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If you’re looking for innovative and high-tech sex toys, you can surely count on Lovense. This Singapore-based teledildonics sex toy manufacturer is known for its smart sex toys. Their product line has app-enabled features, and some can even be used together. Their sex toys can also work on interactive erotic games, even with VR! Learn more about their innovations and bestsellers below.

  • What is Lovense?
    Lovense is a sex toy company based in Singapore, specializing in teledildonics and high-tech sex toys. Their product line consists of app-enabled vibrators and masturbators.
  • What makes Lovense toys unique?
    Lovense is all about making groundbreaking innovations. Their sex toys are all app-enabled, making them perfect for long-distance couples. Some of the toys can also be connected to erotic games and videos.
  • What are the benefits of using Lovense toys?
    Their sex toys will work best for long-distance couples, as their product line consists of app-controlled devices. All you need to do is set up the toy on the Lovense Remote app, and you’re good to go.

History of Lovense

Lovense was first launched in 2010, releasing their first-ever “smart vibrator.” The launch was a success, but they knew that it was only the beginning of their game-changing innovation.

A year after, their development team continued to build more prototypes of app-controlled sex toys and even worked on building the first two-way interactive, teledildonic sex toys. Unfortunately, they didn’t think that the initial design and function were up to their standards, so they returned to the drawing board.

By 2013, they released Max and Nora, the first app-based sex tech toy in the industry. Over time, the company continually optimized both the software and the hardware and are now the leading brand for high-tech sex toys.

Benefits of Using Lovense Toys

What makes Lovense toys unique is that they’re all innovative and high-tech. These toys are a product of five years of tremendous research and development. They ensured that long-distance couples and cam performers could easily utilize the toys.

They’ve also given all of their efforts to keep the app secured, ensuring that nobody would interfere with your sexy time.

As for the sex toys, they all come with chic designs, hitting your pleasurable zones with ease. They also spent years coming up with unique features, such as a rotating head for a rabbit vibrator or oscillating vibration for a g-spot vibrator. So if you’re looking for versatile and advanced love toys, you can surely rely on this brand.

Care & Maintenance

Most Lovense toys are made with medical-grade silicone and are waterproof, so cleaning the devices is easy peasy. Just wash them up using a sex toy cleaner or lukewarm water and mild soap. After that, dry the excess water with a towel, and depending on the sex toy, you may need to air dry it a bit for a few minutes. You can then proceed with using or storing the device.

As for storage, unless you’re using the masturbator, you should keep the love toy inside a satin pouch. Don’t combine the Lovense toys with other sex toys to prevent cross-contamination. Keep it in a dry, cool, and secure spot. Don’t let children or pets have access to it. Read the toy’s manual for further details.

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