Je Joue

Rumbly vibrators? Je Joue has got you covered. Translated as “I’m playing” in French, this London-based luxury sex toy company is known to be offering premium vibrators for men and women. They’re known to be one of the few brands that offer rumbly vibrators, which means that their vibrators are low-noise and can deeply penetrate your erogenous zones. With Je Joue, your pleasure isn’t just skin deep.

  • What is Je Joue?
    Je Joue means “I’m playing” in French. It’s a London-based luxury sex toy company that offers high-end sex toys, such as mini vibrators, g-spot vibrators, cock rings, etc.
  • What makes Je Joue toys unique?
    The number one benefit that you could get from a Je Joue sex toy is that their vibrators have low-frequency vibrations. This means the vibrations are whisper-quiet, deep, and highly pleasurable.
  • How to clean Je Joue toys?
    They don’t have any special steps for cleaning Je Joue toys. You can use any sex toy cleaner or lukewarm water and mild soap. Dry the excess water or cleaner with a towel.

History of Je Joue

Je Joue started way back in 2008, wherein they released their first pleasure toy called SaSi. Featured in multiple magazines and received multiple awards, such as the 2009 AVN’ O’ award for Outstanding Innovation, this rechargeable vibrator offers a unique combination of deep vibrations and tongue-like motions that mimic oral sex.

After the success of their first toy, they then added G-Ki, which is an adjustable and gender-neutral vibrator. This vibrator can work on both vaginal and anal play and is easily adjustable, thanks to its firm yet flexible design.

They then continued bringing top-tier sexual wellness products into the market, and they eventually produced vibrators with rumbly vibrations. Their customer base also grew tremendously until recent years, especially now that self-pleasure is celebrated as a self-care activity.

Benefits of Using Je Joue Toys

What makes Je Joue sex toys stand out from other brands is their rumbly vibrators, which means the toy has low-frequency vibrations. These vibrations can only be achieved through high-end motors and intricate craftsmanship.

A rumbly vibrator comes with tons of benefits. First, the vibration goes through the skin and into your internal nerves. When you use a regular vibrating toy, the vibrations are usually focused on the area that you’re rubbing in. But with a Je Joue toy, you can expect the vibrations to get through inside your sensitive nerves and in the surrounding area. For instance, if you’re pressing a Je Joue vibrator in your clitoris, your vaginal lips, u-spot, and even pubic mound will feel the enthralling sensations.

Their toys also come in minimal designs – no fluff, just pure and enriching pleasure.

Care & Maintenance

Je Joue toys usually follow the standard process of cleaning, in which you either use a sex toy cleaner or water and mild soap. Check the device if it’s waterproof before submerging it in water. If the label says splashproof, you can still clean it with water, but you can only run the faucet into it, not submerge it.

Once you’re finished washing the toy, wipe the excess water with a cotton towel. You can also let it air dry for a few minutes. After that, you can either play with the device or store it in a satin or velvet pouch, minimizing the toy’s exposure to dust and dirt.

Make sure to clean the toys before and after using them. Don’t also try putting this toy in direct sunlight. Keep the toys contained in a separate pouch to avoid cross-contamination.

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