Friends With Benefits

Are you looking for a naughty playmate? Look no further as Friend with Benefits is ready to play! This brand features realistic masturbators, bringing intense pleasure with every thrust. Made with premium materials, each masturbator is crafted with utmost pleasure. It features multiple nubs and ridges inside its internal sleeve.

Not only that, but they have a plump outer appearance; you’ll get turned on just by looking at them! So go ahead, take the plunge and say yes to self-pleasure with these premium love toys.

  • What is Friend with Benefits?
    It’s a premium brand that offers realistic masturbators for men. They come in different models and are crafted to bring intense pleasure to their users. This brand also stays inclusive and welcomes different types of vulvas.
  • What are the different types of masturbators?
    Masturbators may have different openings, such as vagina, anus, or mouth. Some unique masturbators don’t fit any of the mentioned types, as they were designed as breasts, legs, and even feet.
  • What is a masturbator?
    A masturbator is a sex toy for men that mimics vaginal, anal, or oral sex. It’s usually designed with a solid cylindrical casing and soft inner removable sleeve.
  • How to use a masturbator?
    Start with applying water-based lube inside the opening. After that, gently insert your erect penis inside the masturbator. Move the toy in and out of your erection until you reach orgasm.

History of Masturbators

Sadly, there were no documented male masturbators in ancient times. The first recorded existence of this adult toy was in 1094 when an alchemist, Rene Schwaeble, and a mysterious “Dr. P.” collaborated to create inflatable dolls for a traditional gentlemen’s club in Paris called Randy Gentlemen’s Pleasure.

Even when sex shops became legal in the United States in 1960, most men preferred using DIY masturbators and tubes or pringles to ease their sensual cravings. This is due to the stigma that only women go-to sex toy shops, and you’re considered a “loser virgin” if you use sex toys.

Thankfully, the stigma has gradually been broken, and masturbators are now a popular pleasure staple. In fact, there are tons of advancements in these toys, such as heating function and app control.

Bestselling Masturbators

Friend with Benefits offers realistic vaginal masturbators for your pleasure. Their creative team even comes up with personalities that match their looks.

Some of their bestsellers are available in the shop, such as Jessica Walker, Chloe Moor, Emily Finch, Nicole Adams, and Amelia Harper. These toys may be masturbators, but they all have different structures, sending pleasurable sensations with every thrust.

This brand is also inclusive of different vulva shapes and sizes— there’s one for everyone! And if one hole is not enough, don’t worry, as they also offer dual-hole (vaginal and anal) masturbators.

Care & Maintenance

Got yourself a masturbator? Awesome! Cleaning this item is pretty simple. Unless your masturbator is battery-operated or rechargeable, you can safely submerge your toy in water. Use sex toy cleaner or water and mild soap to remove residue on the inner sleeve.

After washing it, dry the excess water with a towel and then place them inside the pouch. As for storage, depending on the size, you can store the toy in a satin pouch or bag, preferably in a dry, cool, and secure area. Keep it away from children and/or pets.

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