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Ben Wa Balls

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Ben Wa Balls For Women

What Are Ben Wa Balls?

Not all balls are used for sports. A ben wa ball is not meant to be kicked or thrown around that’s for sure. Ben wa balls take so many names. Sometimes they are referred to as kegel balls, pleasure balls or geisha balls. They are made from a variety of materials—plastic, glass, and even latex. They are small, often marble sized balls carrying a little bit of weight, that are meant to get you hot and bothered by rolling around in your vagina. Just imagining the tingling sensations it creates inside you as these balls float about is enough to have you sexually stimulated.

A Brief History Of Ben Wa Balls

Kegel balls or ben wa balls are said to be one of the oldest sex toys in existence. Yeah, you read that right. These tiny balls are the real OG in the world of adult toys. They go waaay back. As far back as 500 A.D. in Japan. At first, they were created to give men that extra pleasure. The first kegel balls were made of metal that led to men having more intense orgasms. Women soon took notice. They thought about receiving that added boost as well. They had the right idea of course. The feeling of having these tiny balls constantly rubbing your vaginal walls is a major turn on.

How To Use Ben Wa Balls?

Your ben wa balls is supposed to be inserted into your vagina. Just give it a little shove in there and you are good to go. If you are a bit intimidated by this, try using some lube to help give it a smoother slide. When the balls are already in place, every slight movement of your hips and thighs feels like a dream. The ben wa balls moving around creates an enjoyable vibration. You can wear them all day—at home or in the office—to build up your sexual drive. By the time you met your partner, you’re already all eager and willing. If you’re single, you can easily rock yourself to orgasm with these ben wa balls. When you’re done with them, you can take them out by simply pushing down.
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