For many years, people assumed that the vagina is the pleasure center of the female body, with countless resources sharing that the vaginal "organ" known as the g-spot can unlock intense orgasms. Later, sexual wellness experts revealed that the pleasure center isn't the g-spot— it's the clitoris.

After this discovery, companies started innovating for clitoral toys to compete with the classics, such as the magic wand massager and mini vibrator. One company emerged, releasing a device that changed the sex toy industry forever. Meet Womanizer.

Womanizer for Women

What is Womanizer?

Womanizer is an international love toy brand that aims to celebrate self-love and fight all prejudices regarding sexuality. They are one of the brands from the WOW Tech Group, the premier provider of sexual health and wellness products in the world. With headquarters in Berlin, Ottawa, and Hong Kong, their love toys are now available in over 60 countries.

The company started when Michael Lenke, an inventor retiree living in a southern Bavarian village in the Allgau, discovered that women are less sexually satisfied than men.

After reading the statistics, he went straight to his hobby cellar, took an aquarium pump and plastic hose, and started working on a love toy to help women reach their blissful Os. After creating a prototype of a modified aquarium pump and a plastic hose, he asked his wife, Brigitte Lenke, to collaborate with him on this project and test the initial prototype. His wife didn't like the first prototype as the suctions were too strong for her liking.

This has led to two years of continuous designing, testing, and revamping. Michael Lenke wanted to ensure that the toy was comfortable enough and could bring those intense female orgasms with ease. By 2018, his company, Womanizer Group Management GmbH, collaborated with the Standard Innovation® Corporation and launched the Womanizer toys in the market. It became a massive success as the clit sucker became a woman's pleasure staple.

What is a Womanizer

Why You Should Try Womanizer

Womanizer is known for their top-notch clitoral suckers, all powered with Pleasure Air™ Technology. This enables their toys to provide pleasurable suction sensations to a woman's clitoris without direct contact.

Along with the Pleasure Air™ Technology, they constantly work on new features to ensure their clientele leads a sexually-fulfilled life. It has led to the invention of Autopilot™ Technology, allowing users to enjoy the sensations without spending time trying to push the buttons. They'll only need to choose a mode, then let the pleasure device take the reins. They also have Smart Silence™ Technology, wherein their toys can only work when skin contact is involved— perfect for those who want to keep it discreet.

All Womanizer love toys are made with body-safe ABS and medical-grade silicone. Most clitoral suckers are IPX7 Waterproof; they can be submerged up to 1 meter in water for 30 minutes. Trust us; you'll get your money's worth with this brand. For more information about this company, check the brand highlights below.

Womanizer the Company behind the Clit Sucker

The Company Behind the Clit Sucker

Womanizer is the company that started the clit sucker craze. They are the pioneers, making them the best of the best for clit suckers. Their suction toys come with the patented Pleasure Air™ Technology, stimulating the c-spot without direct contact. It prevents overstimulation and discomfort for the users.

Womanizer at reasonable Price

Reasonable Prices

Excellence comes with a price. When you order a sex toy from Womanizer, you're getting a pleasure device that has been a product of countless developments and tests. Every unit is crafted with precision and passion like no other, matching their world-class and award-winning standards.

Womanizer launched the worlds first biode

Launched the World's First Biodegradable Sex Toy

Womanizer believes that pleasing your body shouldn't be at the expense of the environment. As part of their commitment to sustainability, Womanizer launched the first eco-friendly clit sucker, the Premium Eco. It's made with biolene, a biodegradable alternative to plastic. You'll enjoy the same features but with fewer risks to the planet.

Womanizer Passion Over Profit

Passion Over Profit

Womanizer invests not just in developing their products but in educating people regarding sexual health and wellness. You can see it with their collaborations and campaigns over the past year. An example would be The Menstrubation Project, a global clinical study to determine whether self-pleasure can help relieve menstrual pain.

Womanizer available in Over 60 Countries

Available in Over 60 Countries

With their pleasure-centric toys, game-changing innovations, exceptional campaigns, and partnerships with sexual wellness educators, Womanizer is now available in over 60 countries. As they continue to launch new and unique sexual products, we can expect the brand to grow and expand its reach for years to come.

Womanizer Bestsellers

With Womanizer's Pleasure Air™ Technology and sophisticated design, it's no surprise that it has become one of the bestselling sex toy brands in the world.

As for the bestsellers, topping off the list is the Womanizer Premium. It features 12 clit suction intensities, ensuring that there's a mode that fits your desires. It also comes with Smart Silence Technology, enabling your love toy to only work upon skin contact. Next on the list is the Womanizer DUO. It's a vibrator and clitoral sucker in one, making you reach blended orgasms with ease. It comes in an ergonomic and classy design and has 10 vibration modes and 12 clit-suction intensities.

Another bestseller is Womanizer Liberty. It's designed for women who are always on the go, having a compact size and a sleek protective cover. It also comes with 6 pulsating clitoral suction modes. Then there's the Womanizer Classic. It comes in a stunning aubergine casing and 8 toe-curling clitoral suction modes. If you're new to the world of clitoral suckers, we suggest going for this one.

Awards & Other Achievements

With their top-notch products and exceptional projects, Womanizer has bagged numerous awards. This includes the EAN Awards (Best Luxury Product Line 2019, Highest Mainstream Appeal 2019), ETO Awards (Best Luxury Brand 2020), German Brand Award (Product Brand of the Year 2021), AVN O Awards (Outstanding Product for Women 2015), and Cosmopolitan Good Vibes Awards (Best Oral Toy 2022).

Some toys featured in the awards are Womanizer W100 and Womanizer x Lovehoney Pro40. Their remarkable contributions to the sex toy industry have been recognized by these award-giving bodies, making Womanizer one of the finest sex toy brands in the world.

Aside from getting recognized through awards, their products were featured in numerous publications, including Glamour Magazine, Vogue, NY Mag, Rebellious Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Vice.com, Women's Health Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and more. They've all mentioned how Womanizer revolutionizes female pleasure, delivering sex toys that take your Os to the next level.


To flourish, you must invest in yourself, This includes self-care activities such as self-pleasure. Don't spend your time shying away from the Os you deserve. Make your body and your sexual self a priority. Be loud and be proud to say #IMasturbate.

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