Long-distance relationships can be difficult to navigate. Lack of physical intimacy creates distance between couples— some even end the relationship for this reason. That said, there are ways to connect with your partner, even if they're on another side of the world.

You can try app-controlled sex toys, which allow you to control someone else's toy wherever they are. Using these devices may not be as amazing as physical sex, but it can help fulfill much-needed intimacy. If you're looking to get one, check out Lovense, the leading brand for teledildonics.


What is Lovense?

Lovense is a Singapore-based teledildonics manufacturer known for its app-controlled pleasure toys. Their sex toys can be paired with an app with innovative features, such as long-distance control, close-range control, music sync, sound-activated mode, alarm feature, and more. You can also pair their selected toys with interactive pornography and camming sites. Whether you're using smart sex toys for business or pleasure, you can count on this bestselling brand.

Lovense was first launched in 2010, releasing its first-ever smart vibrator. The launch was a success, but they knew it was only the beginning of their game-changing innovation.

A year after, their development team continued to build more prototypes of app-controlled sex toys and even worked on building the first two-way interactive, teledildonic sex toys. Unfortunately, they didn't think the initial design and function were up to their standards, so they returned to the drawing board.

By 2013, they released Max and Nora, the first app-based sex tech toy in the industry. Over time, the company continually optimized both the software and the hardware and are now the leading brand for high-tech sex toys. As of today, this brand continues to surprise sex toy enthusiasts with unique and innovative pleasure toys, ensuring that they're a few steps ahead of other toy manufacturers in terms of app-related features.

What is Lovense

Why You Should Try Lovense

What makes Lovense a standout compared to other sex toy brands is all of their products can be controlled through an app— they're the brand you can rely on when it comes to "smart sex toys." These devices are a product of five years of tremendous research and development, ensuring long-distance couples and cam performers could easily utilize the toys. They've also made all of their efforts to secure the app, ensuring that nobody would interfere with your sexy time. Still looking for reasons to try Lovense? See the brand highlights below.

As for the sex toys, they all come with chic designs, hitting your pleasurable zones with ease. They also spent years developing unique features, such as a rotating head for a rabbit vibrator or oscillating vibration for a g-spot vibrator. As for the materials, we assure you that they're building each unit with premium-grade materials, such as medical-grade silicone. The vibrator motors are all high-powered, hitting those sensitive spots with ease and precision. Still looking for reasons to try Lovense? See the brand highlights below.

Lovense is also known for no-nonsense features. Each feature included in their app is developed with functionality in mind. They don't want to bombard their customers with different features that don't elevate their sexperience. Still looking for reasons to try Lovense? See the brand highlights below.

Still looking for reasons to try Lovense? See the brand highlights below.

Lovense leading brand for app controlled toys

Leading Brand for App-controlled Toys

Lovense has been in the teledildonics market since 2010, making them one of the pioneers in the industry. With years of experience in sex toy manufacturing under their belt, you can guarantee that all their pleasure devices are made with utmost precision and passion. Innovation is also at the core of this brand. For instance, they recently launched Gemini, the world's first app-controlled vibrating nipple clamps.

Lovesne versatile toys at accessible prices

Versatile Toys at Accessible Prices

Lovense offers a wide collection of app-controlled toys, including vibrators, cock rings, masturbators, anal plugs, and nipple toys.

Whatever your preferences are, there is a pleasure device that could meet your sultry demands. Their product line also comes with a reasonable and accessible price range compared to other brands.

Lovense caters to Webcam

Caters to Webcam Models

If you're a webcam model, this brand has got your back. Lovense offers Stream Master, a software that easily integrates Lovense toys into your livestreams. Connect multiple toys, provide private shows, set special commands, give live control, and more. They also recently released the Lovense Webcam, the first tip-activated 4K camera.

Lovense represents divers Communities

Represents Diverse Communities

Lovense strives to cater to customers of diverse backgrounds through its campaigns and promotions, plus partnering with different organizations to build an inclusive community. They're also committed to bringing more diversity to their workplaces, creating a safe space for their team to deliver exceptional results.

Lovense trusted by 5 million users Worldwide

Trusted by 5+ Million Users Worldwide

With their innovative toys, interactive app and software, and diversity efforts, it's no surprise that Lovense is one of the key players in the sex toy industry. This brand is trusted with 5+ million customers, using these smart toys to connect with their partners, generate income through camming, and reignite the sexual spark within themselves.

Lovense Bestsellers

Need help with what to get from the brand? It depends on your preference, but we've listed the bestsellers below to help you decide.

The Lovense Lush Gen 3 App-Controlled Vibrator is packed with deep vibrations– four times more than your regular egg vibrators. You can pair it with the Lovense app, giving you access to numerous features such as music sync mode, sound-activated vibrations, custom vibes, and more.

Another bestseller is the Lovense Max 2 App-Controlled Masturbator. You'll love its powerful vibrations and 360-degree contractions. The inner sleeve is also stretchy to accommodate most sizes. But what makes it a standout is you can play it in sync with Lovense Nora— perfect for long-distance couples!

Lovense Nora App-Controlled Rotating Rabbit Vibrator is also another bestseller from the brand. It's made with body-friendly silicone and ABS and has a curvy shaft, rotating head, and deep vibrations. You can connect this product to the Lovense App and, as mentioned earlier, have in-sync play with Lovense Max 2.

Awards & Other Achievements

With their continuous innovation in the sexual wellness space, Lovense has been recognized with numerous awards.

The awards include the XBIZ Awards (International Pleasure Product Company of the Year 2022), YNOT Awards (Technical Leadership Award 2019), XBIZ Europa Awards (Progressive Pleasure Products Company of the Year 2018), and AltPorn Awards (Best Technology Innovation for Lovense Cam App - 2016). They've also received honorable nominations from Live Cam, AVN, and O' Awards.

These awards feature Lush, a wearable egg vibrator; Osci, which comes with oscillating vibration; Domi, which comes with a sleek design plus deep vibrations; and Nora, which features a curved shaft and rotating head. They can all be paired with the Lovense App, also featured on these awards for its uniqueness and superb functionality.

This brand has also been featured in numerous publications such as Vogue, Mirror, Insider, Metro, New York Post, Glamour, Newsweek, GQ, The Sun, CNET, and others.

Discover the Possibilities

You don't have to resort to kinky or unconventional sexual plays to explore your sensual self. Trying innovative toys can be a great starting step, such as getting a pleasure device from Lovense. With their beginner-friendly app, ergonomically designed toys, and a company that truly cares for its diverse community, you can count on this brand for your sexplorations.

Getting a Lovense sex toy? Order now at Lauvette, the premier sexual wellness provider in the Philippines. We offer a one-year warranty on all products, plus our customer service is always online to support you as you use these innovative toys. Happy shopping!

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