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We believe that pleasure should be celebrated, not condemned. Prioritize your sexual wellness and start your journey to a more fulfilling sexual life.

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Lauvette – Sex Toy Shop in the Philippines

Founded by a fun-loving and sex-positive couple who believes that pleasure should be celebrated and not condemned, Lauvette is here to break the stigma surrounding adult shops, ensuring to make their customers feel safe when purchasing love toys.

Lauvette is a sex toy shop in the Philippines, offering the best love toys for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or body type, seeking to love themselves in different ways. We also have a wide range of BDSM tools and the biggest BDSM shop in the country.

Aside from offering the best love toys, we also aim to educate more people about their sexual wellness. That’s why we’ve launched the LauvBlog, where we publish articles about sex, sexual health, relationships, and love toy tutorials.

We’re also proud to be the exclusive adult toy shop partner of Love Yourself Inc., the leading non-governmental organization for HIV/AIDS awareness, testing, prevention, and counseling in the Philippines. Every purchase that you make in Lauvette contributes to Love Yourself’s efforts in fighting against HIV/AIDS. We also take an active part in related campaigns such as the annual National HIV Prevention Month.

Discreet Sex Toy Shop

Very discreet delivery of packages in an opaque black pouch. No item name, brand or logo outside the packaging.


Every purchase contributes to LoveYourself’s efforts in helping the HIV-AIDS affected population in the country.

Free Shipping

Free Shipping
FREE for orders ₱1,500+ NATIONWIDE. If it’s below that, then it’s ₱95 for M.M, ₱160 for GMA & ₱195 for provincial.

Same/Next Day Delivery

Same/Next Day Delivery
Pick up your orders or have them delivered fast in Metro Manila, Cavite and Rizal only. Extra delivery fee applies.

Discover Your Pleasure With Our High-Quality Sex Toys

Experimenting with your sensuality is one of the greatest joys in life and, therefore, must be celebrated. You should be able to pursue your happiness without judgment. Intimacy is expressed in many forms and should be embraced wholeheartedly.

Whether you are a beginner or have long opened your mind to love toys, you are welcome to nurture your curiosity with us. Lauvette is a sex toy shop that is constantly pushing to innovate and bring sex toys that can get you to explore and find happiness in your relationships. Explore our online sex toy shop and check our vibrators, clit suckers, dildos, masturbators, anal plugs, cock rings, and other love toys. We also offer sex toys for various kinds of kinks, including roleplaying and BDSM. Treat your kinky self with bondage ropes, restrainers, sub collars, ticklers, whips, sex swings, nipple clamps, and sexy costumes.

As for the shipping, don’t worry, as your sexy secret is safe with us. We provide discreet packaging nationwide. All of the love toys are packaged in an opaque box– no labels or product names outside.

Learn More About Sexual Wellness Through LauvBlog

There’s a lack of sex education in the country due to our conservative nature. People often learn about intercourse through pornographic videos, thus setting up unrealistic expectations about sex. Most people are also uninformed about responsible sex practices. They are unaware that lube is essential for penetrative sex, that condoms prevent you from getting pregnant and STIs, and that you should get an STI screening annually.

We believe that sex does not have to be a topic discussed only behind closed doors. Having open conversations about sex will improve one’s sexual wellness and bring awareness to responsible sex practices such as using contraceptives and getting STI screenings regularly.

This is why aside from offering sex toys in the local market, we’re also pushing out educational content about sex, sexual health, adult toys, self-love, and relationships. Whether you want to learn about the best sex positions for beginners or want to deepen your understanding of the BDSM kink, you can surely rely on our LauvBlog guides.

Join Us in Promoting Safe Sex & HIV-Awareness

Lauvette advocates sex-positivity, safe sex, and HIV/AIDS awareness. We believe that sex is a natural part of being a human, and so everyone is free to explore their sexuality and discover pleasure without feeling guilty about it. But along with this freedom, we also believe that engaging in safe sex practices is vital. This is why we’ve partnered with various organizations that could help us promote safe sex practices, as well as HIV-awareness.

One of which is LoveYourself Inc., a community of volunteers that provide HIV screening, counseling, treatment, and coaching in the Philippines. Using self-worth as a core intervention against the spread of HIV/AIDS, this nurturing organization now has 1,100 volunteers and counting. They’ve also established community centers in the urban cities of Mandaluyong, Pasay, Manila, Quezon, Taguig, Cavite, and Cebu.

Every purchase you make in our sex toy shop contributes to LoveYourself’s efforts to fight against HIV-AIDS. You can also help us by taking part in Lauvette’s safe sex campaigns and sharing our LauvBlog articles about sexual health.

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