Hormony Organic Pantyliner 32s

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Gentle on the body. Good for the environment. The Hormony Organic Panty Liner 32s is produced with an organic cotton sheet, a breathable bottom layer, and leak-locking channels, ensuring air flows smoothly for superior comfort.

  • 100% organic cotton top layer
  • Micro-perforated breathable bottom
  • Leak-locking design; prevents the growth of harmful bacteria
  • Ultra-thin and incredibly gentle on the skin
  • Designed for light protection
  • Includes 32 pcs of breathable pantyliners
  • Designed in the Philippines

Stock is available

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    Hormony Organic Panty Liner 32s Features

    Less leaks, less waste! The Hormony Organic Panty Liner 32s has a 100% organic cotton top layer, making it an eco-friendly alternative to commercial pantyliners.

    Hormony Organic Panty Liner 32sIt also has a breathable bottom layer and leak-locking flow channels, keeping you fresh. Moving around while wearing this liner is a breeze! Proudly designed in the Philippines.

    How to Use this Product?

    Got this product for everyday or post-period use? Great! This product is used the same way as a regular pantyliner. Take one wrapped liner from the set, remove the packaging and bottom sticker, then stick it at the crotch region of your underwear.

    Pantyliners are meant to be worn throughout the day, but you can change them after a couple of hours, depending on your preferences and discharge. Remove the liner on the undies, fold it, and put it in the trash bin.

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    4.7 out of 5
    (10) Reviews
    1. Vanessa
      Sadly this product isn't for me, it bunches up and gets dislodged easily. I end up having to replace it more often compared to regular liners and ultimately it's more costly and more wasteful.

    2. lee
      this brand didn't gave me rashes unlike other brands and eversince i made the switch! <3

    3. rina
      makes me feeling fresh throughout the day! <3

    4. jaja
      very sticky to put in your underwear and works wonders if you use pantyliner everyday. <3

    5. julie
      I LOVE HORMONY'S ORGANIC PANTYLINER! It's very thin and feels like wala talagang suot for my everyday use. You know how other pantyliners are not sticking well? Pero this one made sure na wala akong need i-worry on my discharges. Feeling fresh talaga! <3

    Hormony Organic Pantyliner 32sHormony Organic Pantyliner 32s
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