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Toy Cleaners

Sex toy cleaners are formulated to effectively clean and deodorize all kinds of sex toy materials. It ensures to make your sex toys spotless clean, without damaging their surface or leaving potentially harmful residue on them.

Though washing your sex toy with mild soap and water can do the trick, toy cleaners can be additional protection for your pleasure toy, especially if you don’t have time to deep clean or if your sex toy isn’t suitable for bleach, boiling, and the like.

It’s also easy to use a sex toy cleaner; no more complex processes nor set up. Just start by spraying the cleaner on the love toy, wait for a few seconds, then wipe off the cleaner with a towel— Yes, it’s that simple! No need to rinse it off with water unless the product has instructed you to do so. That’s why if you’re looking for a quick way to wash off your sex toys, go for this one.

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Importance of Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Cleaning your sex toy collection is more important than you think. First, it keeps your pleasure toy in good shape. Not washing it properly can damage the surface of the toy, shortening its life span. Aside from possibly ruining the toy’s quality, not cleaning your love toys can make them prone to bacteria, resulting in bacterial or yeast infections.

Lastly, cleaning your sex toys is good for your general hygiene. The more you take care of your pleasure devices, the fewer health risks you’ll get from them. Besides, love toys are something that you rub and insert in your most sensitive areas. They’re touching your body, so treat your love toys how you would treat your other hygiene products.

That’s why cleaning your toys with a toy cleaner or soap, and water is a must. Make it a habit to clean them before and after use; don’t forget it once you’ve reached climax. Your love toys are giving you the pleasure you deserve, so make sure to give them the respect and care they deserve.

Tips When & Cleaning Your Sex Toys

Aside from getting a sex toy cleaner, here are some helpful tips that you should follow when cleaning your love toys. For starters, make sure to clean your sex toy once it arrives. Though all of the toys are well-sanitized and sealed, there’s still a chance that minor speck will get in there. So for good measure, wash your toy with soap and water or with a sex toy cleaner.

Next is to wash your toys immediately after use. As we’ve mentioned in the previous section, don’t just forget your toy once you’re done with the deed. Keeping the residues in there may deteriorate the toy’s surface.

Lastly, make sure to store your sex toys properly. Besides cleaning, storing the toys is also the key to keeping your love toys in good shape. Store them separately in a satin or velvet pouch— don’t put them in one single bag as cross-contamination might happen. Once your sex toys are all in their respective pouches, keep them inside a dry, cool, and secure spot, such as your closet.

Ingredients to Look Out For in a Toy Cleaner

Most toy cleaners are body-safe and hypoallergenic. However, some brands are releasing cleaners with questionable ingredients. That’s why before purchasing a sex toy cleaner, we highly suggest looking out for these mentioned ingredients below.

If any of these substances are included in the sex toy cleaner, it’s best to steer away from it: butylene glycol (derived from petroleum), diazolidinyl urea/DMDM hydatonin, methylisothiazolinone, polyethylene glycol/peg 8, glyceryl cocoate, propylparaben, and triethanolamine. Reports are stating that the ingredients above can cause skin irritation. However, research is still ongoing for this; just avoid these ingredients for good measure.

On the other hand, here are the cleaner ingredients that are safe for your body: allantoin, aloe vera extract, ammonium lauryl sulfate, benzyl alcohol, caprylyl glycol, citric acid, decyl glucoside, hexamidine diisethionate, lavandula angustifolia, panthenol, potassium sorbate, aqua, and deionized water. We haven’t mentioned everything on this list, so make sure to do your own research when checking a particular ingredient.

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