Dildos For Men

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Dildos for Men

Dildos for men are one of the sex toys that can give you your most intense orgasms. With a dildo, you get to enjoy an always erect penis. And if you’re using it for anal play, you can hit your prostate, located just above your anus.

For beginners, it’s recommended you get our anal plugs trainer kits to gradually make your anus wide enough. Or you can start with a jelly-like dildo. Because of its material, it offers more flexibility, making for easier insertion. But if you’re a pro, going soft and easy won’t satisfy you. Try a giant dildo and go hard and rough.

There’s no actual right or wrong when using dildos for men. Whether you’re using it by yourself or with a partner, for as long as you’re having fun, then you’re on the right track. But for some valuable tips, use as much lube as you need. Especially when you’re using it for backdoor fun. The anus does not produce its own lubrication, so best to lube it up. Relax, watch erotic videos, or start with foreplay to make sure you’ve already turned on if you’re with a partner.

  • Where do men hide their dildos?
    People usually hide their dildos in their closets, bedside drawers, underbed storage boxes, bathroom drawers, and other cool, dry, and hidden spots.
  • Can straight men use dildos?
    Yes! Heterosexual men can enjoy using dildos. It stimulates a sensitive spot in their anus called the prostate gland.
  • How do you clean dildos for men?
    Cleaning dildos designed for guys are the same as cleaning regular dildos. Use a sex toy cleaner or water and mild soap. After washing the toy, wipe the excess water with a towel and keep it inside a satin or velvet pouch.

History of Dildos

Did you know that dildos were the oldest sex toys ever discovered? A 30,000-year old phallus-shaped siltstone was found in a cave in Germany in 2010. Apparently, this frisky relic isn’t just used for erotic purposes but also works as a tool to ignite fires.

But along with stone-made dildos, people have also used other materials. For example, the Greeks started using stale bread as dildos. Yep, you read that right. The Greeks have long been enjoying their dildo in the central part of their homes—the kitchen. Aside from using stale breadsticks as dildos, they’re also using olive oil as a lubricant. Yum!

Later on, dildos have become important possessions by the elite. One example of this is how elite people in the Western Han Dynasty include bronze dildos on their tombs. This is due to their belief that the spirits of the dead people are living inside their tombs. Eventually, newer materials were created during the industrial age, leading to safer versions of the dildo, such as silicone and glass dildos.

Types of Dildos for Men

Looking for the dildo that fits your preferences? Unsure with what to pick from our shop? We got you covered. Here are the best types of dildos for men.

If you’re just new to the world of Ds, we suggest going for beginner-friendly dildos— don’t go for 8-inchers yet! Just make sure that the dildo you’re getting though has a flared base. There’s still a possibility that a dildo may get “stuck” in your bum; a flared base prevents that from happening as it stops the dildo from getting all the way.

As for our experienced folks that wanted to stimulate their prostate, you can go for vibrating dildos. They make anal penetration feel out-of-this-world and magical. On the other hand, for lads that are into temperature play, we suggest getting a glass dildo. What’s great about this type is that you warm or cool it; just put it in the refrigerator or immerse them in a bowl of warm water.

Care & Maintenance

When using dildos for men, it’s important to take note of the material of the toy. This will be the basis of what type of lube to use. For example, if your dildo is made from silicone, we only suggest using water-based or hybrid-based lubricants for it. Steer away from silicone-based lubes as they can damage the surface of the toy. As for toys made with metal or glass, you can go for silicone-based lubes.

For the cleaning process, wash the dildos for men with a sex toy cleaner or warm water and soap. There are exceptions to this, though, such as dildos made from Cyberskin; you can only wash it with warm water.

After washing your dildos, gently wipe them with a towel or let them air dry. Keep them inside a satin or velvet pouch. This will minimize the toy’s exposure to dust and dirt. Not only that, but it will also prevent cross-contamination between your other sex toys.

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