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Lauvette - Sex Toy Shop in the Philippines

Lauvette is the leading provider of sexual wellness products in the Philippines. We offer high-quality sex toys, lubricants, stimulants, and other pleasure products, providing online platforms wherein you can safely shop and discreetly receive these adult toys.

You might be thinking, "Oh, another online sex toy shop in the Philippines. What's different with Lauvette?"

Yes, we do offer sex toys as much as other adult shops, but our goal isn't just to sell sex toys. Our mission is to educate and liberate--- we want each of us to be free from the shame and guilt of sexual pleasure.

As our culture stems from conservative values, we've been bombarded with misconceptions about sex and our bodies. This is why aside from offering love toys, we provide educational guides about sex, sexual health, relationships, and self-love. Through blogs, vlogs, social media posts, and events with our partners, we are continuously debunking these sex myths and giving free sex-ed content.

Scroll down to learn about our journey and what you'll expect when shopping at Lauvette.

Lauvette – Sex Toy Shop in the Philippines
Discreet Sex Toy Shop
Very discreet delivery of packages in
an opaque black pouch. No item
name, brand or logo outside the
Lauvette Partnership Advocacy
Every purchase contributes to
LoveYourself's efforts in helping the
HIV-AIDS affected population in the
Free Shipping
Free Shipping
FREE for orders ₱1,500+
NATIONWIDE. If it's below that, then
it's ₱95 for M.M, ₱160 for GMA & ₱195
for provincial.
Same/Next Day Delivery
Same/Next Day Delivery
Pick up your orders or have them
delivered fast in Metro Manila, Cavite
and Rizal only. Extra delivery fee
Lauvette CEO Renz Rollorata

About Lauvette

Lauvette was founded by a lawyer, entrepreneur, and modern Filipina, Renz Rollorata. While searching for adult toy stores a few years ago, she discovered that most sex toys shops in the Philippines cater to the male gaze. The malicious content made her feel unsafe, and she realized that most women probably feel the same way. She then started working with her partner, Manuel Schuster, on a website that'll provide a safe space for Filipinas to purchase sex toys, and the rest is history.

Our Advocacy

We pride ourselves as an active advocate for essential sex education for all and HIV/AIDS awareness in the Philippines. Lauvette donates proceeds of their sales, as well as products and services to LoveYourself Philippines, an organization for HIV education and testing, and WeBleedRed Movement, an advocacy group for menstrual health and education.

Lauvette Advocacy
Over 30,000+ Reviews
Check our 15,000+ reviews with a 98% positive rating and
discover why people love shopping at Lauvette!

Empowering Filipinas

Our woman-led company strives to empower modern Filipinas to discover their sensual selves through different initiatives, such as launching the #selfloveclub, wherein women shared their vlogs sharing topics about sex toys. We've also produced Lauvette Live, an online show where we discuss issues with sexual wellness experts surrounding sex and pleasure.

Empowering Filipinas

Lauvette Sex Toy Shop FAQ

  • Is the packaging discreet?
    Yes, you wouldn't see a product name or brand name labeled in your package, just a plain and opaque pouch. There are also no labels printed in the box; you'll only see the fun details once you've opened it.
  • Do you deliver in places outside Metro Manila?
    Yes, we deliver nationwide. For those who are in another country planning to buy from us, apologies as we currently don't cater to overseas shipping. We keep all of our orders and transactions within the Philippines.
  • How much does the delivery cost?
    Orders in Metro Manila start at ₱95, depending if you avail the same-day delivery. Meanwhile, orders for GMA cost ₱160, and orders outside of Metro Manila cost ₱195. Get free delivery for orders ₱1,500 and above.
  • How long is the delivery time?
    Orders in Metro Manila take 2-4 working days, orders in GMA areas take 3-5 working days, and orders outside NCR take 5-7 working days. We offer same-day shipping within Metro Manila; check the FAQ for more details.

Discover The Top Sex Toy Brands from all over the World

You deserve quality sex toys, which is why we're continuously partnering with different sexual wellness brands, ensuring that you have access to premium pleasure products. All of the toys under these global brands are crafted with the finest materials and designed for optimal pleasure. Below are some of the brands that you should check out.

Womanizer is a global brand that introduces clit suckers in the market. They offer high-end clitoral suckers and vibrators designed for the modern woman. We also carry We-Vibe, which is known for its powerful and rumbly vibrators. Another brand known for its rumbly vibrators is the Je Joue, featuring chic vibrating toys for all.

If you're looking for a sex toy brand specializing in high-tech devices, check out Lovense. Their product line features a diverse range of app-controlled sex toys. Yes, all of their toys are that advanced. But if you prefer a love toy that fits your sophisticated taste, you should get something from Lelo. Click the button below to see all of our partnered sex toy brands and more information about the brands we've mentioned.

Adult Toys for every budget, gender & lifestyle

Lauvette offers sex toys that cater to your specific budget and lifestyle. Whether you want a standard clit sucker below ₱1000 or a premium clitoral toy worth ₱10000, we've got your bases covered.

We also ensure that whether you're getting a standard or branded sex toy, the device is made with materials meant for sex toys. For instance, our pleasure toys are made with medical-grade silicone, not food-grade. Some adult toy shops may claim that their low-cost vibrator or dildo is made with silicone too, but they're actually using the silicone made for meals and not for sexual purposes.

Our sex toy store also caters to all genders, as our collection includes neutral-gendered vibrators, anal plugs, and masturbators. Not only that, but we also ensure that our sex toys can match everyone's unique lifestyle. Do you go on business travels a lot? We've got sex toys that are compact and discreet. Are you a stay-at-home mom who wants a quick way to get off? Clit suckers and magic wand massagers are your best match. If you haven't figured out the right sex toy for you, no worries, and take our quiz below.

The Benefits of Sex Toys and why you need one

If you've reached this section and are still in doubt about whether or not you should get an adult toy, here are some reasons you should treat yourself with a pleasure device. First, they're crafted to stimulate specific areas and give you that sweet O. If you're having some difficulties getting off with yourself or your partner, sex toys can serve as a tool for that. Several experts have worked on these items, ensuring that every vibration, suction, or rotation easily hits the right erogenous zones.

Orgasming with adult toys can also bring a lot of health benefits. Studies show that sex toys can improve sleep quality, alleviate menstrual cramps, and boost your immune system. Studies also claim that climaxing from sex toy usage lowers your stress levels.

Having satisfactory sexual experiences can also help you become closer with your partner, so we recommend for couples try sex toys. Contrary to popular belief, pleasure devices aren't designed to replace intimacy nor human touch. They're simply used to enhance your sexual experiences. Learn more about these health and relationship benefits below.

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