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Bullet Vibrators

Bullet Vibrators

What Are Bullet Vibrators?

One of the original vibrators that was offered in the market, bullet vibrators are most likely the easiest vibes to use. They have simple and few operations—usually just an on and off button—and mostly powered by 2 AA batteries. The small size of bullet vibe earned them the nickname “mini vibes”. They measure around 3-5 inches and resemble the shape of a bullet—slim, long, and mini.

Why You Should Get Bullet Vibrators?

Bullet vibes are great travel companions because of its small size. You can easily keep them inside your purse or luggage and carry them anywhere with you. They’re also more discreet in a way that they do not resemble a phallic shape. Beginners are going to love this vibe for its simple and straight-forward operations. They work great as solo toys but can also improve the effectiveness of other sex toys.

How to Have Fun With Bullet Vibrators?

Bullet Vibes can be used for solo masturbation. Just make sure you have enough lubrication. Spread a good amount of lube on the toy itself and on your private parts to avoid pulling and tugging of skin. Run it all over your sweet spots such as your clit and nipples. Thrust it inside your vagina to hit your G-spot. The Bullet Vibe can also be used by couples. You can insert it in your vagina while you’re being taken from your backdoor to experience double stimulation.
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