Did you know that disposable period products, such as commercial pads and tampons, are one of the top contributors to plastic pollution? They comprise 90% single-use plastic, which will take years to degrade. And though there are alternatives like menstrual cups and period underwear, menstruators who've been using pads and tampons since the beginning of their menstrual journey may have difficulty switching to an entirely new product. If you're one of them, don't worry. We've got a sustainable alternative that matches your needs— Hormony!


What is Hormony?

Hormony is a menstrual care brand in the Philippines that offers organic pads and tampons, mostly made with eco-friendly and biodegradable materials.

Their goal is to help lessen plastic waste and bring body-safe options for menstruators.

Commercial pads and tampons may look safe, but these products are filled with questionable materials. For instance, most commercial pads often use SAPs (superabsorbent polymers) to hold menstrual flow. They can hold huge amounts of fluids but come with sodium polyacrylate, a nonbiodegradable ingredient often contaminated with acrylic acid. It's connected to numerous adverse health conditions, such as skin irritation.

The single-use plastics on pads and tampons also greatly impact the environment. Depending on the type, plastics can degrade for 20 to 1000 years. Once you've thrown your used pad or tampon in the bin, it'll be in the landfill for hundreds of years. And because menstruators use about 45 billion period products per year, it's no surprise that the plastic in these menstrual products is affecting our natural ecosystems, decreasing food supply, and causing climate change. That's why we should all work together to ease plastic usage and prevent further environmental issues. It's time to change the cycle.

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Why You Should Try Hormony

You're probably wondering what difference you can get from switching to Hormony. Some might also think organic and non-organic pads and tampons are the same. They're similar in function, but organic period products have key features that benefit the body and the planet.

First, our packaging is made of cardboard boxes, vastly different from the typical plastic packaging in commercial pads and tampons. Second, our tampons don't come with a plastic applicator, but they have a durable string attached to them for easy insertion and removal. Third, our products use organic cotton to absorb menstrual flow, unlike commercial pads and tampons that use synthetic materials such as rayons. Your vulva and vagina are delicate regions of your body, so you should use period care products made with body-safe materials. They're even approved by medical professionals, including Dr. Issa M of obgynoncall.ph!

Lastly, Hormony is advocating not just to reduce plastic pollution but also to end period poverty. They've collaborated with the We Bleed Red Movement to donate menstrual care products to those in need. Learn more about this brand below.


Made with Eco-Friendly Materials

Hormony strives to create products with as little plastic as possible, fighting against plastic pollution one period product at a time. For instance, they use organic cotton instead of synthetic materials, such as rayon. As for the plastic used in the minor components of their products, they've ensured that these materials are quicker to decompose than their commercial counterparts.

hormony-Leak-Proof-Design-to-Sustain Freshness

Leak-Proof Design to Sustain Freshness

Hormony menstrual pads feature a seven-layer protection to lock in moisture, keeping you clean and dry all day! The regular pad can hold up to 100mL, while the heavy pad can absorb up to 150mL of menstrual flow. It also comes with a waterproof back sheet to prevent leaks. On the other hand, their tampons are

made with superabsorbent organic cotton core; the regular tampons can hold 9g to 12g of fluids, while the heavy tampons can hold 12g to 15g of fluids.


Free from Harmful Substances

Did you know commercial pads and tampons contain questionable materials like phthalates, parabens, bisphenols, coatings, and fragrances? Most also bleach the cotton they use to bring that pristine white shade. Remember that your vulva and vagina are incredibly sensitive, which is why Hormony strives to use only organic, body-safe, and ethically-sourced materials. No bleaching, no undisclosed coatings, and no added scents!


Convenient & Comfy Alternative

As the fem-tech industry thrives, there's a continuous stream of alternatives to commercial pads and tampons, such as cloth pads, period undies, and menstrual cups. However, some menstruators using pads and tampons their whole life may have difficulty adjusting to these alternatives. If you're one of them, don't worry, as Hormony has got you covered. Their organic pads and tampons work similarly to their non-organic counterparts.


Designed in the Philippines

If you love supporting local businesses, consider including Hormony on your "must-buy" list! This brand is proudly founded in the Philippines, with its products and packaging created by local artists and designers. Not only are you helping the brand in its fight against plastic pollution and period poverty, but you're also supporting them in creating more jobs and other opportunities for the community.

Product Line

Hormony currently offers three menstrual care products. First is the Hormony Organic Pantyliner. It comes in two variations, the 16s pack and the 32s pack. Made with an organic and breathable cotton top sheet, it feels light on the skin. Expect to feel fresh with this one, as it has secure flow channels and a superabsorbent core. It's good for everyday use and at the end of your cycle. Next is the Hormony Organic Pad with Wings. It comes in four variations, the regular 8s pack, regular 16s pack, heavy 8s pack, and heavy 16s pack. It's made with a soft, breathable organic cotton top sheet and eco-friendly materials. With its seven-layer design and exceptional flow channels, you can easily manage your regular flow with this one.

Last but definitely not least are the Hormony Organic Tampons. It comes in 4 variations; regular 8s pack, regular 16s pack, heavy 8s pack, and heavy 16s pack. Like the other products, it's made with organic cotton and other biodegradable materials. If you're leading an active lifestyle, this one's for you as you're freer to move around— you can even safely swim it!


As the Philippines becomes "one of the world's worst offenders on marine plastic pollution with 0.28 – 0.75 million tonnes per year of plastic entering oceans from coastal areas in Manila Bay," Hormony worked for months in crafting and supplementing sustainable and eco-friendly options for menstruators. They believe that people deserve better period products, ones that don't come with synthetic materials and don't pollute the environment the way commercial pads and tampons do. They also wanted to bring better options without compromising the comfort and convenience of pad and tampon users.

Another advocacy that this brand has is its fight against period poverty. If you've just heard about this term, it encompasses the challenges that low-income women face when managing their periods. It includes not having access to all feminine products or insufficient water, and a lack of knowledge about menstruation. They're currently working with organizations such as We Bleed Red Movement to provide organic pads and tampons for menstruators in need.

Join the Eco-Flow Club!

With its advocacies and organic products, Hormony is truly worth the switch! Menstruators deserve better— don't settle for the synthetic pads and tampons you usually see in the hygiene aisle of a supermarket. If you want to try them out, check the available pantyliners, pads, and tampons above. You can also message our chat support at the bottom of this website for more information about this brand. Hormony is exclusively available at Lauvette, the leading provider of sexual wellness products in the Philippines.

Organically Better.
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