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Best Sex Toys for Beginners Women

Best Sex Toys for Beginners

New to the world of sex toys? Been browsing for hours now and still unsure of what to get? We got you covered. This page features the best sex toys for beginners. It ranges from mini vibrators to sleek dildos. What’s great about these love toys is that they’re newbie-friendly, charming, and budget-friendly!

As for our loyal shoppers who want to move on to advanced toys, you can simply go and try out the sex toys in other categories. The learning curve varies per person, so it’s up to you to level up into advanced sex toys. Now, not all sex toys for beginners have advanced variants, so you don’t need to upgrade every single beginner toy that you’ve bought here in our shop.

What we suggest is getting an adult toy that works with your preferred pleasure style. Once you’re used to beginner toys, start collecting toys that will improve the sensations and go along with your preferences. Think about how you usually pleasure yourself in bed. Now, find the right set of toys for that and have buzztastic fun!

How to Find the Right Beginner Toy for You

If you want to get a sex toy that will certainly match your needs, we highly suggest taking the time to touch your erogenous zones. Don’t rush it– just stimulate those spots and see which areas generate the most pleasure. Is it your clitoris? Nipples? Vagina? Anus? Jot it down and make it your main basis when looking for an adult toy. By exploring your own body, you’ll be able to figure out your preferred stimulation, making your love toy shopping a much easier experience.

Once you’ve figured out your preferred spots, you can then start searching for the best sex toys for beginners that suit that preference. For example, if you like rubbing or pressing your clit, go for clitoral vibrators or clit suckers. After finding the right beginner sex toy for you, you will then filter out your option based on your budget’s overall design, features, and budget. Don’t forget to get a water-based lubricant and a sex toy cleaner as you add your first-ever sex toys in the cart; they’ll make your solo plays so much better!

Bestselling Sex Toys for Beginners

Lauvette offers the biggest collection of sex toys for beginners. Whatever your preferred stimulation or budget is, we got a love toy just for that. We have many toys on the list for the bestsellers above, but for this section, we’ll just share our top 3 picks.

Topping up the list is the Lollipop Mini Vibrator. What’s great about this beginner vibe is its ergonomic design; it features an upward bent neck allowing you to easily and properly stimulate your G-spot and clitoris. It also has a single vibration, which is perfect for those that are vibrator-newbies.

Next is the Charlotte Sucker. If you’re someone that likes receiving oral sex, you’ll love this one. It has a beautiful and vibrant color that’s aesthetically pleasing and comes with powerful suction technology that can turn your legs into jelly.

Third on the list is the Kiss Me Lipstick Vibrator. This is for someone that wants a discreet vibe as it features a realistic lippie design. It also has 10 vibration modes, ensuring to hit your sweet spots with every use.

Care & Maintenance

When using the best sex toys for beginners, it’s essential to know your toys’ material. If your beginner vibrator is made with pure silicone, it’s advisable to go for a water-based lube and not silicone-based lube.

As for the cleaning process, you can use warm water and mild soap or a sex toy cleaner. Don’t forget to check if the toy is splashproof or waterproof; if the toy is waterproof, you can lightly submerge the toy in water or wash it in running water. As for the splashproof toys, you can still try washing them with water but be very cautious– never let the water reach the battery compartment, charging port, and buttons. For a safer approach, you can try wiping the love toy with a damp towel (mixed with soap or with sex toy cleaner) instead.

Once you’re done cleaning and drying your beginner toys, store them inside a satin pouch. After that, put them inside your closet, your makeup bag, or anywhere that’s dry, cool, and secure.

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