t meddle with the inserted length. Others can have app control alongside the provided buttons and their set modes. This gives more leeway especially if you’re down for partnered play, wherein your partner can get just as adventurous with you no matter how far you two are from each other.

This type of toy is best used in the bedroom as its size is rather large, making it a not-so-subtle option for hidden public plays. But luckily, the vibrations from the dildo are whisper-quiet so your neighbors won’t have a single clue about what’s happening in your space. Well, that is unless you moan a little louder than normal.

Venturing Deep and Good!

The vibrating dildo is a double haven for both vulva and penis owners aching for crazier sensations to step up their sexcapades, solo or with their partner. It’s crafted in diverse designs and packed with addicting vibrations that’ll get your throbbing and moaning like the good girl/boy you are. If you’re ready for a game changer, this toy is for you! And you can get your very own one through us here at Lauvette. Happy shopping!

“A vibrating dildo is a model toy for anyone, whether you’re a vulva or penis owner that loves getting those extra buzzing up and down their spine.”
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