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One of the common misconceptions is that sex toys only cater to vulva-having folks. That's not the case, though, as there has been continuous innovation for male sex toys, including the Fleshlight, a tumbler-like sex toy with a soft and supple inner sleeve inside. It comes with a realistic vulva, anus, or mouth opening. When using the fleshlight, all you need to do is insert your lubed-up erection into the tight opening of the fleshlight, move it in and out of your penis, and enjoy the sensations!


What is a Fleshlight?

A fleshlight is a sex toy for men that provides sensations similar to anal, vaginal, and oral sex. It looks like a chunky flashlight or tumbler, but once you've removed the cap, you'll be greeted with a sensual vulva, anal, or mouth opening. All you need to do is apply water-based lube to your penis and inside the hole, then insert your penis in. You'll find yourself moaning in immense pleasure as the fleshlight's inner sleeve is filled with nubs and ridges that stimulate your shaft and tip.

What makes a fleshlight better than other sex toys for men is that it's compact, conveniently packaged, and is specially designed for male pleasure. As mentioned earlier, a fleshlight is the same size as a heavy-duty flashlight or tumbler. You also don't have to worry about bringing this to the airport or storing it in your room; as long as they're not going to open the cap, your sexy secret is safe. Not only that, it's specially designed for penises; each nub and swirl in the inner sleeve pleases your pleasure points. Some fleshlights enhance your stamina, making you last longer in bed.

As for the downsides, if you like using smaller masturbators or open-ended strokers, you might find a fleshlight bigger. Some fleshlights are also made with Cyberskin, which provides a more realistic feel for the toy's inner sleeve. However, it requires extra care to keep the supple texture of the inner sleeve. Overall, you're going to love this sex toy, so go ahead and pick one from our diverse selection above. It's 100% worth it!

What is a Dildo

Different Types of Fleshlight

Fleshlights are usually structured the same way; they have a soft inner sleeve and hard case that stores the sleeve in. However, they can be differentiated through the opening and the sensations they're mimicking. Vaginal fleshlights are usually accompanied by an inner sleeve that mimics the feeling of vaginal intercourse. Anal fleshlights have an anus-like opening and pleasure nubs that remind you of your favorite bottom. There are also oral fleshlights in which the inner sleeve mimics the back of the throat. As for fantasy-modeled fleshlights, they can be modeled after an erotic film star or designed as "alien-like."

If you're new to fleshlights and unsure of what type of fleshlight to get, you should consider the following factors. First is your preferred appearance and stimulation. If you enjoy vaginal sex, go for a vulva fleshlight. This ensures that you'll enjoy the toy and prevents you from getting overwhelmed with the new sensations. Once you're used to playing the fleshlight, you can then explore with different other fleshlight types.

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Vaginal Fleshlights

A vaginal fleshlight has a vulva-like opening and a vaginal-like inner sleeve. It's designed to emulate vaginal intercourse and is considered the most sought fleshlight type. There's an inclusive line of fleshlights available in the shop, so if you're looking for a specific type of vulva, we've got a fleshlight that'll fit your desires. There are also fleshlights modeled after famous adult stars.

Vibrating Dildos

Anal Fleshlights

Anal fleshlights, as the name implies, are fleshlights that have an anus-like opening and provide sensations similar to anal sex. This is perfect for tops who just want to satisfy their needs or men who've never tried anal sex and are curious about it. We have a wide selection of anal toys in the shop, so there's one for everyone. We've got anal fleshlights modeled from famous adult stars.

Glass Dildos

Oral Fleshlights

Do you enjoy receiving blowjobs more than other sexual activity? We see you, bud! Oral fleshlights are modeled from mouths and are designed to mimic oral sex. It's not as popular as other types but still provides immense pleasure for those who've preferred this type. We also offer a variety of oral fleshlights on the shop, so just scroll up to see our selections, pick out one, and have solo oral fun!

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Neutral Fleshlights

Neutral fleshlights have a neutral opening; it's just a sleek surface with a tiny hole in the center. This design usually comes with fleshlights designed for stamina training, while some brands only prefer a neutral design for aesthetic or inclusivity purposes. But don't worry, as the design doesn't affect the nubs and ridges in the sleeve. If you want to have this type of fleshlight, don't worry as we have it in the shop.

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Fantasy-Modeled Fleshlight

If you want something out of the box, look no further, as this type of fleshlight will surprise you. Fantasy-modeled fleshlights range from fleshlights modeled from adult starts up to fleshlights that have an "alien-like" vulva. It caters to niche fantasies but works like any regular fleshlight; there may only be some subtle changes in the inner sleeve while the appearance is completely changed.

How to Use a Fleshlight?

Got yourself a fleshlight? Here's how you would use it. First, you'll need to get yourself in the mood; immerse yourself in visual or audio cues. It's also important to remove any distractions before the deed, so set your phone to airplane mode and turn off your computer. After that, apply a generous amount of lubricant inside the sleeve; we recommend getting a warming lube for better and more realistic sensations. Once you've got the lube on, get into a comfortable position, insert your erect penis inside the tight hole, then move the sex toy in and out of your penis. The nubs and ridges will rub against your shaft, sending pleasurable sensations in your body. Keep on doing it until you reach orgasm.

If you want to get into multiple rounds but want an easier cleanup, we recommend using a condom. Fleshlights are also waterproof, so you can play while in the shower or chilling in the bathtub. Some fleshlights also have mounts that let you play with this toy in different positions.

How to Clean a Fleshlight?

Cleaning a fleshlight is pretty simple. First, you'll need to gently remove the inner sleeve; please check the manual if your fleshlight has a removable sleeve. Wash the sleeve with water and soap or with water only; this step depends on the material of the inner sleeve. If it's made with Cyberskin, it's suggested to not use soap when cleaning this fleshlight. If it's made with other materials such as silicone, using soap is okay; you can also use a sex toy cleaner.

As for the casing, you can wash it with soap and water or simply wipe it with a damp cloth. Ensure the inner sleeve is 100% dry before placing it back in the case again.

When it comes to storage, you wouldn't have any challenges with a fleshlight as the casing also serves its storage case--- close the cap, and you're good to go. There is no need to put the fleshlight in its box; just store it in a dry, cool, and secure spot such as your closet. Don't put this anywhere that can be hit with direct sunlight. Keep it away from children or pets' reach

History of Fleshlight

Fleshlight was invented in 1995 in Los Angeles by Steve Shubin, a former cop. He developed the product out of his sexual needs, as his wife is expecting twins during this period. As she was 40 years old, it was considered high-risk, which means sex was off the table.

He then asked his wife if he could use a sex toy to please himself. She agreed to it, as long as he's not going to use a blow-up doll. As Steve wasn't satisfied with the male toys he had been checking, he decided to create his own sex toy. This has led to the invention of fleshlight, which is now one of the most popular sex toys.

The Fleshlight was created
by an ex-cop who wanted to temporarily satisfy his
sexual urges while his wife was pregnant.
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