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Anal Douche

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Anal Douche

Anal douching eliminates the risk for “poopsie” moments during the deed, as, unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-cleaning. That’s why getting an anal douche is a must-have for those engaging in backdoor fun— especially for versas and bottoms.

An anal douche is a device that’s used to rinse the rectum. It’s designed to squeeze water inside the anus, flushing out the fecal matter in the process. It has various types, but the most common type is bulb douche. To use it, start by putting some saline water in a bowl. After that, the nozzle on the bowl to squeeze some water into the anal douche. Then, get into your preferred position, apply an ample amount of lube on the tip of the nozzle, then gently insert it in your anus. Squeeze some water inside your bum, let it sit there for a few seconds, then release it. Repeat the step until the water looks clearer than the first release.

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Benefits of Anal Douching

Though feces is a natural part of our bodies, it’s understandable if some people don’t want to touch or see them during the deed. Some people are squeamish and may even feel sick when encountering poop, while others consider it a mood killer. That’s why prepping the bum with an anal douche is a great step to minimize that risk.

Aside from that, anal douching provides peace of mind for the bottom and makes them relaxed in the play. Some bottoms don’t want to get their partner’s penis or strap-on with poop smears. So if they haven’t done anal douching before the session, they may feel tense throughout the play. With anal douching, they’ll get that “squeaky clean” feeling, diverting their focus from their butts and more on the deed itself.

Along with the benefits, there are also cons for this practice. Some say that douching can wash away the protective mucous lining of the anus. However, this risk can easily be avoided as long as they know how to use an anal douche properly.

Types of Anal Douche

There are three types of anal douche. The first one is the Bulb Douche, which is the type that we mainly carry in the shop. It comes in two parts: the bulb wherein you fill and squeeze water into, and the nozzle is the slim tube inserted in the anus.

Next is the shower douche. It’s a slim metal attachment that you put in a shower hose or faucet. Once you’ve attached the device, turn the faucet, put some lubricant on the tip, then gently insert the shower douche in your anus. What’s great about you’ll get a deeper clean because you have more pressure coming out. However, you’ll need to be very careful when doing this type.

Then there’s the water bag douche, which combines the best features of bulb and shower douche. It consists of a liquid bag, which is hung at an elevated position. A pipe will then run from the bag to the nozzle, inserted into the anus. The liquid will then pull down from the tube and into your rectum.

Care & Maintenance

Cleaning your anal douche before and after use is an important step, as this device is inserted in a very sensitive part of your body. All you need to do is to separate the removable parts of the douche, then clean it with warm water and mild soap. If you’re cleaning a bulb douche, make sure to fill the bulb with soapy water, slosh it around, and pour it back out. Repeat the process, but now with regular water only just to rinse the soapy water off.

If you want to give your anal douche some in-depth cleaning, you can try making a solution of watered-down bleach and leave the douche soaking in the solution for a few hours. Another great option is to boil your douche for ten to fifteen minutes. However, before you do any of these deep cleaning techniques, make sure to check the material and see if the material is suitable for the mentioned methods.

Once you’re done cleaning, store your douches in a satin or velvet pouch to minimize exposure to dust and dirt.

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