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SVAKOM is an international sex toy brand aiming to provide a premium and fun sexual lifestyle for users worldwide. They provide high-end vibrators, anal sex toys, kegel balls, and clitoral stimulators, all available in more than 100 countries.

What makes the SVAKOM one of the best sex toy brands globally is their continuous innovation to their love toys’ designs and features. The details, method, and textures are carefully selected, ensuring their clientele’s ultimate pleasure. They also have a strict manufacturing process where the best technology is utilized to meet your sultry desires. Aside from that, they’ve established operations in several branches in Los Angeles, Miami, Tokyo, Paris, Moscow, and Shenzhen to streamline their development and manufacturing process.

Their company has been awarded by numerous organizations, such as the IF World Design Guide, Golden Pin Design Award, and XBIZ Awards. They have also been featured in multiple publications and media outlets such as the Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bustle, MTV, Glamour Magazine, YourTango, Cnet, BBC, and Marie Claire Magazine.

Learn more about the history, products, and other essential details about their brand below.

  • What makes SVAKOM toys different?
    The brand innovates and discovers different textures, patterns, and configurations to deliver the most pleasure packed in beautifully designed sex toys.
  • What’s so special about tongue vibrators?
    Unlike most vibrators with a smooth single area to focus their vibrations on, tongue vibrators usually have a flexible split head that you can use to enclose the nipples or put on either side of the clitoris. It is a different experience compared to other vibrators and maybe something you enjoy.
  • Which type of vibrator is right for me?
    You’re the only one that can answer the question! It all depends on how you like to pleasure yourself and how you’ll use your toys.

History of SVAKOM

The SVAKOM journey started in 2012 when creative and daring entrepreneurs realized the growing demand for sex toys. After researching the top brands of that time, they’ve noticed that there’s a gap for premium and high-quality love toys. After that, they’ve decided to establish SVAKOM in the USA, carrying four core values: Care, Elegance, Fashion, and Intelligence.

In 2014, they officially entered the Brazilian and Japanese markets by attending their Adult Exhibitions. They’ve also continued expanding their sex toy line. This has led to the launching of the Emma Vibrator in 2015.

By 2016, they’ve joined the biggest lifestyle app for Chinese women, Dayima. They’ve also continued attending adult exhibitions, presenting their newest love toys such as the Trysta Vibe and Primo Vibe.

From 2017 onwards, they’ve continuously brought new love toys to their growing clientele, showcasing them in numerous exhibitions and parties. The succeeding years have also been filled with awards, getting hailed as one of the best sex toy companies worldwide.


With their innovative adult products and established brand, it’s no surprise that most of the sex toys are hailed as bestsellers. Here are some of the crowd favorites from their product line.

First up is the Primo Warming Vibrator. It works both as a vaginal and prostate massager and can be controlled via remote. It’s just the right size to give you pleasure in and out of bed. What makes this stand out from the other SVAKOM sex toys is that it has a heating core that can heat up to about 100.4°F (38°C).

Next is the Nova Kegel Exercise Ball Set, an intimate device that’s made from body-safe silicone. It features a built-in moving metal ball, colliding with your inner surface as you move around. The contracting action can strengthen your pelvic floor.

Then there’s the Cookie Clitoral Vibrator, a pastel-colored vibrator that’s designed with 3 finger-like mechanisms. Aside from its ergonomic design, it’s made with eco-friendly ABS and body-safe silicone.

Quality & Material

When it comes to their sex toys’ manufacturing process, you can assure that SVAKOM selects the best materials, aiming to achieve nothing less than perfection. They also consider the overall style of their love toys, making sure that they’re creating a stunning and easy-to-use sex toy for their ultimate pleasure.

Their sensual devices are made from eco-friendly ABS and body-safe silicone and free from jelly rubber, phthalates, PVC, and other harmful materials. All of their sex toys are also non-porous. For those who are unfamiliar with this term, non-porous materials are materials that bacteria can’t penetrate. This means that once you’ve cleaned and sanitized their sex toys, bacteria can’t thrive in there.

Aside from that, they have established several branches across the globe. This ensures that every sex toy is well-produced and rigorously tested. As for their interactive toys, such as the connexion series, all of their apps (SVAKOM App & FeelConnect App 3) are under strict development, securing all of your data on the said platforms.

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