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About Womanizer

The Womanizer is an international love toy brand that aims to celebrate self-love and fight all prejudices regarding sexuality.

They are one of the top brands from the WOW Tech Group, the premier provider of sexual health and wellness products in the world. With headquarters in Berlin, Ottawa, and Hong Kong, their love toys are now available in over 60 countries. They also have one hundred thirty passionate and creative team members across the globe.

The brand has been known for its top-notch clitoral suckers, all powered with Pleasure Air™ Technology. This enables their toys to provide pleasurable suction sensations to a woman’s clitoris without direct contact.

Along with the Pleasure Air™ Technology, they constantly work on new features to ensure that their clientele leads a sexually-fulfilled life. This continuous innovation has led to the invention of Autopilot ™ Technology and Smart Silence ™ Technology. The first tech enables the user to experience varying vibration and suction modes without controlling the buttons. As for the Smart Silence, this feature makes the toy work only through skin contact— perfect for those who want to keep it lowkey!

Check their premium clitorial suckers above and celebrate self-love through solo plays.

History of Womanizer

Womanizer started when Michael Lenke, an inventor retiree living in a southern Bavarian village in the Allgau, discovered that women are less sexually satisfied than men.

After reading the statistics, he went straight to his hobby cellar, took an aquarium pump and plastic hose, then started working on a love toy that could help women reach their blissful Os. After creating a prototype consisting of a modified aquarium pump and a plastic hose, he asked his wife, Brigitte Lenke, to collaborate with him on this project and test out the initial prototype. His wife didn’t like the first prototype as the suctions are too strong for her liking.

This has led to two years of continuous designing, testing, and revamping. Michael Lenke wanted to ensure that the toy is comfortable enough and can bring those intense female orgasms with ease. By 2018, his company, Womanizer Group Management GmbH, collaborated with the Standard Innovation® Corporation, and launched the Womanizer toys in the market. It became a massive success as the Womanizer clitoral suckers became women’s pleasure staple.


With Womanizer’s Pleasure Air ™ Technology and sophisticated design, it’s no surprise that it has become one of the bestselling sex toy brands in the world.

As for the bestsellers, topping off the list is the Womanizer Premium. It features 12 clit suction intensities, ensuring that there’s a mode that fits your desires. It also comes with Smart Silence Technology, enabling your love toy to only work upon skin contact. Next on the list is the Womanizer DUO. It’s a vibrator and clitoral sucker in one, making you reach blended orgasms with ease. It comes in an ergonomic and classy design and has 10 vibration modes and 12 clit-suction intensities.

Another bestseller is Womanizer Liberty. It’s designed for women who are always on the go, having a compact size and a sleek protective cover. It also comes with 6 pulsating clitoral suction modes. Then there’s the Womanizer Classic. It comes in a stunning aubergine casing and 8 toe-curling clitoral suction modes. If you’re new to the world of clitoral suckers, we suggest going for this one.

Quality & Material

All Womanizer love toys are made with body-safe ABS and hypoallergenic medical silicone. This ensures your safety with every use. Most of the clitoral suckers are also IPX7 Waterproof; the toy can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. This means you can use their toys in the shower and bathtub; cleaning them is also easy-peasy. Not only that, but most Womanizer devices also come with an extra stimulator head, ensuring it provides an optimal fit to your clitoris.

All of their sex toys also include Pleasure Air™ Technology, Autopilot ™ Technology (with a few exceptions), and Smart Silence ™ Technology (with a few exceptions), ensuring that you’re reaching your Os with pure satisfaction. All of the mentioned features are rigorously tested.

Because of their premium quality and classy design, their brand has received several awards, such as the ‘Outstanding Product For Women’ at the 7th annual ‘O Awards’ in 2016. The brand has also been featured in numerous online publications such as the Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Mashable, Cnet, and Bustle.

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