Shaving & Epilation


Shaving & Epilation

There are a ton of ways to keep your body hair-free if that’s how you like to maintain yourself. Shaving and epilation are pretty common ways to do it at home. Simple tools and products can make going hair-free quick and painless. Discover which hair removal technique is best for you by knowing your pain tolerance and how frequently you want to be maintaining your body’s hair growth.

  • What is shaving and epilation?
    Shaving and epilation are both hair removal techniques that pull unwanted hair by the roots. Epilators do not use water or liquids, instead, it plucks hair away as you move the epilator device over your body. There are shaving and epilation kits available in the Lauvette store.
  • What age is best to start hair removal techniques?
    Most hair removal techniques can be done at any age, but Brazilian waxes are only done on individuals that are aged 18 and above. If you are going to use any hair removal products, make sure to do a test patch before applying it to your whole body.
  • How do I avoid ingrown hairs?
    Ingrown hairs can be avoided by exfoliating before and after hair removal sessions. This prevents dead skin cells from preventing the proper removal of existing hair, and dead skin cells from blocking the new growth.

History of Hair Removal

Hair removal dates back to 1900 B.C. Honey is speculated to be the first hair removal agent. Sugaring was the hair removal practice of choice in places like the Middle East, Turkey, Iran, and Persia.

While leg hair removal has gained popularity in recent times, it wasn’t common practice until the last hundred years or so. Sugaring is still considered one of the best methods for hair removal and is the safest, least painful, and most effective.

Benefits of Shaving and Epilation

Epilation is essentially plucking out your body hair en masse and may cause discomfort and pain, but the benefits of epilation may make it all worth it for you, though.

A benefit of epilation is that you may get smoother skin, and it may last longer than most other hair removal methods. The effects of epilation may last up to 4 weeks compared to that of shaving that you may need to do as frequently as once a week. This is because it takes longer for hair to regrow when it’s pulled out from the roots. Epilation is also great at pulling out shorter hairs that cannot be removed through waxing.

Hair Removal Care and Maintenance

Always exfoliate well before and after any hair removal practice. It prevents ingrown hairs and keeps your skin smooth and healthy between sessions.

Gentle exfoliators like salt scrubs, sugar scrubs, or even a gentle oatmeal scrub can slough away the dead skin that may cause problems with body hair growth.

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