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Hygiene is one of the primary elements to personal or body care. Body care is the act of engaging in activities to gain or maintain an optimal level of overall health.

No matter the situation, hygiene is key to maintaining a clean body and healthy life. You could perform body care in various ways. Hygiene is practised in keeping your sex toys in a safe and clean storage and using ways such as anal douching to prepare for anal sex.

  • What is Hygiene?
    Hygiene is any practice or activity that you do to keep things healthy and clean. Washing hands, coughing into your elbow, cleaning your personal items and regular house cleaning are all part of good hygiene.
  • What’s the importance of hygiene?
    Personal hygiene is how you take care of your body. Maintaining hygiene practices reduces the spread of illness and risk of medical conditions caused by not taking care of yourself. It also increases self-confidence and positively impacts personal relationships.
  • What happens if I don’t wash my sex toys?
    If you put your vibrator or other toy away without washing it properly first, bacteria left behind from bodily fluids can breed out of control. Next time you use your pleasure pal, the bacterial buildup could trigger a vaginal infection like bacterial vaginosis. This can happen even if you’re the only one using it.

History of Hygiene

Hygiene and body care dates back to 1500 B.C. when the ancient Egyptians practiced bathing regularly.

The Ebers Papyrus, a medical document from about 1500 B.C describes combining animal and vegetable oils with alkaline salts to form a soap-like material used for treating skin diseases, as well as for washing. The word hygiene comes from Hygeia, the Greek goddess of health, who was the daughter of Aesculapius, the god of medicine. Since the arrival of the Industrial Revolution (c.1750-1850) and the discovery of the germ theory of disease in the second half of the nineteenth century, hygiene and sanitation have been at the forefront of the struggle against illness and disease.

Benefits of Hygiene

Hygiene involves having to take care of your internal and outward physicality. In a society in which people are expected to work long hours and pass on vacation days, there is an underlying belief that we must always be productive – which can ultimately take away from opportunities for self-care.

But by taking some time out to engage in body care, you may relieve the pressures of everyday life and reset yourself to get back to a healthy point where productivity is once again maximized. Considering the costs associated with mental health services, lost wages and more, spending some time on yourself may ultimately benefit everyone. Burning the candle at both ends, so-to-speak, comes with significant consequences, which may include but are not limited to burnout, depression, anxiety, resentment and a whole host of other negative implications. Engaging in a self-care routine has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, minimize frustration and anger, increase happiness, improve energy, and more.

Good Hygiene with Sex Toys

You can then check on the manual first if the toy is waterproof or splashproof. So if the material is waterproof, you can safely lightly submerge it in water or wash it over a running faucet. Also, if it’s splashproof, you can only wipe it with a damp towel or wash specific spots in a running tap (avoid putting water on battery compartments, buttons, and charging port). Overall, the cleaning process of sex toys depends on the material of the love toy.

Drying your toy well with a clean towel is a must when ensuring your toys cleanliness. Wipe your toy with either a towel or some clean tissues 2-3 times to ensure dryness. You wouldn’t want any liquid dripping on your toy when you store it away.

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