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What Are Fleshlights?

If you want the tight sucking sensation of a vagina or an anus, fleshlights are great masturbation device that are easy to use and can be carried around during your travels. Fleshlight may look seemingly innocent. And from its namesake itself, it looks just like a flashlight. But instead of having a small bulb inside, a fleshlight has a skin textured sheath, which you can stick your penis into and pound away as much as you desire.

Brief History Of Fleshlights

Fleshlight was actually created in 1995 by a guy who was just trying to relieve himself out of sexual frustration because his wife was having a high-risk pregnancy. The idea was to have sort of a plastic pussy. Only two years after the product’s development stage, it was already being sold in the market. The designs were constantly being upgraded, with the texture and the mold of the sleeve being more creative through the years.

How To Have Fun With A Fleshlight?

There’s plenty of ways for you to make the most out of your fleshlight. It’s always recommended to make use of lube for better penetration. You can lie on your back and move the fleshlight up and down on your penis. Tease yourself first by running the sheath of the fleshlight on the tip of your penis. Or you can try the shoe method. All you need to do is stick your fleshlight into a shoe, with the sheath facing you. Place it on a flat surface and penetrate as you usually would.
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