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Vibrators and sex toys for women are some of the most popular adult toys. They’re compact, they’re mobile, and our favorite part—they stimulate you in the right places. Whether you’re in the mood to take charge of your own sexual needs or have your partner give you a helping hand, you can count on a sex toy to provide you with an intense orgasm after orgasm. If you enjoy sleek pleasure toys and vibrators, ROMP would be a great brand for you. ROMP offers a wide collection of toys and vibrators for women’s self-pleasure. The Lauvette shop currently has a wide array of ROMP bullet vibes and ,clit suckers and other sex toys available.

History of ROMP

ROMP is a brand of the internationally operating WOW Tech Group.

With headquarters in Berlin, Ottawa and Hong Kong, the brand is now available in over 60 countries. ROMP’s 130-strong team works passionately every second of the day to improve as many love lives around the world as they can. ROMP is a brand that celebrates self-love and fights all prejudices regarding sexuality. ROMP believes that everyone, no matter what age, has the right to a sexually fulfilled life.​

Design and Material

Enjoy seamless sensual plays when you use toys and items from ROMP.

ROMP places a great amount of dedication and intricacy with their designs and materials. Their products are produced with body safe materials, meet the highest level of conformity and unless otherwise stated, are tested 100% water proof and are fully submersible. Each product comes with a unique colorful design but maintaining a discreet look. ROMP toys can be for a great variety of pleasure seekers, such as ladies who want to travel out with their toys and enjoy stimulation in different places.

Care and Maintenance

The cleaning process of sex toys depends on the material of the toy.

If your toy is made with silicone, glass, stainless steel, or rubber, it’s best to wash them with either warm water and soap or a sex toy cleaner. Just check on the manual first if the toy is waterproof or splashproof. If the toy’s waterproof, you can safely lightly submerge it in water or wash it over a running faucet. If it’s splashproof, you can only wipe it with a damp towel or wash specific spots in a running tap (avoid putting water on battery compartments, buttons, and charging port). Store it in a cool, dry place and away from children.

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