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Prostate Toys

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Prostate Toys

What Are Prostate Toys?

Your prostate is actually one of your pleasure spots. If you can properly stimulate this region, you can expect orgasms that are twice or even four times stronger. There’s just one problem. Your prostate can be hard to locate. Luckily, a prostate toy can help you get in there and pin down that hard to reach P-spot. Society has become accepting and liberated enough that designs for prostate toys are now getting more and more innovative. We have reached the golden age of prostate toys. Some prostate toys can now be used hands-free such as the Rude Boy toy. Others are designed with a tapered tip for easier insertion, and some even vibrate.

What Is A Prostate Gland And How Do I Locate It?

Your prostate gland is a small gland, usually growing up to a chestnut size as you age, that is located under your bladder and can be reached through your anus. It is pretty similar to a woman’s G-spot in a sense that it’s one of men’s erogenous zones. It is the one responsible for producing the fluid that is supposed to make sperms stronger and longer-lasting. If you want to find your prostate, you got to remember to observe proper hygiene. Make sure your hands or your prostate toy is clean. You may want to prepare yourself for the insertion by stimulating your penis first before you knock on your back door. Finally, just relax and insert your finger or your prostate toy in a come-hither motion.

Why You Should Massage Your Prostate?

Using your prostate toy for a prostate massage is, first and foremost, lots of fun. But if that is not enough reason for you, we can list down more convincing arguments why you should be doing it. By massaging your prostate, you get to have stronger and thicker erections. Your partner gets to enjoy your long and hard shaft. It can also help fight impotence by bringing back the blood to the area which hosts the penis. And here’s the kicker, prostate massage maybe even able to prevent enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. Prostate massages dispel your body of prostatic fluid build-up which can, in turn, prevent men from developing an enlarged prostate.
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