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What Are Lubricants?

Men and women may produce their own lubrication during sex, but sometimes it’s just not enough. To avoid pain during penetration, you may want to lather up on some of your trusty lube. A lubricant is typically a liquid or gel that you can use on your sensitive areas to protect you from irritation. It’s a godsend for girls who feel vaginal dryness. You can trust it to make anal sex a much pleasurable experience. It’s highly recommended you use lube especially during your first time to ease you into it.

History of lubricants

Greece is a forerunner for most things that it’s not surprising to know that they have one of the earliest written history of lube. They used oil back then. In Asia, the Chinese culture used vegetable oil to lube up their condoms made from animal intestines (pretty gross!). Japan, on the other hand, made use of slick lube made from yams. Our ancestors were pretty creative no doubt. It was only during the 1800s when silicone-based lubes and synthetic rubber became a thing. Come 2000s and a plethora of lubricants, ranging from different flavors to cooling lubes, became available.

How to choose the right lubricant for you?

Lubricants are usually water-based, silicone-based and oil-based. To find the lube for you, you have to consider your comfort and safety. Water-based lubes may come with a slightly sweet taste and are safe to use with condoms but dries out quickly and often sticky. Silicone-based lubes are long lasting and works great for women with vaginal dryness and genital pain, but they are often expensive and have to be washed off with soap and water when applied too much. Natural oil-based lubes are perfect for sensual massages but may destroy latex condoms while synthetic oil-based lubes may be low cost and great for masturbation but may stain fabric.
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