Clone-A-Willy is a fun and naughty activity you can do with your partner or on your own. Clone-A-Willy is the original DIY dildo kit that makes sure you never have to be without your partner’s privates. The brand stands behind every product they sell, and ensures that anyone can create a perfect copy with their kit.

Clone-A-Willy aims to not only provide consumers with products that will last, but fun memories that will stand the test of time, as well.

  • Why Clone-A-Willy when you can just buy one?
    Clone-A-Willy products are meant to combine the enjoyable activity of creating your own dildo with the fact that it’s a clone of your partner’s willy. They aim to create a more personal sex toy experience. If none of those ideas appeal to you, then perhaps dildos and products from our other brands might be more your cup of tea, and that’s totally okay! Everyone has their own preferences.
  • What if I want a clone of my partner’s vulva?
    Clone-A-Willy has products for that, too! Cast your partner vulva into a pocket pussy with their Clone-A-Pussy selection.
  • Why are Clone-A-Willy products the ones for me?
    Clone-A-Willy products are for you if you just can’t get enough of your partner’s private parts! You’ll never have to go without them again… or at least their clone.

History of Clone-A-Willy

Clone-A-Willy started from a company called Empire Labs that manufactured highly customized, body-safe, skin-like materials that were used in medicine and prosthetics. The uniqueness of methods and materials combined with the reputation to create amazingly lifelike, simple to use molding and casting compounds grew just by word of mouth.

The materials and methods for detailed body part castings were not only affordable they were easy too! This allowed Empire Labs to strike a deal with Hollywood for their products to be used in horror movies and special effects scenes. In 1997, realistic penis replicas were needed for an independent film, and the first version of Clone-A-Willy was born. Its success on set led to the creation of its retail version.

Clone-A-Willy’s Commendations

The company has sold more than 1million units since its conception. It’s received rave reviews online and has been featured in multiple magazines and websites. It’s a hit with a ton of celebrities and is perfect for couples that are about to spend lengths of time apart.

Quality and Material

Clone-A-Willy used only the highest quality American-made materials, surpassing all US and European safety standards. They are made to last years – some reviewers have claimed that their customer toys have lasted longer than their relationships.

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