Bulan Cup

Menstruations are both a significant source of joy and pain to all women. A regular cycle is a great sign of well-balanced hormones and a properly functioning system. Annoyingly, the natural cleansing of our bodies comes with mood swings, cramps, pricey, and not to mention, wasteful feminine care items.

This is why we’re thankful for various companies coming up with sustainable and eco-friendly period products, such as the Bulan Cup.

This local brand offers period cups that are designed to last for multiple years. It’s also good for the planet, as you’ll only need to purchase a few sets, which minimizes waste from period products. It’s also perfect for active peeps, such as the founder of this brand who loves to engage in surfing and other activities on the beach. So go ahead, get yourself a Bulan cup today!

  • What is a menstrual cup?
    Menstrual cups are eco-friendly solutions for your menstrual cycle. It is a cup created to replace disposable tampons and napkins. You insert the cup into your vagina, much like a tampon, allowing it to catch your blood in the body. Simply empty the cup every 6-8 hours, and you’re good to go.
  • Why is using a menstrual cup more ethical?
    A Bulan menstrual cup can last for up to 10 years, definitely more cost-efficient than buying pads monthly. It takes 500 to 800 years to decompose a menstrual pad, so even if you need to purchase 3 or 5 menstrual cups in your reproductive life span, that is still far less waste than you would have created with disposable products.
  • Are menstrual cups suitable for those with a heavy flow?
    Bulan cups come in a variety of sizes to fit each need. Bulan Cup 1 is made for teens, Bulan 2 is for those in their 20s to 30s, and Bulan Cup 3 is for those over 30. So light and heavy periods can be accommodated; you just have to pick the Bulan cup best fit you. Or, you may need to change your cup more frequently than the suggested 6-8 hour intervals.

Benefits of Bulan Cups

The local market has welcomed Bulan Cups, and it’s time for you to consider trying them out! A great benefit of switching over to Bulan Cups is that it’s much cheaper than disposable products. Simply switching to a Bulan Cup is a great step towards eco-friendliness.

If you’re wondering about why you should take the switch, here are some of the benefits. First, they’re reusable, which lessens your cost compared to buying monthly period products. Another benefit is that they’re good for the environment, as you’ll lessen the produced waste from menstrual products.

It’s also great for active women! Menstrual cups are designed to collect blood internally, so there’s less chances of having period leaks. So if you want to do some quick strolling in the park or attend your weekly yoga class, you can do it seamlessly with a Bulan cup.

Different Sizes of Bulan Cups

If you’re getting your own set of Bulan cups and unsure about your size, check out the products above and check the sizes per variation. Bulan Cups purposefully avoid size labels so that you do not dwell on having a “small” or “large” vagina. They cater to the natural progression and growth that womanhood entails. However, if you want some specific signs to check on what size to get, here are some factors to consider.

Choose a smaller menstrual cup if you’re new to their period product, haven’t given birth yet, and are below 30 years old. If you’ve given birth before, have heavier flow, and are above 30 years old, then consider getting larger sizes. But then again, we recommend checking the sizes of each menstrual cup before ordering.

Care & Maintenance

Simply wash the cup with mild soap and water before using the Bulan Cup for the first time. In between your cycle, sterilize it in preparation for the next one. Simply put it in a cup of boiling water for 3-5 mins, but make sure not to let the cup come in direct contact with the hot pot. Leave it in hot water until it cools down. Take out the period cup and dry it with a clean towel before storing it in its case or a clean pouch until the next use.

As for storage, make sure to keep the period product in a dry, cool, and secure place. Keep it away from children and/or pets.

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