One of the classic toys offered in the market, vibrators, is most likely the easiest vibes to use. They have simple and few operations—usually just an on and off button. Their small size earned them the nickname “vibes.” However, more creative shapes and designs of vibrators have come on the market. PMV20 is a brand that offers good quality vibrators for stimulated pleasure.

  • Are rabbit vibrators preferable over wand vibrators?
    It all depends on where you like being stimulated. If you’re into concentrating vibrations on one location at a time, then wand vibrators may give you more bang for your buck. Still, if you like simultaneous g-spot and clitoral vibrations, rabbit vibrators are definitely worth looking into.
  • Why is PMV20 the brand for me?
    PMV20 mixes fun with pleasure. If you’re willing to take the most powerful vibrations you’ll experience, you’ll truly enjoy PMV20 products.
  • Can I use vibrators with my partner?
    Of course, you can! Just make sure your partner is open to the idea, too. Some people may feel that your desire to incorporate sex toys into your bedroom implies that they’re sexually lacking. This is totally untrue! Wanting to play with sex toys with your partner introduces another level of intimacy and comfort into your relationship!

Why You Should Get a PMV20 Vibrator

Vibrators come with benefits and features that are not typical of the other sex toys.

For starters, PMV20 vibrators are easy to store and usually come with discreet designs. Aside from discreteness, vibes can provide pinpointed and targeted stimulation. Let’s say you want strong vibrations on your clitoris or nipples; vibes can solely stimulate the spot, with also bigger vibes with broad vibrations. Another great thing about vibrators is their versatility. Whether you’re going for solo or couple plays, you can easily incorporate this sex toy in the deed. You can also use this to stimulate your vulva or vagina, as well as your other erogenous zones. It’s also beneficial for women who are new to vibrators since it has a handy size and fuss-free operations.

How to Use a PMV20 Vibrator

Before using the Vibrator, charge it first. To do this, connect the cable to the toy then plug it in a wall charger or on your laptop.

While doing this, you can start warming your body up– watch erotic films, have a warm bath, or have a sexting sesh with your boo. Once the toy and your body are all charged up, unplug the toy. Turn it on by pressing the power button on the bottom part of the toy. Once you feel the vibrations kicking in, you can start rubbing the tip on your erogenous zones. If you’re ready to insert it in your vagina, put some water-based lube first. This makes the insertion smoother and more comfortable on your end. Make sure it’s curved upwards. It’s also up to you if you want to insert the toy while it’s on or off. To change modes, just click the top button. To turn it off, press the power button for a few seconds. Clean it up as soon as you’re done. To lock your love toy, press the top and middle buttons simultaneously until it vibrates quickly twice in a row. Keep those two buttons pressed down again to deactivate the travel lock or to unlock your love toy.

Care & Maintenance

If you want to lengthen the lifespan of your PMV20 vibrator, you’ll only need to do two things.

First, you need to use the right lubricant, and second is to clean and store the toy properly. To find the right type of lube for your vibrator, it’s best to look into its main material. If the toy is made with silicone, using a water-based lube is your best option. Silicone-based lubricants are big nope as they can deteriorate the surface of the sex toy. You can also use natural-based types, such as aloe-based lubes. As for the cleaning process, it’s pretty simple. If the toy is splashproof or non-waterproof, you can only clean the toy by wiping it with a towel; start with a soapy towel and then a damp towel. As for waterproof toys, you can clean them by washing them in running water. If you want to submerge your PMV20 vibrator, make sure that the toy’s waterproof IP rating is IPX7. Store it in a satin pouch once the toy’s all dried up.

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