Sex Toys for Women under 1000 pesos

Whether you’re going for solo or couple plays, there’s a sexual wellness device in Lauvette that could fulfill your needs.

We also have various sex toys for women that are under 1000 pesos, featuring vibrators, dildos, ben wa balls/kegel balls, butt plugs, and nipple clamps. All of these sex toys have specific features that will stimulate your sweet spots with ease and precision. They’re also made with body-safe, non-porous, and eco-friendly materials, ensuring your safety with every use!

If you’re interested in getting a sex toy under 1000 pesos, check our collection of affordable sex toys above. We’re the trusted sex toy shop in the Philippines, providing discreet shipping nationwide.

  • What are the Sex Toys for Women Under 1000 Pesos?
    In the Lauvette shop, we aim to cater to all sensual needs for all men and women, the sex toys for women under 1000 pesos include bullet vibrators, egg vibrators, dildos, anal plugs and rabbit vibrators!
  • What are the benefits of sex toys for women?
    Well, as suggested in their name, sex toys for women are specifically designed to spice up men’s sensual plays! If you enjoy external stimulation, you would enjoy the features of a bullet vibrator or if you would want internal stimulation, you will enjoy the sensations provided by dildos and rabbit vibrators! Feel free to browse in the Lauvette shop to find the toy that you’d love.
  • How to clean sex toys for women?
    Most sex toys can be cleaned with water and mild soap or a toy cleaner. Cleaning sex toys depends on the material they’re made of. You may refer to the toy’s manual for further cleaning instructions.

Lauvette’s Sex Toys for Women Under 1000 Pesos

Let’s be real here. Love toys can sometimes be quite pricey. But not everyone is rolling in cash. We understand you got bills to pay but we also think your pleasure doesn’t have to come at a high price. If you’re ready to reach an all-time high with your orgasm but have to stay on a budget, we prepared for you a collection of sex toys for women under 1000 Pesos that you can choose from.

Only the Safest and the Best Love Toys

Always take precaution when buying love toys that are in the lower price range. They’re sometimes bad knock-offs that are hazardous for your health. So if you want sex toys for women under 1000 Pesos but don’t want to sacrifice quality, you’re in the right pleasure shop. The Lovetoys included here are guaranteed to be safe. All the materials used are non-toxic and gentle on your skin. They also work effectively, getting the job done but without getting you broke.

Cheap Vibrators That Will Blow Your Mind

Cheap vibrators come aplenty in the world of adult toys. But shopping for one can still be a little tricky. There’s a bunch of things you need to consider such as do you want it big and powerful, or small and whisper-quiet. How strong do you want the vibrations to be? Do you prefer a vibrator that has a remote control or not? Find what best fits your needs in our collection of sex toys for women under 1000 Pesos.
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