Before sexual wellness products became mainstream, most sex toys often had "over-the-top" designs. Minimalist and sleek pleasure devices are hard to come by. Eventually, modern sex toy manufacturing companies started launching trendy love toys, proving that sex toys can feel good and look good.

One of those manufacturing companies is SVAKOM, an award-winning sex toy brand known for its innovation, accessible price range, and constant product improvements. Learn more about this global brand below.


What is SVAKOM?

SVAKOM is an international sex toy brand aiming to provide a premium and fun sexual lifestyle for users worldwide. They provide high-end vibrators, anal sex toys, kegel balls,kegel balls, and clitoral stimulators, all available in over 100 countries.

Their journey started in 2012 when creative and daring entrepreneurs realized the growing demand for sex toys. After researching the top brands of that time, SVAKOM founder David Yu noticed a gap between premium and high-quality

love toys. After that, they decided to establish SVAKOM in the USA. In 2014, they officially entered the Brazilian and Japanese markets by attending their Adult Exhibitions.

By 2016, they'd joined the biggest lifestyle app for Chinese women, Dayima. They've also continued attending adult exhibitions, presenting their newest love toys, such as the Trysta Vibe and Primo Vibe.

From 2017 onwards, they've continuously brought new love toys to their growing clientele, showcasing them in numerous exhibitions and parties. The succeeding years have also been filled with awards, and it has been hailed as one of the best sex toy companies worldwide.

Their company has been awarded by numerous organizations, such as the IF World Design Guide, Golden Pin Design Award, and XBIZ Awards. They have also been featured in multiple publications and media outlets such as Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bustle, MTV, Glamour Magazine, YourTango, Cnet, BBC, and Marie Claire Magazine.

What is Svakom

Why You Should Try SVAKOM

What makes SVAKOM one of the best sex toy brands is their continuous innovation of their love toys' designs and features. The details, method, and textures are carefully selected, ensuring their clientele's ultimate pleasure. They also have a strict manufacturing process where the best technology is utilized to meet your sultry desires, establishing operations in several branches in Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, and Shenzhen to streamline their development and manufacturing process.

Their sensual devices are made from safe materials, such as silicone, free from jelly rubber, phthalates, PVC, and other harmful components. All of their sex toys are also non-porous— bacteria can't penetrate into them. This means that once you've cleaned and sanitized their sex toys, bacteria can't grow in them.

As for their interactive toys, such as the connexion series, all their apps (SVAKOM App & FeelConnect App 3) are under strict development, securing all your data on the platforms. You can assure that SVAKOM delivers the best pleasure devices, aiming to achieve nothing less than perfection. See their brand highlights below.

Svakom Offers Innovative and Affordable Toys

Offers Innovative and Affordable Toys

When David Yu founded SVAKOM in 2012, his goal was to offer pleasure toys with an emphasis on innovative technology and affordability. Striving to achieve this goal, the company started producing unique products to encourage more people to experiment in the bedroom— from the Siime internal camera to the Connexion Series. Their price ranges are also reasonable, ensuring people can access quality sex toys without breaking the bank.

Svakom One of the Worlds Leading Sex Toy Brand

One of the World's Leading Sex Toy Manufacturers

As SVAKOM continues to design, produce, and manufacture pleasure toys of the highest quality, it's no surprise that they're one of the world's leading intimate brands. In fact, they have been featured in numerous publications, such as Good Housekeeping Magazine, and garnered awards from XBIZ, Red Dot Design

Award, IF Design Award, Golden Pin Design Award, and others. Learn more about these awards and achievements in the next section.

Svakom Caters to All Levels of Experience and Body Types

Caters to All Levels of Experience and Body Types

SVAKOM believes "there is no wrong way to pursue satisfaction." That said, their pleasure devices aim to cater to all levels of experience, body types, and preferences. Whether you're a newbie or expert, in a relationship, or going solo, you deserve to have the opportunity to expand your sensual horizons. Their inclusive product line features vibrators, suction toys, masturbators, anal toys, and more.

Svakom Created Connexion Series for LDR Couples

Created Connexion Series for LDR Couples

As SVAKOM continues to have new developments, they've launched the Connexion Series, in which all their pleasure devices can be connected through the SVAKOM WeConnect App. Its inventive features include long-distance control, sound-activated vibrations, interactive play to 2D videos, and music sync. Whether going solo, in a relationship, or in an LDR setup, you can count on these hi-tech toys to elevate your sexual plays.

Svakom Supports Sustainability

Supports Sustainability

Aside from delivering world-class sex toys, SVAKOM is also one of the sexual wellness companies that work on bringing sustainability to their production. They've recently switched to recycled packaging, reducing their impact on the planet but keeping their exceptional branding. They're also partnering with organizations such as Drop in the Bucket, a charity group that builds wells and sanitation systems at schools in impoverished areas.

SVAKOM Bestsellers

With their innovative adult products and established brand, it's no surprise that most SVAKOM sex toys are hailed as bestsellers. Here are some of the crowd favorites from their product line.

First is the SVAKOM Sam Neo Interactive Masturbator that delivers suction + vibration effects. It can also be controlled by the SVAKOM We app! The app has a real-time interactive function, which means you can sync the toy to selected 2D interactive videos. The app also comes with custom vibrations, long-distance control, and more.

Next is the SVAKOM Nymph Soft Moving Finger Vibrator, the perfect vibrator for beginners. It has a unique design featuring three slim tips that mimic the feeling of finger-flicking. Not only that but its bulbous head is packed with deep vibrations.

Last but definitely not least is the SVAKOM Emma Neo Interactive Wand Vibrator. It comes with Intelligent Mode, allowing you to sit back and let the toy change the vibration modes for you. You can also connect it to the SVAKOM WeConnect App.

Awards & Other Achievements

As SVAKOM continues to offer new sexperiences to their customers, their company and products have garnered numerous awards in the sexual wellness space. Their Siime Eye, the world's first vibrator with a camera, was recognized with the Golden Pin Design Award. From 2014-2016, Echo was featured in IF Design Award, while Emma won the Red Dot Design Award. Their best-selling vibrator Elva also got a feature in Good Housekeeping Magazine as the "Most Popular Remote-Controlled Product."

By 2019, their first masturbator Alex was given the "The Most Creative Toy Award" by XBIZ. The toys from their Connexion Series also took the spotlight in 2020. Phoenix Neo got the Product of the Year by XBIZ and Red Dot Design Award. The company was alsohailed "Luxury Brand of the Year 2023" by XBIZ Awards.

The brand was also seen in numerous media outlets, such as Netflix (for the series How to Build a Sex Room), Marie Claire Magazine, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Elle's Magazine, Women's Health Magazine, Men's Health Magazine, and more.

Fxxk Taboos!

SVAKOM believes everyone deserves access to pleasure-centric products and that sexual satisfaction is a core necessity in society. Whether you're a newbie or experienced, in a relationship or single, you should be able to have those well-deserved Os! They've also done campaigns emphasizing that desiring sex isn't shameful. Nobody should be shamed for striving to have sexual fulfillment.

That's why they strive to bring the best sex toys to the market, which you can get in our shop. Lauvette is the premier sexual wellness provider in the Philippines. Get SVAKOM's best-selling vibrators, suction toys, masturbators, and other pleasure products above.

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