Prostate Toys

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Prostate Toys

Your prostate gland is a small gland, usually growing up to a chestnut size as you age, located under your bladder, and can be reached through your anus. It is pretty similar to a woman’s G-spot in the sense that it’s one of the men’s erogenous zones. It is the one responsible for producing the fluid that is supposed to make sperms stronger and longer-lasting. And same with the G-Spot, this particular region can give you intense orgasms. How intense, you might ask? Well, about two to four times more than your usual climax. Yep, you read that right. It’s *that* intense.

However, there’s a challenge when stimulating this spot. Your prostate can be hard to locate. Luckily, prostate toys can help you get in there and pin down that hard to reach P-spot. Society has become accepting and liberated enough that designs for prostate toys are becoming more innovative.

Whether you’re looking for a prostate massager with a flexible body, heating capabilities, or app control, we got you covered. Lauvette offers a wide collection of prostate toys for your sultry desires. We provide discreet delivery nationwide.

  • What is a Prostate toy?
    Prostate toys are designed to stimulate the prostate gland. The gland responsible for producing the fluid that is supposed to make sperms stronger and longer-lasting.
  • How to use a Prostate toy?
    Click on the button to start the vibrations. You can try running the love toy all over your sensitive parts as part of foreplay. Remember to apply lube in your anus to ease penetration. Insert the love toy in your anus once you’re ready. You may refer to the toy’s manual for clearer instructions.
  • How to clean a Prostate toy?
    Clean the toy with water/soap or sex toy cleaner. You may also refer to the toy’s manual as well for clearer instructions.

History of Prostate Toys

Prostate massages first came into popular use in 1894 to cure chronic prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate). The technique has then passed through stages of experimentation. By the 1990s, doctors tried doing the technique but now included antibiotics. However, numerous trials have shown that prostate massages aren’t effective in treating chronic bacterial prostatitis. It was then abandoned as primary therapy in the 1960s.

However, despite prostate massages’ ineffectiveness in treating chronic bacterial prostatitis, some people kept on doing it, but no longer as a medical practice. People have discovered the pleasurable effects that a male person can experience through this practice, even naming the prostate gland as the “P-Spot.” And as the internet boom started to occur, more and more people became aware of prostate massages. This has then led to the invention of various prostate toys.

By that time, though, there’s still taboo for men to stimulate their prostate— as backdoor play is considered an activity only for gay people. But as the stigma surrounding sex has slowly decreased, more people are now open to anal stimulation and use these sexual wellness devices.

Bestselling Prostate Toys

Lauvette has a wide collection of prostate toys, ensuring to match your preferred design, desired features, and budget. With all these sleek massagers, it’s normal to feel unsure about what to pick. Don’t worry, though, as we will help you out. Here are the bestsellers in the shop. Starting the list is the Scorpion Prostate Massager. This silicone-made massager doesn’t only stimulate your prostate but also has a ring that wraps around your penis comfortably. Packed with 7 vibration modes, this remote-controlled toy can make your penis strong and mighty and hit your prostate spot to give you wild and intense orgasms.

Next is the You Got Me, Twisted Prostate Massager. This beginner-friendly toy has all the right curves that can fit your anus perfectly. It comes with powerful vibrations that’ll surely please your P-Spot.

Third on the list is the Royal Highness Prostate Massager. This charming sex toy is specifically molded to reach the prostate and has 7 vibration modes. Enjoy different degrees of heaven with this pleasure device.

Care & Maintenance

When using prostate toys, please keep in mind the toy’s main material, as this will be the basis of what type of sexual lubricant you can use with it. For example, if the prostate massager is made of body-safe silicone, you can’t use silicone-based lubes with it; just go for water-based or hybrid-based lubes instead.

As for the cleaning process, you can generally clean them with warm water and mild unscented soap or a sex toy cleaner. If the toy is waterproof, you can submerge it in a bowl of water as you gently scrub the device. On the other hand, splashproof toys can’t be submerged in water. You can wash them by putting them over running water or wiping them with a damp towel (mixed with mild soap). Make sure the water wouldn’t reach the charging port, battery compartment, or buttons. If the toy has a remote control, the remote only needs minimal cleaning. Once your prostate toys are all dried up, please keep them individually in satin or velvet pouches.

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