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About Lovense

Lovense is a revolutionary and market-leading sex tech company, continuously innovating to provide the best smart sex toys for individuals, long-distance couples, and camming entertainers.

It was founded in 2010, as its founder is going through a difficult time regarding his long-distance relationship. As the lack of sexual intimacy brought turmoil to their relationship, the founder started taking an interest in teledildonics and app-controlled sex toys. He started the company and has continuously worked for five years to design and build the most innovative smart sex toys in the market.

What separates Lovense from other premium sex toy brands is that their products provide long-distance interactivity and programmable vibration strength. They are also paving the way for remote sex as they launched toys that can be in-sync with each other, specifically the Nora Rabbit Vibrator and Max Masturbator.

Another key feature of Lovense devices is that they’re not just programmed for individuals or long-distance couples. Their sex toys also cater to adult cam entertainers, ensuring that they can securely provide service to their clientele.

With these key features, you can surely count on Lovense to meet your sultry demands. Learn further details about their brand below.

History of Lovense

The Lovense journey started in 2009. The company’s founder was going through a difficult time with his long-distance partner due to the lack of sexual intimacy. Because of that, he started taking an interest in app-controlled sex toys and teledildonics.

The following year, the company was launched and showcased its first product, the Remote Pleasure. It was a remote-controlled vibrator that can use Skype for controls. By 2011 and 2012, the first two-way interactive, teledildonic sex toys were developed. However, it took another year to release the said toys– the Nora Rabbit Vibrator and Max Masturbator.

In mid-2015, they launched Lush, a remote-controlled bullet vibrator that can be controlled via an app. By 2017, Lovense continued to expand its product line, launching four new products that year: Ambi (bullet vibrator), Edge (prostate massager), Domi (mini wand), and Osci (oscillating G-Spot toy).

They continued optimizing and improving their existing products, releasing second and third versions of their love toys such as Lush 2, Lush 3, and Max 2. They’ve also launched the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter, making people connect their love toys through PC in just a few easy steps.


With their programmable vibrations and long-distance interactivity, it’s no surprise that most of their love toys are bestsellers. Here are some of the clear favorites from their clientele.

First up is the Osci 2, the world’s first oscillating G-Spot vibrator. Unlike the other G-Spot vibes with rotating or thrusting heads, this exquisite love toy has an oscillating tip. The vibrations go in and out, teasing your G-Spot with a unique and powerful form of stimulation.

Next is the Lush 2, the vibrator that escalated the Lovense brand. It’s a wearable vibrator featuring powerful vibrations (4x more than the regular love egg), long-distance control, and impressive battery life. Because of its features, this has become an instant fave not just to long-distance couples, but on adult camming entertainers too. As of now, they are launching Lush 3, the improved version of their bestseller.

Other bestsellers are Max/Max 2 Masturbator and Nora Rabbit Vibrator. All of these toys have long-distance control features and can even be used in sync with each other.

Quality & Material

All Lovense products are made from body-safe materials. None of their love toys contain phthalates, jelly rubber, polyvinyl chloride, and other harmful chemicals. Their sex toys are mainly made of pure silicone, ABS, and multiple-sensation TPE. They also rigorously test each product during its manufacturing process, pushing safety and ease of use as their top priority.

In terms of their app security and data protection, their development team only collects necessary information on the app to facilitate customer support and enhance user experience. This may include app login events, Bluetooth connections and disconnections, and the operating system version of the device running the apps. Everything else is secured and for your eyes only.

They also have a dedicated group of whitehat hackers on the platform who test our systems’ security. Any security flaws identified are addressed by their development team.

And because of their initiatives to further bolster their products and systems’ security, numerous organizations are awarded their love toys, such as the YNOT Awards, XBIZ Europa Awards, and GLAMOUR Magazine.

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